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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 3/3/16

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is reportedly seeking a player who can transform the franchise and is willing to pay handsomely for the right acquisition. Boston was reportedly connected to a number of marquee players at this year’s trade deadline, including Sixers rookie Jahlil Okafor, Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony, Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler, Pacers combo forward Paul George, Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love and Hawks big man Al Horford.

Ainge was reportedly willing to include the Nets’ 2016 first-rounder in the right deal, despite the excellent chance that Brooklyn’s pick will be in the top three overall come June. The Celtics are concerned that they will have too many young players on their roster next season if they retain their entire cache of acquired picks, so it’s highly likely the team will be active leading up to the draft in its attempts to acquire a star-caliber player, according to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. “The term I’ve heard with Danny is that he’s looking for a ‘difference maker,’” a league source told the Herald scribe. “He’s definitely willing to pay you for the right guy, but he wants someone who can move them to the next level.

This brings me to the topic for today: Which rumored Celtics trade deadline target would have been the best fit in Boston?

Take to the comments section below to share your opinion on which player mentioned in the opening paragraph would have made the biggest impact on the Celtics organization. Who would have been worth the exorbitant cost it would have taken to acquire? Or are you of the opinion that not making a blockbuster trade and retaining Brooklyn’s 2016 first-rounder was a blessing in disguise considering the talent likely to be available at that draft slot? We look forward to what you have to say.

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18 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 3/3/16

  1. Patrick Mangual

    I think PG-13 would be their best choice…. K. Love naa they already have a lot of Power forward in their roster

  2. Chuck Myron

    Give me Jimmy Butler. He’s young, has a world-class motor and can be a game-changer on both ends of the floor.

  3. CircusFresh

    Yeah, if I could get anyone it would be Durant, but since that is highly unlikely, I love the Jimmy Butler idea.

  4. robert

    butler or george would be the best fit and biggest difference makers.. if butler could slide to the small forward.. okafor is going to be a great player. melo only has a few years left.. love and horford are also good players.. i think horford signs with boston in the off season anyway

  5. Paul George or Demarcus Cousins. Otherwise I would simply keep the Brooklyn pick and draft a player. If you really fall in a love with a player after the top 5 they should package picks to move up. They can also trade for future picks as well. Plenty of options no need to trade a ton of assets for a player that wont put you over the top. Butler would be nice as well.

  6. Kevin Love seems to be the likely candidate by the draft. butler and George are the least likely. Oakfor behind them. Melo is a guaranteed no b/c he loves NYC and has a no-trade. Horford they can sign in the offseason outright. They could part ways with Olynyk and Sullinger very easily to make room for Horford and Love.

  7. Gene Kim

    Horford- Perfect player that is a jack of all trades. Wouldn’t cost anything except cap space, which we could have potential 2 max contracts to dole out.
    Kevin Love- Still a top 7 rebounder, good scorer, great passer on elbows.
    Paul George/Butler- Perfect two way wings.
    Anthony- Is still a top 25 player that can fill it up on the scoreboard, and has adapted well to more passing.

    I mean all of these players are a fit. Stevens is an excellent coach, and knows his X and O’s, and especially his players weaknesses. There is a reason why we were so ‘active,’ in the trade deadline.

  8. J Hill

    If I’m the Cavs and I don’t get a chip this year then Olynyk and Avery Bradley with that Nets pick for Love would be fine with me.

    • Kenneth


    • masshole413

      No way Ainge does that ^

    • Gotta be a Cavs fan ^ Way too much.

      • architrance

        … the previous price for KLove was (2) #1 overalls. Avery/Olynyk are two pretty medium at best ceiling players and why would a team competing for a championship right now want a draft pick?

        Keep your picks and some high ceiling players to bolster your roster.

  9. Architrance

    None of those make sense. Melo stinks, doesn’t want to leave & has a no trade clause. Why would the Cavs want to rebuild w/a high pick & low ceiling mediocre players? Butler just signed a new deal and the salary cap is expanding. PG has 2-3 years left on his deal, but maybe I could see Indy maybe dealing him. Horford? He’s a free agent this summer. Just sign him. Okafor? I wouldn’t exactly call him a “difference maker.” So no, none of your scenarios seem realistic. Keep dreaming Boston.

  10. Paul George is a combination of the best fit and possibly one of the most likely. If the Pacers continue to flounder between the 6-8 seeds in the playoffs, Bird may look to rebuild through the draft. It’s hard to lure free agents to Indiana, so rebuilding through the draft is Bird’s best bet. A high pick to package with Myles Turner could be good for the Pacers.

    I love the idea of Jimmy Butler, but the Bulls just signed him and have obviously made him the centerpiece of their organization. They’ve had to combat a lot of injuries this year, so I don’t see them moving Butler quite yet.

    The most likely on that list is Kevin Love. If the Cavs fail to win the Finals, which it doesn’t look like they will, he will be traded. As long as it does not include trading Jae Crowder or Marcus Smart, I’m open to trading for Love.

    One pipe dream scenario that I think could be interesting involves the Bucks. If the Celtics pick falls around 4 or 5 and Kriss Dunn is on the board, would the Bucks have an interest in dealing Parker for a quality and likely star PG like Dunn. Parker has been playing better since the All-Star break, but he seems to be an odd fit in Milwaukee. Bucks fans would most likely dismiss this idea, but Kidd knows he needs an upgrade in PG and Kriss Dunn could be that guy.

    • Paul George is still a pretty young player and despite the leg injury last year, is a top 5 player at his position. There’s no reason for the Pacers to deal George to rebuild and any deal would have to be a massive haul. As a Pacers fan, I really don’t want them to trade George, but any deal would have to involve some combination of Crowder and Smart/Olynyk/Bradley plus either the Brooklyn pick or one/both of the first rounders Boston owns.

  11. Steve in Chicago

    Maybe they should sign Baron Davis. He’s been making a comeback, I hear.

  12. die heart boston fan

    camelo is ingery prone sign a max free agent then trade the pick along with with a player for a good player

  13. Wally-the-green-monster

    No team trades for the Nets pick until after the lottery. The value changes from “could be” to a certainty. Would George or Butler be traded to Boston if the pick is actually in the top three?

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