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Poll: 2003 NBA Draft Take Two (Pick No. 1)

Drafting players is far from an exact science, and many a GM has been second-guessed for his draft night decisions. I’m willing to bet that every team executive has at least one pick that he would like a mulligan for. While life, and the NBA, doesn’t allow for such opportunities, we at Hoops Rumors decided it would be fun to give our readers a second take at picking players, complete with the benefit of hindsight.

Over the last two weeks our readers went back and revised history with their take on the 2013 NBA Draft lottery. The final results of those 14 picks were:

  1. Cavaliers: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  2. Magic: Victor Oladipo
  3. Wizards: Nerlens Noel
  4. Hornets: Rudy Gobert
  5. Suns: Michael Carter-Williams
  6. 76ers: Ben McLemore
  7. Kings: Mason Plumlee
  8. Pistons: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
  9. Jazz: Dennis Schröder
  10. Trail Blazers: Allen Crabbe
  11. 76ers: Shabazz Muhammad
  12. Thunder: Gorgui Dieng
  13. Celtics: Kelly Olynyk
  14. Wolves: Tim Hardaway Jr.

We now take a journey back to June of 2003, and revisit a draft that saw the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh available to potentially change the fortunes of a few struggling franchises. Wade was the first of that group to win an NBA championship, though James and Bosh would later join him in Miami and go on to win multiple titles together years later, while Melo is still seeking his first trip to the NBA Finals. Detroit, which owned the No. 2 overall pick that season, chose to go with Darko Milicic, which didn’t work out so well for the Pistons. Not all picks pan out, but that one is especially painful given the talent that the Pistons passed over to select the big man, who owns career averages of 6.0 points and 4.2 rebounds, and has been out of the NBA since making a single appearance for the Celtics back in 2012/13.

We begin our revisionist history with the Cavaliers, who owned the first overall pick courtesy of their 2002/03 record of 17-65. While it was tempting to begin this draft with pick No. 2, and simply assume that LeBron would be the first overall choice, I decided to leave the fate of the Cavs’ franchise in your hands. Readers, you are now on the clock! Cast your vote for Cleveland’s pick and check back Saturday afternoon for the results, as well as to cast your vote for who the Pistons will select with the No. 2 overall pick that they had acquired from Memphis. Will it be Milicic once again, or will you decide to right that wrong?

But don’t limit yourself to a simple button click. Take to the comments section below and share your thoughts on the No. 1 overall pick and why you voted the way that you did. Also, if you DIDN’T vote for LeBron with this selection, I’d especially like to hear your thoughts as to why.

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11 thoughts on “Poll: 2003 NBA Draft Take Two (Pick No. 1)

  1. Chuck Myron

    Here’s an interesting question: Is LeBron the greatest No. 1 overall pick of all time? Michael Jordan wasn’t a No. 1 pick. Bill Russell wasn’t either. Wilt doesn’t count because he was a territorial pick. I think LeBron’s main competition is Oscar Robertson, Kareem, and Magic.

    • Eddie Scarito

      That sounds like an excellent topic for a future Shootaround…anyone know the guy who handles those?

      • Haha I’d have to say LeBron is. All of those players are great, but LBJ has made his way onto my top 5 players of all time.

        • formerlyz

          I would put those guys mentioned in that post on the list of 6 or 7 guys you can argue as the greatest of all time. I have LeBron right behind those guys for now, but obviously see him getting in that group when its all said and done

    • We should add 5 time Champion Tim Duncan to the list!

      • Eddie Scarito

        Hard to make a case against Duncan being in that discussion.

  2. Trog

    Thank you for restricting the voting to 1 a piece.

    • Eddie Scarito

      I figured that was necessary to combat the inevitable Milicic trolls, ha!

      • formerlyz

        Not gonna lie, I thought of choosing darko as a joke

  3. Josh

    Don’t forget Josh Howard, Mo Williams, Kyle Korver, and Chris Kaman, Kirk Hinrich, and Leandro Barbosa were in this draft as well.

  4. Rember wade aka Flash when he came out of college

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