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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 2/4/16

The Raptors are reportedly eyeing an upgrade at the power forward spot, a position where 35-year-old Luis Scola is currently the starter. Toronto has reportedly expressed interest in the Suns’ P.J. Tucker and Markieff Morris, either of whom could be a boon to the team’s rotation. The Suns aren’t expected to give either player away cheaply if the team does indeed decide to make a trade, according to Marc Stein of

The Raptors certainly have some appealing assets to deal, with the franchise currently slated for an extra first-round pick both this year and next. Raptors GM Masai Ujiri has indicated that the team plans to unload the surplus of first-rounders at some point, but Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun reported that the Raptors have no intention of giving them up cheaply and aren’t interested in a stopgap player. However, that report was filed prior to James Johnson undergoing an MRI on Tuesday after suffering an ankle injury. Johnson was filling in at small forward for DeMarre Carroll, who still remains at least a few weeks away from returning after right knee surgery.

Toronto’s interest in Tucker dates back to at least the summer of 2014, when he was a free agent and re-signed with Phoenix, which led to the Raptors inking Johnson instead, as Josh Lewenberg of noted. Tucker was originally a draft pick of the Raptors in 2006, but that was prior to Ujiri taking over Toronto’s front office. While Tucker would likely be just a stopgap if acquired, Morris would certainly factor into the team’s future plans given that he still has three more seasons remaining on the four-year, $32MM extension he signed with Phoenix in 2014.

Phoenix has reportedly been targeting young players and draft picks in exchange for Morris, and the Raptors do happen to have recent first-round picks Lucas Nogueira and Bruno Caboclo to dangle, as well as those surplus first-rounders for the next two seasons. The Suns reportedly spoke with the Pelicans and Rockets about Morris trades earlier this season, and the Pistons are also reportedly interested, so the Raptors may have some competition if they are indeed interested in Morris.

This brings me to the topic for today: Should the Raptors look to upgrade their power forward position? If so, whom should they target?

If you were Raptors GM, which player would you attempt to pry away from the Suns — Tucker or Morris? If you don’t think either would be a good fit, or perhaps believe that the price would be too high to land one of the Suns forwards, whom should the team target? One possibility I’ll throw out there is the Celtics’ David Lee, who is reportedly unhappy with his reduced role in Boston while the team looks to either trade him or reach a buyout arrangement. While I wouldn’t necessarily trade for Lee if I were running the Raptors, he could be a valuable in-season pickup for very little cost if he is in fact released.

But that’s merely my opinion and we’re looking for yours. Take to the comments section to share your thoughts on the matter. We look forward to what you have to say.

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18 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 2/4/16

  1. Daniel

    How much would that push the needle for them?

  2. Ryan Brubaker

    Realistic targets: Robert Covington (him & Carol could switch btw 3/4), Marvin Williams?, Brandon Bass? Channing Frye? Jared Dudley? Terrence Jones or D MO would be decent fits, but are both about to hit RFA. I guess I am throwing in more 3s than 4s but I dont see any great matches. I have a hard time seeing them take on Markieef or Thad Young considering there longer contracts and Raptors cap sheet in the coming years.

  3. Jake Bullis
    Jake Bullis

    I think if Markieff isn’t acting like a Kardashian he is obviously the best choice. Especially if they have picks to dangle, I don’t see it being too difficult for them to pry him away from Phoenix.

  4. Dana Gauruder

    Yes, if they are serious about getting past the Cavs this season. A player like Faried?

  5. Like a kardashian lol

  6. I’m

  7. How about trading gasol and tony smell for Terrance Ross and a 1st round pick
    The cavs are the only real threat in the eastern conference

    • What lol? So a rival, contending team, is going to give up one of their best players and a decent wing player for a first round pick (that has varying value, but probably little to a team trying to contend) and a wing player who can only shoot but at a terrible percentage. Tony Snell might actually have more value than Ross so the deal right there is terrible.

    • Dubtee

      LOLOLOLOLOL such a homer trade scenario ….you wanna trade ross who barely has any value for gasol who last year started the all star game and is a champion and you also want tony snell who is a nice young wing player…I agree with JT19 if i were the bulls i wouldn’t trade snell for ross. Get out of here Dan with those trades. I’m assuming you want Durant for Mike Dunleavy Jr too because you heard hes on the market. Why not throw in a second rounder to sweeten the deal ;) ….bet that will get it done.

  8. Bulls would never do that trade

  9. keith wall

    morris can score 30? kinda need that at PF. I’d take the risk.

  10. JJ Smash

    Gallo would be a great acquisition IMO. Can play him at the 4 or the 3 in a pinch

  11. Xyrak

    Ok so first off – Terrence Ross is practically untradeable due to the PPP – so deals involving him are out.

    As I’ve said before, Patterson and a 1st for Morris. Salaries work according to the ESPN trade tool. I’m sure PHO would jump on that to get a deal done at this point.

    Morris’s brother is playing a 30 min flight away, and Lowry and DeRozan both like him according to reports. He gives you a solid down low option to pair with JV – which will take some of the low defence off him as well. It makes the team 10 guys deep, and the 2nd best team in the East on paper, seriously challenging the Cavs.

    TO already has the cupboard fairly well stocked, and outside of GS, the West even looks to be having a down year. If there’s a time to push it in, I’d say this is it.

    • San Antonio would like a word with you about teams not named GS having a down year.

      • Xyrak

        True, but they should probably not start that conversation after two blowout losses to their closest competition and with 2 major players on the shelf.

  12. raz427

    Honestly as a Bulls fan, I would want Taj off my team ASAP. He never has shown he’s a proven 3rd or 4th option on the team. He routinely pumps fakes under the paint (I counted 8 times one game) and he plays soft around the basket. Yeah he shows a few nice highlight dunks or blocks but those are few and far between. Also he will never be a stretch 4 so his game will never go up. I would do a Taj for Patterson and Wright. Taj could play right away in the lineup and allows Scola to slide down off the bench as a valuable weapon. Bulls need to realize they aren’t winning anything this year and time to reload. Noah is gone, Taj would be gone, Pau is gone. You can build around Butler and Niko and Wright can be a nice steal if he can be coached right. Patterson would be likely waived (since we like to waive any player we acquire in a trade).

    Go Bull go!!

  13. Heatdreamer

    Jeff Green

  14. B

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