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Celtics, Cavs, Knicks Have Discussed Love Trade

MONDAY, 3:55pm: Cleveland has made it clear it wants a star in return for Love, not the role players and draft picks the Celtics are offering, league sources tell Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst of

10:15pm: The Cavs have been shopping Love but the asking price is very high, Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe tweets.

FRIDAY, 9:00pm: The Cavaliers and the Celtics have had discussions regarding a trade that would send Kevin Love to Boston, Frank Isola of The New York Daily News reports. Preliminary talk also took place about a three-way deal that would include the Knicks and small forward Carmelo Anthony, Isola adds. Anthony’s contract includes a no-trade clause, which the veteran would have to waive in order for any deal involving him to occur. New York would be in line to receive draft picks and players in return for Anthony, including center Timofey Mozgov, who was part of the 2011 trade with Denver that landed ‘Melo in New York.

The talks involving the Knicks have not progressed, according to Isola, and Anthony remains committed to New York for the time being. Anthony did relay earlier today that if the Knicks were to miss the playoffs this season, he would have to think about his future with the franchise. “That doesn’t sit well with me to know that it can be three years if we don’t pick it up right away,” Anthony said. “I try not to think about that right now but in actuality you have to start thinking about that.

Anthony has expressed his desire to play alongside another star player, which LeBron James certainly qualifies as if Anthony were indeed to end up in Cleveland. “I think everybody always kind of dreams and hopes that they can play with another great player, another star player,” Anthony said. “It’s a star players’ league. I think that’s what we all talk about every time we get together. ‘I want to play with you. I want to play with you.’ Even here different guys say, ‘Come play with me, come play with me.’ That’s always the mindset. I think everybody that’s in my situation, in my position, they all want the load off, especially the older that they get. You realize that you just can’t do it by yourself. Everybody knows that. You have teams, great teams, great guys — individual guys on the teams — that still haven’t won either. They realize it just doesn’t work like that.

The Celtics could also look to deal with the Knicks directly if they are unable to land Love, Isola notes. Boston executive Danny Ainge is determined to add a star player and is intrigued by Anthony, the Daily News scribe adds. Boston certainly has assets the Knicks would likely be interested in, including multiple future draft picks and perhaps second-year playmaker Marcus Smart, who could be the answer at point guard for New York, though that is merely my speculation. With their lack of future draft picks thanks to a number of ill-advised trades, the Knicks could benefit from hitting the reset button and building around rookie phenom Kristaps Porzingis.

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34 thoughts on “Celtics, Cavs, Knicks Have Discussed Love Trade

  1. NYC Fan


  2. Boston fan

    We don’t need love or Anthony , bad move to give up our young guys for either

  3. There is no way that Ainge and/or Stevens would give any thought of obtaining Anthony…even if the Knicks had quality draft picks to throw in hopes of sheading his contract.

    • make that “in in”

    • they are not looking to shed the would be to gain picks from the celts and smart or bradley and olynk ( u cant keep 8 players from the draft,they have to deal them) and they want a star player and anthonys contract wont look as bad when DH types get a new 30-35 mil contract..whiteside and clarkson get 20-25 mil….this offseason..then Melo will be payed 3mil less than them at 25 mil

  4. Chris Crouse

    I like this for Cleveland. Melo and LeBron could give the Warriors a game.

    • link to Hortford gives Cavs 4+ Wins. Magic get 1+ Wins with Teague and Korver. The Hawks have no effect.

  5. Chris Crouse

    If you’re NY, do you trade Melo without getting back a Brooklyn pick?

    • Dave4585

      No way, Melo is worth more than a mid round 1st and Mozgov lol

    • Depends who they get back. I’d assume if it is a 3 team trade, New York is looking to get either Smart or Crowder, maybe even both. I know I would certainly demand that nets pick to start, then negotiate from there.

    • Yes because u still probably get 2/3 picks for this yrs draft and 2 nxt yr and a Smart/bradley &Oly plus those picks.. NY needs those picks more than anyone if they can get 5-6 of the celts 8-9 picks in this yr and nxt yrs draft !!!! YES u have to….and the brooklyn pick is probably the hang up

  6. robert

    finally a trade i can get behind.. love to boston, melo to the cavs..

  7. Makes sense for all 3 teams. Boston gets their star, Cleveland gets their wing scorer, NY gets future assets and young guys to build around Kristops. Plus Lebron gets his scoring partner and Melo gets his title shots. I don’t see why this doesn’t get done

    • I like this as well. For Cleveland its a no brainer.

      • Snorgator

        Love isn’t worth brooklyns pick. Only good for Cleveland and New York.

  8. From a Knicks perspective, I’d rather Mozgov go to Boston. It seems like a better fit for both teams. With Lopez in NY on a long-term deal, I’m not sure Mozgov resigns with NY to be a backup or fight it out to start. It’s better to let him go to Boston to team up with Love. For NY, I’d ask for either Crowder and Smart or one of them plus the Nets pick. This is with Melo going to Cleveland obviously.

    • If the Knicks could get both Smart and Crowder, the Knicks should still look to get at least 1st rounder.

    • Smoove

      No way Boston gives & sends Crowder, Smart, & that Nets pick for this coming coming for Love to NY.

      • I agree, what I said was the Knicks should ask for one of them, plus the nets pick or both of them and one of their less desirable 1st rounders.

  9. slapnuts

    No way ainge gives up that nets pick until after the lottery positions are determined

  10. Daniel

    This would be good for those three teams. Cavs would put LeBron at the 4 and put Melo at the 3. Celtics get the player they always wanted in Love. Knicks would get mozgofv.

    • jeremy

      No I think melo would be at the 4 since doesn’t he play the 4 for team USA

  11. If the Celtic give 3 first round picks and give them David Lee a second keep the Brookline pick . Deal done Love to Boston

    • With Cleveland in a Championship or bust mode, I don’t see them giving up Love for draft picks. 3 team trade between New York-Boston-Cleveland makes the most sense.

  12. jeremy

    Melo hasn’t really work for NY so why not move on and build around the talented younger players.

  13. Steven

    As a knick fan I would obtain that nets draft pick as a priority out of this deal while someone works the phones on the other side to see if Portland would be interested in trading CJ McCollum for a 1st rounder, if I’m not mistaken I believe he’s 24 and shows a lot of promise and upside. I mean I know it isn’t that simple but feel like Cleveland never gives up much for what they get in return. Klove is injury prone for peeps sake, Boston better off unloading for boogie.

    • The way I see it, if this were to actually happen, it would either be the Nets pick and Crowder/Smart (whoever Boston values less) or Crowder, Smart and one of the Celtics other first rounders. And the Knicks only have their pick for this year which might not be that attractive considering it might be a late lottery pick. Portland would need a top 10 pick, in my opinion, to part with McCollum since he’s still on his rookie contract and it makes little sense to move him for essentially another rookie contract that is an unknown and unproven player.

  14. Oh ya great deal for knicks lol. All-star memo for Tim lol

  15. Steve in Chicago

    Phil is so happy right now that he gets a do over. Honestly, any way NY can move on from Carmelo is a good deal for them if they end up with some picks and young talent. Cavs will regret this, but I cry real tears here in CHI.

  16. Charlie

    Short Term – Makes sense for Cavs,turn the cavs into a legit threat for golden state small ball system. It gives them a more versatile scorer at the PF position which seems to be the missing part, since Love skill set dosen’t seem to be compatible whit the cavs new fast pace offense.
    Long term – Your trading a 27 star PF whit a lot left in the tank to take this franshise foward whit Kyrie for a 31 year old whose constanly battleling injuries.
    Boston- Gets Love
    Cavs- gets Melo
    Knicks- Mozgov get draft picks for rebulding

  17. Andrew

    Lebron James,Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving. Sign me up for that. Cavs fan!

  18. Love not worth Smart and Crowder. Maybe for Porzingis but not for a couple of broken stars

  19. beantownfan

    Melo is not a superstar player,def not worth a top 5 pick.. He hasn’t accomplished anything in the league. Celts pls dont take him for free

  20. Knicks need to add star players not give away. Trading Melo for what’s being discussed in this story makes no sense.

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