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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 4/9/16

Houston made the playoffs in five of the previous eight seasons, including the last three, but the team has some work to do if it’s going to make it to the postseason for the fourth straight campaign. The Rockets sit one game behind the Jazz for the eighth seed in the Western Conference with three games to go.

The franchise certainly had higher expectations than an eighth seed entering the season and early today, reports surfaced that ownership would be seriously evaluating Daryl Morey’s job performance. Morey has accepted the blame for the team’s disappointing season, but an argument can be made that his moves as a GM are the reason the Rockets had the high expectations to begin with. Morey has been one of the most active front office executives in the league since becoming the GM of the Rockets in 2007. He made the shrewd move to acquire James Harden and he signed Dwight Howard to add a second star to the team.

So here is tonight’s question: Should the Rockets move on from Morey and what other changes need to be made in Houston? Let’s talk front office, player movement, Dwight Howard and more. Let us know what you think in comments below. We look forward to what you have to say!

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22 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 4/9/16

  1. Get rid of bickerstaff completely or demote him back to assistant and bring in a quality head coach. Let Dwight walk and bring in a center who can space the floor. The Rockets are shooters. They love shooting 3s. An old fashioned past his prime center like Dwight just can’t mesh with a team like that. Look at Andrew Bogut and the Warriors. He’s practically a bench warmer.

    • Jtkilla_13

      They need to fire jb and get rid of Howard Brewer ariza terry smith and tj package a deal up and trade for a power forward using Beverley dmo dekker and a first rounder only way I want Beverley back is if he a backup dmo has really looked bad he’s a ?morey needs to stop being dumb
      Kd ain’t coming here my issue wit morey is he passes up young super star potential players for big name players he needs to pursue Barnes and clarkson and try n trade for vucevic or okafor and bring over Alessandro gentile and Marko todorovic and use our first rounder for a back up center who can pick n pop type if we get it back hopefully we do

    • Chris Crouse

      Which center would you bring in? Or would you let Capela have a shot at the starting spot?

      • Arthur Hill

        Capela can do most of what they asked Dwight to do this season. If they’re going to limit the production of their center, Capela is a capable and much cheaper replacement.

    • Arthur Hill

      The Rockets have a team philosophy that emphasizes 3-pointers, but the shooters they have are average at best. If they’re going to stick with this strategy, they need to sign or develop better long-range shooters.

  2. Juan rufasto

    This off-season i hope the rockets go defensive. Trade Ariza & Harrell to the nuggets for faried. Sign joakim noah to replace dwight now i know he had a shoulder injury but hopefully he’s ready by camp. If not you got a young Capela to fill in until he returns. Also sign jamal crawford and brandon jennings and we now would have a super bench. I feel McDaniels has the tools to develop into a 3nD player. Re-sign Dmo also and we have a Deep team.

    • Chris Crouse

      I’m not sure Faried and Noah would be an upgrade, especially on defense, but it is a scenario I haven’t heard before.

  3. Let Dwight Walk. Trade Cory Brewer, Terrance Jones, and Josh Smith. Hope Jason Terry retires, Let Michael Beazly start and have Dmo. come off the bench. Draft a point guard. Sign a Center out of free agency, try to sign Kevin Durent sign either Mark Jackson or Tom Tibs as head coach. And keep Morey. This should fix our problems.

  4. Raelon Reed

    Rockets land Jeff Teague, D12 takes pay cut. We lose Terry, Brewer, T Jones, J Smith, draft a PF, keep Motiejunas and Beasley, add one more shooter or keep Goudelock, KD up in the air for possibly coming to Houston. Just watch ;)

  5. Fire bickerstaff. Hire thibs or van gundy or mark Jackson. Lose Dwight. Let Capela develop in the starting role. Lose d-mo or t-jones. Resign Beasley. Draft a pg. & sign a pg. use max money on Durant or big money on mike Conley or Harrison Barnes or whiteside. sign valuable vets with championship experience to cheaper contracts.

  6. Hire a new HC and keep JB. Hes a good assistant. Sign Joakim Noah and play him with Capela. Look to sign Mike conley. Let Howard walk. Keep Morey, I don’t feel he deserves that much blame. Yes mchale firing was stupid but ownership wouldve kept him if they wanted too.

    • Keep JB as head coach and Dwight. The problem isn’t Dwight, so you can blame Dwight for Houston down fall because Harden and the rest of the player have more fault as Dwight does. If player just go out and play ball and pass the ball and play defense, rebound Houston wouldn’t been at the top so if you going blame anybody blame the player. And by the way I agree with Stephen A. Smith about how they freezing Dwight out by not passing him the ball how can he show what he can do if he’s not getting the ball, but the fan are all over Dwight but Harden they love so much because he’s scoring 30pts a game but leads the team and NBA in turn over but when they lose it’s Dwight fault but when they win it’s because of Dwight that’s why the team doing so bad because the fan are confused like the players. I think Harden needs to pass the ball down low to your big man and play some defense Dwight can’t play defense on his man and Harden man too fix that Houston then the team can win again and keep Dwight and JB, Morey and get some bench player that want to play and can play some defense do that Houston and you will win it all

  7. Morey isn’t or wasn’t the problem. The problem is the head coach and of course a few players that just didn’t play up to the level that they’re capable of playing at. We can’t just bring in any coach because Harden I don’t believe Harden will be easy to coach. Imo Harden needs to coached hard and in order for that to happen we need a coach that he respects. I hoping he respects coaching candidates like Thibs or JVG! Next Morey either let Howard walk or if he wants to stay then sign him to a more friendly contract. If Howard does walk, I would hope they go after whiteside. Whiteside might be a headache but the guy can defend the paint, and in my opinion much butter than Howard can at this stage in his career. Morey will definitely be going after KD really hard and he should, but I don’t see KD coming here and so I really think he needs to either draft/sign/trade for a much more complete PG. I love Beverly’s heart and his drive but let’s face it, he’s more of a back up PG. I like Ariza and I don’t feel like we should get rid of him but we do need a SF that can shoot. Ariza, in that regard, is a very streaky shooter.

    All in all, the biggest need for the rockets is getting a head coach that Harden respects and will listen to!

  8. Hire thibodeau, Demote bickerstaff to assistant. Let dwight and dmo walk. Try to get KD, chandler parsons or harrison barnes. make harden a point guard and keep beverley as a backup. try to trade for a shooting guard who can be a decent playmaker like tryreke evans or a 3nD player like wesley matthews. keep terrence jones, if he develops his defence and his 3 pointer a little more like it was in 2014, he can be our poor-mans draymond green. We should also try to find a rebounding center like biyombo.
    Pg: Harden, Beverley
    Sg: Tyreke/Wesley Matthews, KJ mcdaniels
    Sf: KD/Chandler parsons/ barnes, ariza
    Pf: beasely, jones
    C: capela, biyombo

    • Justin

      Fire JB. Get rid of Dwight, Brewer, TWill. Let Jason Terry retire. Go after a PF that has range like Kevin Love. We need to upgrade on the defensive side. Mike Conley would fit nicely. Upgrade at PG. I like Capella as a #2 center for another year or 2. I believe he will develop into one of the best big men in the league.

  9. Our season has been absolute trash. I honestly wouldn’t care if we started from scratch and just keep Harden. But knowing that won’t happen people I would like to see back is Beasley, Beverly (if he’s the backup), Ariza, KJ, and Montrez. I would love to see either JVG or Thibs to come back to Houston and give Harden the discipline he needs on the defensive end.. If they don’t do that I would only want one more person, and that’s Scott Brooks. Why? because now you got him, harden, and Beas to recruit KD. But assuming that doesn’t happen, I want the rockets to go after guys like Mike Conley, Hasaan Whiteside and guys that can make an impact off the bench!! And as far as the draft is concerned, I genuinely believe Denzel Valentine is the next Draymond Green and I would like to see them draft him and give him around a year or two to develop

  10. PCnever

    Howard was a plus for Morey? Like the plague was a plus. How much did he blow on Howard and how much could he have gotten chandler Parsons for? Been GM since 2007 and hasn’t come up with a real winning team. Wake up and smell the BS in the front office.

  11. Statistics isn’t everything u need to make a team. You need to be liked and respected, have a good basketball mind, as well know statistics. Morey isn’t respected and relies too much on stats. Same with Sam hinkie. They should get Danny ferry who made a great team with the Hawks and worked under the Spurs. Then they should hire a veteran defensive minded coach like mark Jackson or thibs.

  12. Cipher

    Resign Dwight.
    Trade harden to Celtics for Bradley, nets 1st, mavs 1st, olynyk.

    Resign Jones and dmo.

    I know what you all are thinking. But this makes more sense than all your unrealistic scenario.

    With this you surround Dwight with 4 good shooter, and defenders.

    Beverly, Bradley, ariza, dmo/Jones, Dwight.

    Fill up the bench with more 3nD players.

  13. Arthur Hill

    Morey gets too much heat for the Lawson trade. All he gave up was four spare parts and a draft pick that the Rockets will keep if they miss the playoffs. Also, Morey minimized the risk by having Lawson agree to make next season’s salary non-guaranteed. The trade didn’t work out, but it was certainly a chance worth taking.

  14. First move is to hire a HC. Scott Brooks would be perfect for the team. If not him then Mark Jackson. Then as far as the roster goes say good bye to Jones and Terry and D-mo. D Howard gonna be a tricky situation but if they can convince him and James Harden to coexist and convince KD to come to H-town then we should be OK. Too bad we don’t have a 1st round draft pick but we’ll be ok.

  15. smtihncharge

    My New Rockets starting five Brandon Jennings, James Harden, Demar DeRozan, Al Horford, & Clint Capela. For coach I want Coach K from Duke, Kevin Olley from Connecticut or Mark Jackson.

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