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Heat Gauge Interest In Hassan Whiteside

The Heat are “at least gauging” what the trade market would bear for Hassan Whiteside amid their frustration with him, ESPN’s Chris Broussard said in television appearance today (video link). Broussard speculates that it’s unlikely the Heat make a move, since his minimum-salary contract and the league’s salary-matching rules don’t give them the ability to reap much value in return. Plus, Whiteside has only Early Bird rights, and not full Bird rights, meaning the Heat or any team that trades for him couldn’t exceed the cap to pay him any more than the average salary, likely around $6MM. The 26-year-old, who leads the NBA with 3.9 blocked shots per game, appears a safe bet to command a salary much closer to the projected $20.4MM max than to that figure.

Whiteside drew his first ejection of the season Tuesday, after having twice been tossed out of games last year, for throwing an elbow in the direction of Spurs center Boban Marjanovic during Miami’s game against San Antonio. It left coach Erik Spoelstra irate, while Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, in their postgame comments, urged Whiteside to keep his emotions in check, as Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post detailed.

The decision-making of Whiteside has come into question, and the Heat have been bringing him off the bench since he returned from an oblique injury. Whiteside said when he had an earlier injury that the thought of his upcoming free agency entered his mind as he decided whether to play or sit out.

Miami is operating on other fronts, reportedly seeking 3-point shooting, with Omri Casspi as an object of apparent interest, while making aggressive attempts to offload players at the end of the bench. The Heat would pay the NBA’s first repeat-offender tax penalties if they don’t trim about $5.5MM from the books by season’s end.

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11 thoughts on “Heat Gauge Interest In Hassan Whiteside

  1. victor

    couldnt they trade him to the celtics maybe get that BK first rounder ?

    • Celtics aren’t going to trade a top 5 pick for half a year of control of Whiteside, not to mention they wouldn’t gain any competitive advantage in regards to resigning him, since he only has partial bird rights.

  2. starlord

    I’d like if sac could get Winslow is T Johnson a good defender?
    kings got belinilli and casspi on the block. Whiteside won’t work next to cuz.
    sac could use some draft picks I’d let casspi go their late 1st rounder

    • Z.....

      Heat have no draft picks to trade. You arent getting Justise Winslow. Tyler Johnson is a good defender, but you arent getting him either..Heat need a shooter, but they need it on the wing at the 2-3 spots. Casspi and Bellineli both cant defend, and Casspi is more of a 3/4. Pass

  3. jeremy

    I get that the heat are so mad that dude got ejected from a game. But not uncommon for it to happen. Why throw away good talent because of it. If kings care so much cousins would of been gone along time ago because dude done alot worst.

    • Because it happens over and over


    • Miklo916

      Your crazy

    • Well that’ll never happen

    • Rickse

      Lol Dude what are you smoking whatever you are onto pass it on… lmao

  5. Miami stinks & using whitehead as excuse…. wait till next year when he’s gone… heat will be a disaster w bosh at center shooting jumpers… a smart team will pop the whitehead in FA

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