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Bulls Talk Tony Snell Trades, But Interest Low

The Bulls have had talks about Tony Snell in addition to discussions on Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson, but other teams have little interest in Snell, sources tell K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. The focus for the Bulls earlier this season was reportedly to find an upgrade on the wing, ostensibly a sign of the team’s dissatisfaction with Snell, who’s started much of the year alongside All-Star Jimmy Butler. Chicago is over the luxury tax but isn’t making it a priority to slip under the line, with no threat of repeat-offender penalties this season and a much higher luxury tax threshold projected for next season.

Snell has started in the majority of his 50 appearances this season, but the return of Mike Dunleavy from injury threatens to keep him on the bench the rest of the way this year. The 20th overall pick from 2013 is averaging fewer points per game than last season in spite of more field goal attempts, with his field goal percentage at a career-worst 37.6%.

The 24-year-old Snell is making close to $1,536MM this season with more than $2.368MM coming his way next year. He’s eligible for a rookie scale extension this summer, but seems an unlikely candidate for one.

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5 thoughts on “Bulls Talk Tony Snell Trades, But Interest Low

  1. jeremy

    A very random idea. But if they want a upgrade then how about a Snell for Nick young. Lakers get a cheaper and younger player. While bulls get a player who can score

  2. Tony Snell is the first 1 billion dollar athlete? $1.5 billion for that production? No wonder the Bulls front office is atrocious.

    • Stromalama

      Uhm…what…? Nothing in there says anything about anyone being a billion dollar player.

      • “The 24-year-old Snell is making close to $1,536MM this season”

        He’s just grasping at an obvious typo.

  3. Steve in Chicago

    Snot much interest in Snell? Wow dog bites man. News would be if anyone took him off our hands.

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