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Biyombo Open To “Hometown Discount” For Raptors

Over the weekend, Bismack Biyombo expressed a preference to remain with Toronto going forward, re-signing with the Raptors. However, the free-agent-to-be went a step further today in a conversation with Andrew Walker of Sportsnet 590 The Fan (Twitter link). According to Walker, Biyombo said he expects to return to the Raptors, and would open to exploring a “hometown discount” to make it happen.

Barring another major roster move, such as trading Jonas Valanciunas or Terrence Ross, or not re-signing DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors will likely need Biyombo to accept a hometown discount for the team to have a shot at signing him. Biyombo will decline a player option that would have paid him less than $3MM for the 2016/17 season, and will be in line for a significant raise on that amount.

A pair of recent reports that surfaced after Biyombo made a major impact on multiple games in the Eastern Conference Finals suggested that $16MM+ could be within reach for the former top-10 pick in free agency. If Biyombo does receive offers in that range, it would be interesting to see how much less he’d be willing to take to remain in Toronto. Even though the Raptors may be his first choice, it would be pretty hard for Biyombo to turn down, for instance, a four-year, $60MM offer if Toronto’s offer is only in the $30-40MM range. Especially since he’d likely have a better opportunity to start for another team.

Of course, it remains to be seen what opportunities will be available to Biyombo. Even with a ton of extra cap room to work with, it’s not clear if teams will be willing to make a huge offer to a player who excelled for just a short time down the stretch of the 2015/16 season. Whether or not Biyombo actually accepts a hometown discount from the Raptors will likely hinge on what sort of offers are out there in free agency, and how Toronto tackles its other roster decisions.

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17 thoughts on “Biyombo Open To “Hometown Discount” For Raptors

  1. The only players not remaining with the raptors are JV and TJ Ross. They going to Philly with the GM who drafted them

    • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

      What makes you think they are going to Philly, especially Valanciunas.
      Do you know how many ‘big men’ they have?

    • DannyQ3913

      Yeah we don’t need anymore bigs

  2. @CW_Crouse

    Wonder if they should package Jonas and their first to move up in the draft.

    • Jimbo Slice

      JV for the 1st pick would already be too much. How many centers can you name that’s a legitimate upgrade over JV? I count one (Cousins).

      • Davis, Drummond, DeAndre Jordan

        • Tesseraction

          Davis isnt a Center, Btw nice free throws with Jordan and Drummond.
          Some of the worst in history

          • Jordan and Drummond are still better, although those two can’t create their shots like JV. I’d also say a healthy Marc Gasol is better and Pau Gasol is better (if you want to consider him a center, although his true position is a little murky). I’d also say Karl Anthony Towns is pretty much even with JV and if he plays as well next year as he did this year, he will definetly be better.

          • Tesseraction

            No point of being a “star” if you can’t stay on the court in clutch situations

          • Tesseraction

            Yeah Karl Anthony Towns and Marc Gasol (when healthy) is better

    • Xyrak

      Not sure I see that … Simmons or Ingram would definitely be an upgrade at the 3 or 4, but I don’t see that trade happening. Dunn or Murray would be nice off the bench as your second 2 but I’m not sure that’s worth a starting centre for the marginal upgrade.

  3. Xyrak

    The one thing that I think was a bit lost is that before he got hurt, JV was influencing games to the level Bis was, just with a little less shot-blocking and a lot more scoring. Bis is also a more accomplished defender all around, but JVs post defence in the playoffs was great.

    I love Bis as a Raptors fan, but he isn’t worth more than that 30M or so contract because of his offensive limitations. If another team, like the Mavs, wants to overpay him, have to let it be.

  4. Jimbo Slice

    Do anyone feel that JV and Biz can co-exist for something like 10 mins of a game? We didn’t get to see this combination at all except for a few mins of Game 5. Biz has the mobility to guard the stretch 4s and 5s.

    JV can play his 35 mins while Biz can play 30 and you can justify paying him 3 years 35 mill or 4 years 40, etc.

    • Xyrak

      Completely agree – Biz played some of the best defence against Lebron 1-1. Would also take some of the pressure off finding a high-end PF – you’d just really want a guy that can stretch the floor.

  5. noonecarez

    Take notes Jose Bautista…

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