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Kings Rumors: Karl, Rondo, Cousins

The Kings will take on the Celtics today and coach George Karl remains focused on the game rather than the rumors of him being fired, A. Sherrod Blakely of Comcast Sportsnet writes. “I have no control over what people think,” Karl said. “My job is to get prepared for Boston.”

Here’s more from Sacramento:

  • Rajon Rondo appears to have a lax approach in dealing with the rumors, Blakely adds in the same piece. “It’s a part of the business; coaches get fired, players get traded,” Rondo deadpanned. Rondo did acknowledge that Karl has given him more freedom on the court which has allowed the point guard’s game to evolve.
  • Karl believes the roster turnover is partly to blame for the Kings‘ 21-29 record, Chris Forsberg of writes. Karl pointed out that the team entered this season with 10 new players. “The truth of the matter is I think this team has hung together pretty well through a lot of ups and downs this year,” Karl added.
  • If Karl is fired, the DeMarcus Cousins trade talk will heat up again, Blakely speculates in a separate piece. Blakely adds that the Celtics would love to acquire Cousins, though the scribe admits that a trade is unlikely to occur.
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7 thoughts on “Kings Rumors: Karl, Rondo, Cousins

  1. starlord

    problem is Karl’s rotations. collision has played at the 2 most of the time and results in terrible defensive rating. McLemore has outperformed belinelli in ever way yet can’t get minutes. the team needs defense. offense is ok.
    the don’t need fastest pace in league when linep is so big and cuz dominates every night.
    acquired bench players have been disappointing. I honestly believe if McLemore finished games and played 30 mpg they’d .500
    the belinelli effect is taken away alot of the team game. how many players does a brick layer get karl.

    Tommy T would be great in sac.

    • Steve in Chicago

      You think Thibs would put up with the crybabies in Sacramento? Cousins and Thibs would have fisticuffs in the first week. This team has no discipline, except perhaps for over achievers like Bellinelli, who frankly wouldn’t even be in the league if not for hustle, he’s a streaky shooter.

      • starlord

        they all bought into karl playing at fastest pace. they want to play defense not watch belinilli get torched and lay bricks.
        thibs put up with Noah crybaby and gibsons crying

        • Steve in Chicago

          You don’t know Noah if you use the word crybaby regarding him. Hardest worker in the league, gets by on effort alone. Gibson sat behind Carlos f$@& Boozer for 3 years and didn’t complain once, so again I don’t see how you would say that.

          Sac has a lot of terrific talents who also feel entitled. That is why Bellinelli is playing. I agree he is mediocre, but you never see him loafing or showboating.

      • starlord

        where is belinilli hustle show up in his d rating 111 in his boards and steals?
        all the guy could do was shoot not focal point of offense, don’t run plays for him.

        • Steve in Chicago

          I agree he is not a primary option. My guess is that Karl is trying to send a message, but I could be wrong, one of the best coaches ever could just be stupid.

          • starlord

            you don’t think cuz works hard
            developed his came every year
            all he cares about is winning.
            he was not happy when he scored 56. just figured you regard techs as crybaby so I referenced Noah both whine to refs. not sure what’s up with karl, but he’s not helping team win. playing wrong players and team knows it.
            class of egos I guess. players will be around longer then him
            he’s don Nelson 2.0 deluded in age

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