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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/30/15

As we learned earlier today, the RocketsDwight Howard is generating little buzz with his potential 2016 free agency. Howard signed a four-year deal with Houston worth more than $87MM, but has a player option for 2016/17. With the salary cap expected to soar next summer, he will likely test the market once again. While there may not be much buzz now, there is intrigue when the variables in play are brought up. There’s Howard’s age (he’ll soon be 30) and injury history, for starters.

Thus, the question of the day: What type of deal will Howard land if he becomes a 2016 free agent?

Personally, I see Howard — if he stays healthy and produces this season — getting a long-term deal from the Rockets worth at least $100MM.

Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what you think is the most underrated signing of the summer so far.

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8 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/30/15

  1. Chuck Myron

    I still think he’ll get the max, whether it’s from the Rockets or somebody else. I think the lack of buzz has to do with the presence of a bigger star hitting the market (Kevin Durant), the 41 games Howard missed last season, and the natural letdown from the last time he approached free agency, which was a complete madhouse. He’s been the leading per-game rebounder in the playoffs the last two springs. He’s still a major force, and unless there’s a significant drop-off this season, he’ll be compensated as one next summer, assuming he opts out.

    • mike

      I agree. I think he’ll see at least as much attention as LaMarcus Aldridge did this summer.

  2. Arthur Hill

    He’ll get a max offer from the Rockets, barring a long-term injury, of course. As long as James Harden is in his prime, Houston will be aiming for NBA tittles. They won’t let their second star just walk away.

  3. Gucci7383

    Maybe philly can use a 4th center on there roster. Come on Sam make it happen

    • Arthur Hill

      If you’re a Sixers fans, that brings up an interesting question. When do you think Hinkie will make a serious run at a top-level free agent, and who do you think it might be?

      • Chris Crouse

        Has that player even graduated high school yet?

        Just Kidding, but seriously I looked at the lists:
        link to
        link to

        I’m not sure there’s a younger big name free agent that would consider Philadelphia unless they start winning.

  4. bowserhound

    His next contract should be based on his performance in the playoffs this season. It’s one thing to limp through the regular season like you are made of glass, but when he is supposed to shine he turns into Dwight Coward. Shake that off and you will get a max offer. There’s no reason that team is not in the Finals with that lineup… if healthy.

    • mike

      Actually, there are at least two reasons they might not make the finals. They are: Golden State and San Antonio.

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