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LeBron Longs To Play With Wade, ‘Melo, CP3

LeBron James is holding out hope that he can team with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul for at least one season before they retire, as he told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report. James, 31, and Wade, 34, can hit free agency this summer, but the 30-year-old Paul’s locked in with the Clippers through next season and Anthony, 31, doesn’t have an opt-out in his deal until the summer of 2018.

“I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together,” James said to Beck just before the All-Star break last month in comments that Beck kept under wraps until today (Twitter link). “At least one, maybe one or two seasons — me, Melo, D-Wade, CP — we can get a year in. I would actually take a pay cut to do that.”

Each is probably powerful enough to force a trade, with most such chatter surrounding Anthony, who has a no-trade clause that he’s been reluctant to consider waiving. Rumors about a three-team deal involving the Knicks, Celtics and Cavaliers emerged before the trade deadline this year, but it never appeared as though Anthony was close to joining James in Cleveland. Anthony once more reiterated his commitment to the Knicks today, as Marc Berman of the New York Post relays.

“I know the reason why I stuck it out,’’ Anthony said. “People that really understand it know why I’m sticking it out. It’s odd to question my loyalty at this point in time, especially when you showed and I’ve showed time and time again my loyalty to not just the organization, but New York and vice versa.”

Still, commitments change. That was the case with Anthony and the Nuggets, a team ‘Melo believed in strongly enough in 2006 to resist what James admits were veiled overtures meant to convince Anthony to sign a shorter extension that would allow him to become a free agent in 2010, just as James and Wade did, as Beck details. That was the summer that James and Wade teamed up on the Heat while Anthony and Paul remained under contract in Denver and New Orleans, respectively.

Anthony told Beck in January that he was disappointed that the Pistons passed him up with the second overall pick in 2003, saying that he’d been told Detroit would take him. It’s not clear who told Anthony that the Pistons would draft him instead of Darko Milicic, the center the Pistons fatefully selected when the time came. Regardless, the bond between James, Anthony, Wade and Paul is strong, and it’s made an impression on Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski, who’s mentored all of them with the USA Basketball program.

“I think they love one another,” Krzyzewski said. “It’s so damn genuine, and it’s so cool to see. … They have each others’ back, on everything.”

Do you think James, Wade, Anthony and Paul will all play together on an NBA team at some point? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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46 thoughts on “LeBron Longs To Play With Wade, ‘Melo, CP3

  1. Johnnydubsack

    They should all sign with the Knicks before they retire and make history. That would be the only chance the Knicks will have at winning

  2. NYC Fan

    Yep, if it was up to LeBron he would have an all star team as teammates in Cleveland…

    • Jeremy N

      I personally think Lebron is sick of the Cavalier organization. If he could make the Cleveland Heat.. that might be ultimate dream.. but Pat Riley prefers the beach to snow in April I think

  3. This is a joke , this guy should NEVER be considered among the best champions ever, most versatile player ever…sure but not champ, this guy is acting like a crybaby now, with Love and Kyrie on his team, these guys are no joke they are legit all stars yet it seems James can only win and only be happy when he plays with an all star team, like it would really be some kind of great achievement if those 4 guys won a championship together? Uh NO if they teamed up of course they would win a title, thats not skill thats not greatness, its called buying a title and wanting it handed to you in the easiest way possible. This guy will NEVER win a title without a HOF player beside him, he NEEDED Wade to win those titles, he NEEDS an Olympic team to play with or hes not happy. Then he sends passive aggressive messages to his teammates and organization. U may be good but who the hell do u think u are man, Lebron James is the biggest whiner crybaby in this league on and off the court, he wants every call every time down the court and wants his teammates to do exactly what he says or else he sulks and whines and talks about playing with guys who arent on his team. My guess is more then half of his teammates dnt like him because of the way he treats them, yet he gets a pass cause…he’s Lebron the crybaby James. smh, give me a break and just shut up for once in your career.

    • basicmo

      My thoughts exactly. If you can’t take a good and add pieces and make it great how is anybody calling him great. When you have to buy championship doesn’t make you. To top it off those Miami teams were beatable . They got lucky against Spurs the one year.

      • How does James buy championships but the Spurs don’t? I’m confused by this logic, as the spurs don’t play for free, furthermore Spurs players get paid before market value so they can sign more help. Isn’t that even less fair?

        • jackstigers

          Because the big three for the Spurs were all drafted by San Antonio. Two thirds of Miami’s big three were brought in on high profile free agent signings.

          The Spurs have five titles with their core. Lebron hasn’t won a single title when Wade and Bosh weren’t in the picture.

          • So? That’s like saying Parker has never won without Duncan or Popovich, they’re still champions.
            And why does a player have to stay on the team that drafts them for life? Why should he be tied to a potentially poorly run franchise. If the Spurs had somehow drafted Lebron, he could have won 10 rings by now, but he’d be the same player.

          • jackstigers

            You asked how Lebron bought championships and the Spurs didn’t. I explained it to you. If you want to reject it, that’s on you. The fact of the matter is that when you use free agency to put an All Star team on the court in one years time, you have bought your championships. There are many ways to put together a championship team and buying one is one of them, but it isn’t as impressive as building within.

          • Steve in Chicago

            The draft is designed to prevent the Spurs from drafting Lebron, duh. What is amazing about their achievement is that it has been extended by smart drafts, and only enhanced by free agent signings, not enabled by it.

    • Z.....

      Probably shouldn’t feed this, but this is incredibly stupid…that’s it. It’s just flat out dumb. I’m not even going to explain further. It’s just too obviously a waste of time. Hopefully, they don’t delete this b/c of the commenting system. This isn’t meant to be offensive towards you. It’s just fact

      • Whats dumb? Whats stupid? U said alot of words but didnt even articulate an opinion man, your comment makes no sense

        • Z.....

          You said a lot of words too….I didn’t see you articulate a sound opinion. Therefore, there isn’t anything for me to have to opine.

          • Not surprising those with narrow viewpoints and a tenuous grasp on English rarely acknowledge truths they don’t agree with. I guess its an ego thing, oh well

            “Probably shouldn’t feed this, but this is incredibly stupid…that’s it. It’s just flat out dumb. I’m not even going to explain further. It’s just too obviously a waste of time. Hopefully, they don’t delete this b/c of the commenting system. This isn’t meant to be offensive towards you. It’s just fact”

            Can anyone tell me what this says or what it means? Doubtful, I just hope your not a teacher or something we others depend on you to learn. Have a nice day bud

          • Z.....

            Again, I will admit that this is probably not the best course of action, but I’m committed to saying one more thing. You’re just a massive hater. Your arguments hold zero validity. Therefore, there is zero reason to argue with you by presenting more facts than the simplicity of telling you that your comment is dumb…I also enjoyed the remark questioning my grasp on the English language. My only response to that is rofl

    • wants to be a GM

      Yep, this is getting quite ridiculous. This has been going on for a while now. Lebron basically says, “I want that guy on my team” and the Cavs break the bank to get whoever he wants. In other words, he’s the GM without having to actually negotiate or worry about paperwork. No player in any sport should have this kind of power.

      • Lol please point to real examples of this? People always say Lebron is the GM with no factual basis.

        • Jeremy N

          He got the Cavs to trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love.. that’s pretty undeniable. He let it be known he wanted Lue as coach.. Blatt is fired.. that’s pretty undeniable.

    • Every title is purchased, please show me a team that won the championship that didn’t spend money. Every team tries to get the most talent that they can afford. What, Lebron isn’t a champ because he teamed up with Bosh and Wade but Jordan gets to be a champ even though he played with Rodman Pippen and coached by Jackson? If you think for one second a competitor like Jordan would have stayed on the Bulls if they weren’t a championship contender you are full of it. The best players need to play with the best players to bring all their skills to the table.

      • Gogerty

        Sorry for doubling up on your thought, comment wasn’t there when I posted. Good call sir.

      • Steve in Chicago

        I think Some version of Godwins Law should be invoked here.

    • Gogerty

      So just for the sake of argument and mind you, grew up a Bulls fan. Can you name one team outside of Warriors last year (too early to call) to win a championship without two HOFs on it in the last 30 years? Only one I can see is possibly the 2004 Pistons. And the funny thing is, Melo should have been on that team.

    • Thronson5

      You nailed my thoughts exactly Gogerty! I bet he goes to NY and I bet Wade follows. Not sure about CP3 forcing a trade to go there. But Lebron wants out of Cleveland obviously and I think it’ll happen this off season. He’s a joke though, he has a good team and he is pouting because it’s not going as he planned.

  4. Yes in miami that is.

  5. bobhutt99

    Anthony redoes his contract takes less money and James with Wade sign with the Knicks each getting the same thing. Then the season after all 3 redo their contract to take less so that Paul can join his 3 amigos.

    So easy to do. Just take less money and you guys can have an all star team for about 2 years.

    Melo ready for a $5 million paycut? Sure! When they say it’s never about the money it’s always about the money. These guys will take a cut when pigs fly!

    • aarongill

      It isn’t the NFL where you can restructure contracts.

      • Thank you! geez its like everyone lives in a video game world where u can just do whatever u want, the NBA isnt like fantasy basketball or NBA 2k16 lol

    • So easy to do? And what exactly do they do with all the contracts they signed last year, Williams 4.5, Quinn 3.9, Calderon 7.7m, Lopez 13.2m. And btw way Anthony cant just redo his contract man, NBA contracts are guaranteed there is no renegotiating until his contract is up after the 2017-2018 season. And u do realize in 3 years Wade will be 37, James 34 and Paul 33 right? lol u guys make me laugh, oh this would be so easy to do lol, yeah maybe on NBA 2k16 on your ps4 lol smh

  6. Z.....

    For this to happen, it would probably be something like this: LeBron stays with the Cavs one more year after this one, and Wade signs another 1 year deal, making both a free agent in 2017 with Chris Paul. All 3 sign in Miami, and Melo joins them the next year, when he opts out in 2018. Wade would play another 2 years from there, most likely, before calling it a career….there would have to be so many things to make this happen though, but obviously I’m not putting it past them, nor Pat Riley, to get it done. What that means in terms of who is around them also remains to be seen…

    There is probably a simpler way for them to all end up in LA, but I don’t see Wade leaving the HEAT

    • So you have Wade playing 4 more years until hes 38 years old? lol if you say so man, I love how everyone says this is so easy, this is the real NBA not NBA 2k16 on your xbox

      • Z.....

        I never said it was easy. I actually insinuated the opposite. And Wade may feel Iike he wants to go longer than that; we don’t know b/c he doesn’t know. This subject just came up in the last couple of days. He plans to go until he can’t or doesn’t want to. It was reported last offseason that he wanted to play 4 more years. I just used that as a decent guess. It’s not like its unprecedented for someone his size to play to that age. That doesn’t mean he’ll still be at the level he is currently at, but he can still go if he remains healthy enough. He hasn’t had a knee issue in 2 years. I don’t know how long that lasts, b/c he has no cartilage there, but I also can’t assume he won’t play until then, based on things he has said

  7. Ayy-Aron

    Lakers Nation!

    Did it once with Kobe, Shaquille, Patton,

    • Jeremy N

      Patton? lol General George S Patton? Gotta love Laker fans

  8. Jeremy N

    To all of you Knicks, Lakers, Cavs fans… sorry, but IF this were to ever happen.. it would happen in Miami. In fact, 3/4 of it almost did happen 2 years ago before Lebron left (Carmelo was considering Miami in free agency and there were reports he, Lebron, and Wade would each take 10 mill to make it work). For the last 2 months Lebron has been hinting he wants to go back to Miami, Wade has flatly and boldly said he’s never leaving Miami (his career goal has always been to wear only 1 uniform)… so there it is. If this pipe dream were to happen.. it would be in a Miami Heat uniform…. All that being said.. I can’t imagine Chris Paul or Carmelo actually taking the pay cuts needed for it to work. All four would need to accept salaries in the 10 mill range, (Chris Bosh would still be making 20 in 2 years)… and the Heat would probably have to trade Hassan Whiteside to the Clipper and/or Winslow / Richardson to the Knicks. I can’t imagine Pat Riley doing any of those things just to make a player who lied to his face happy.

    On a side note.. I’m not sure that team would be any better than the late 90’s rockets, when aging HOFers Barkley, Hakeem, Scottie Pippen, and Clyde Drexler all played for them. In 03-04 the Lakers had prime Shaq and Kobe teamed with old Karl Malone and aging Gary Payton… and that was a bronx zoo that imploded into Shaq leaving the Lakers. Could it happen? MAYBE.. will it happen? Probably not. I still believe LeBron’s goal is to get back to Miami next year, while somehow making Cleveland fans love him while doing it.

  9. bobhutt99

    Anthony has an opt out in 2017. So he opts out and redoes his contract. Is anyone other than the Knicks stupid enough to pay Affallo, O’Quinn, and Williams that kind of money? Better yet are any of you to stupid enough to watch these guys play? They’re not even watchable in a schoolyard let alone MSG.

  10. Grant Weddle

    Carmelo already says he wants to play for the Clippers. If he is able to orchestrate a trade there I am sure Wade and Lebron will take paycuts. If the Cavs are able to get Melo Wade will come over and the Cavs will try to swap Kyrie for Paul. The clippers will swap Griffin for Melo while the Cavs swap Love for Melo. Either option is tough to pull off and doesn’t guarantee success. Frankly Lebron should calm down and work with his current team, Paul should recruit someone other than Melo for the Clippers, Wade should help the Heat stay competitive and no one cares about Melo/Knicks

    • Jeremy N

      Dwyane Wade will never, ever leave the Miami Heat. I’m sorry all you fans have this pipe dream.. it’s just not possible. I’m a huge Heat fan and would never want this team to exist. 4 30 something HOFers who will be injured a ton during the season won’t be fun team to watch. It’s a great media story, but a horrible basketball story.

  11. drdenton

    It’s been tried…geriatric 2004 Lakers thought they had it all the way with ol’ Karl Malone and The Glove with Kobe and Shaq in their prime. No way those 4 old guys could last all season wo breaking down. A young, quicker team would take them.

  12. mriescher

    As I Knick fan I actually hope it doesn’t happen in New York. If James is so unhappy with his supporting cast trade Melo for Kyrie. Knicks get younger build the team the correct way. Knicks will never win with Melo he is a cancer in the locker room. His self entitlement makes me want Phil an the Knicks to build around youth and earn not buy the championship.

    • mriescher

      Yes I know Kyrie for Melo would never happen just a point

  13. Maddog


  14. Maddog

    If I am a teammate of LeBron I would be deeply offended it is like he is saying we are not good enough. LeBron is like a little girl he needs to shut up and play ball. Play with the hand that he dealt . You try to like this guy as soon as you do he opens his mouth and does something else stupid

  15. paulkauffmann

    I think they shd shoot for the next Olympic Games if that’s a possibility

  16. paulkauffmann

    I also believe that if it’s done it will be done in NY cause of Mellos contract but the organization to get this done is the heat with Riley just don’t think a possible ring is worth the circus

  17. Steve in Chicago

    Why don’t they add Durant and then just barnstorm against the rest of the NBA like the Harlem Globetrotters? I am losing respect for this generation of players. They have no sense of competitive spirit. As MJ once said, I would never want to team up with Bird or Magic, I wanted to beat them.

    These guys seem to just want to play with other stars instead of helping make their own team better.

    (End of old man saying get off my lawn)

  18. Darold

    Never happen keep dreaming live in a fantasy world pull your head ….James thinks he runs the NBA …..Oops forgot he does

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