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Lakers Plan Major Trade Push For Paul George?

THURSDAY, 1:09pm: GM Mitch Kupchak denied any plans to trade the first-round pick as he spoke in an appearance on KSPN-AM in Los Angeles, as Serena Winters of Lakers Nation relays (Twitter links).

“I have no idea where that came from,” Kupchak said. “I’m superstitious enough that I’m not going to look to do something or take something for granted before we have it.”

WEDNESDAY, 12:00pm: The Lakers want to make an aggressive run at trading for Paul George this summer, and they’re willing to give up their 2016 first-round pick and more to Indiana, as HBO’s Bill Simmons hears (Twitter link). Such a proposal would be unlikely to sway the Pacers, Simmons concedes, and the Lakers won’t even have a first-rounder to offer if they slip out of the top three in the May 17th lottery, a scenario with a roughly 44% chance of happening.

It would probably require the inclusion of D’Angelo Russell to prompt the Pacers to consider any such offer, Simmons suggests, noting that Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird isn’t sentimental and will make a drastic move if he deems it necessary, as the uncertainty over Frank Vogel‘s job status demonstrates (Twitter links). George, a native of Los Angeles County, is under contract for at least two more years, with a player option worth more than $20.7MM for the 2018/19 season.

The Lakers reportedly offered last year’s No. 2 pick, which they ultimately used on Russell, to the Kings in trade talks about DeMarcus Cousins this past June. Lakers basketball operations chief Jim Buss faces a self-imposed deadline of next spring to have to turned around the franchise’s sagging fortunes, having said he’ll resign if he fails to accomplish that. The team was a franchise-worst 17-65 this past season.

What sort of offer do you think it would take to pry George from the Pacers? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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49 thoughts on “Lakers Plan Major Trade Push For Paul George?

  1. If they are able to do it without giving up Russell I will be happy.

    • Bobby Sweet

      After what happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if they give him up. Which would be really unfortunate, because him and Paul George together could be fun to watch.

  2. Indiana should only do it if they get the top 3 pick, Russell, and Randle.

    • Yeah Lakers aren’t that stupid. Give up 3 potential all-stars for one.

      • George is an established all star. Established all star who is still young is worth more than three potential all stars.

  3. The Lakers dont have enough to offer for Paul George. Russell and their #1 isnt NEAR enough.

    • hill

      100% agree

    • Steve in Chicago


  4. Ayy-Aron

    No. 2 pick and Randle?

    Or clarkson

  5. The Pacers not going to help the Lakers by trading Paul George. Hell the Lakers better hope those ping pong ball roll right for them Philadelphia might end up with their pick. The Pacers know what they got in George. Taking a unknown 1st. Rounder is foolish.

  6. Indiana will only do it if they get 5 first rd picks, LeBron James, DRussell, and Jalen Ramsey going to the colts

  7. The bigger problem for the Lakers isn’t prying Paul George away from Indiana (which would be tough in any scenario), it’s that other teams will also be bidding for him if he’s available. The Celtics are armed with a similar top draft pick, and they have far more assets. Philadelphia’s new regime seems eager to move away from the Sam Hinkie model and would have a lot to offer. The Lakers would need Larry Bird to fall in love with D’Angelo Russell in particular to have a shot.

  8. Gerald Ford


  9. Thronson5

    I wouldn’t do this trade even if they wanted to which I’m sure they wouldn’t. I would sign DeRozan, still gotta resign Clarkson, would go hard after Lebron and Durant and hope to land one of them. If you get one of them and DeRozan, you trade the first pick, Clarkson or Russell and a future draft picks for Cousins. I know that’s a long shot but I would give it a shot lol. It’s easy to play again but I really hope in the end the Lakers get a lot better this off season without completely getting rid of the young talent. I’d like to keep Randle and Clarkson or Russell. If they go after and land Barnes and DeRozan, bring back Clarkson I’d be happy with that also. Maybe they even bring back Howard at Center. Who knows.

    • Ayy-Aron

      PG Russel
      G DeRozan
      SF Barnes
      PF Randle
      C Cousins

      Instead of Barnes Ideally they’d go after Durant.


        It’s really amazing how much Lakers fans think sometimes. Yeah they’ll trade off all the terrible, bottom 5 team players with crappy attitudes and no draft picks to get Cousins & DeRozan. DeRozan isn’t gonna go to the Lakers. They aren’t going to get Cousins. Durant MIGHT talk to them but he’s not going to L.A. either. Lakers fans are the most entitled people in the world sometimes.

        • McConaughey'sLincoln

          This is true

        • Steve in Chicago

          Maybe Lebron, Durant, and DeRozan will sign with the Lakers for the minimum, then they can afford to sign more free agents, that way Lakers fans won’t have to suffer through down years like everyone else and they can talk Kobe out of retirement so he can get one more ring.

  10. lakersman16

    I’ll built through the draft if we do obtain the draft pick.

    Trading everything for a superstar don’t work in the modern NBA. You need complimentary pieces.

    PG is a superstar but see without good supporting cast it won’t even get him pass the first round.

    • Glo Dameron

      You’re forgetting that we have $65M to spend in free agency. If we do acquire PG it will attract other free agents for sure.

  11. Glo Dameron

    Trade Julius Randle, Lou Williams, Anthony Brown + pick for PG.

    • Dalton Simpson

      And tell me why the Pacers would even consider that offer?

  12. A trade for Paul George starts at that first round pick (assuming the Lakers even keep it), Russell, Randle and Clarkson/Nance. That might not even be enough. Lakers fans are delusional if they think that pick and one of their young guys is enough. None of their guys are all-stars or even close to being a pieces you can definetly build around yet. Clarkson and Russell are close but not there yet.

    • Ryan Brubaker

      haha thank you for someone telling these silly delusional Laker fans. I was thinking Ryan Kelly and Sacre for PG is fair, maybe even throw WORLD PEACE in there lol. I think Indy would bite for Russel/Top 2 pick/Randle though

  13. Andrew C.

    It would certainly take Russell, this year’s pick (assuming they still have it), Randle, and Clarkson just to get the negotiations started. I would think that amount of talent would get Bird to talk, but I’m not sure if that offer is what the Pacers would want in terms of the pieces and fit. George is top 10 caliber and although I wouldn’t blame Indiana for exploring their options, they should be asking for a king’s ransom for George.

  14. BSPORT

    I say keep young talent. I think they have some good talent that will bring in a smart younger free agent or two that see potential. Not sure the Walton hire was best move to attract veterans so keep pick and build. Can’t get any worse than now.

  15. Lakers send Top 2 draft pick, Clarkson, Randle, and a retired Kobe for PG. Then it’s a backcourt of Russell and PG. Throw a max offer at Durant. Done deal! Lakers back!

    • Yes. That will happen. Just yesterday I also saw pigs fly and Birdman without any tattoos. So if those two things are possible, why not this.

  16. bowserhound

    Try to get him, sure. Don’t give up half the team though.

  17. BSPORT

    They have more of a chance at landing a Durant or good free agent by keeping the guys for him to play with. He’s not going to a team with nobody worth playing with. Probably ends up in Boston but hoping he goes to LA

  18. smittybanton

    1. Boston will be in the bidding, and has a war chest of guards and draft picks. The Sixers will be in the bidding as well, but the Pacers have Myles Turner and Philly only has bigs to offer.
    2. D’Angelo Russell is from right outside of Indiana (Louisville, Kentucky).
    3. Of the Lakers 7 players under contract, two of them don’t speak to Russell. On top of his youth in basketball terms, there is also still a question how much top notch FA’s want to come play with him off that Snapchat stuff. Tunsil’s situation on NFL draft night did nothing to help Russell (Young & Williams). sweep it under the rug.
    4. Paul George is from the LA area. Palmdale, California.
    5. Because there will be multiple suitors, the Pacers should demand Russell, the pick and Julius Randle.
    6. The Lakers can afford to give up Russell, Randle and their pick, because trading them for George only increases their team salary by $5M, leaving them with $60M to spend on free agents.
    7. They don’t have to re-sign Jordan Clarkson until after that $60M is spent. They also have Anthony Brown.
    8. Lakers are high on Larry Nance. Cheaper. Allows them to part with Randle.
    9. Paul George has the gravity to attract other top stars. Plus, Los Angeles has historically been an attractive free agent destination.
    10. Demar Derozan is also from Los Angeles.
    11. Los Angeles is much warmer than Toronto during the winter, there’s more women, and they’re prettier.
    12. Ryan Anderson would fit very well next to George.
    13. Lakers are reportedly interested in Festus Ezeli.
    14. Even if they gave up Russell, LA16 and Julius Randle, with $60M and Paul George, the Lakers could conceivably line up next year with Jordan Clarkson, Demar Derozan, Paul George, Ryan Anderson, and Festus Ezeli.

    • smittybanton

      15. Jordan Clarkson, Demar Derozan, Paul George, KEVIN DURANT, Festus Ezeli??????

    • The Lakers won’t get Paul George and Durant is not a power forward. That lineup for the Lakers won’t happen, sorry.

  19. BSPORT

    You think George is worth 3 first round players? Crazy

  20. BSPORT

    Jim Buss needs to go. He is clueless about basketball players.

  21. Let us get back to reality! We aren’t getting Durant or Lebron!!!

    So this is what I believe we need to do:
    1) go after players we can actually get and have a future, also we don’t trade to acquire. This would be BARNES from GSW, if Warriors are dumb enough to let him go, alright

    2) If we can get Whiteside…. whyyyy not? Hopefully, he considers Bosh has blood clot issues, Dwade has maybe 2 good yrs left, Dragic is inconsistent, thus, chances of the title is slim in the next 5 years. Come to LA Hassan you can get the MAX. I can dream can’t I?

    3) Hopefully, we get our top 3 draft pick, hoping for Simmons or Ingram. just consider the terrible situation that Cavs got into by trading Wiggins for Love, when they could have simply waited one more year and signed love without losing Wiggins. So why would we want to be in a similar situation? I rather risk the future on a rookie contract potential star that doesn’t limit my salary cap then giving it all up for a superstar who will most likely not help us win a championship in the next 3 years. Remember we are Rebuilding thus we need to develop young cheap talent!

    4) Don’t TRADE Randle or Russell!!! Remember we just got rid of Byron Scott because he wasn’t developing the rookies, benching Randle and limiting the playing time of DeAngelo??? The only way we are going to develop them into the potential all-stars that they can be is by giving them 35min+ game time! Deangelo’s numbers are pretty good 13ppg 3reb 3ast on 28 min play with limited FGA due to kobe, these are very promising stats for a rookie especially with eFG% in 47% which will hopefully improve with better decision making and work.

    5) Sign Jordan Clarkson. He is a good SG/PG, hopefully, his agent is throwing reasonable numbers for a contract and he could be a good trading chip in the future to have.

    6) Please get rid of as much garbage as possible from the Brick Machine Bench that we have, definitely get rid of Hibbert and young if possible.

    7) Don’t really go after DeRozen, he is very ineffective SG and doesn’t really contribute other than scoring. Definitely not worth the MAX! The only reason to sign him would be to potentially use him in a package deal to trade off all of Jim Buss’ old parasitic garbage contracts . Also do not go after Jeff Teague or Conely, they aren’t worth MAX, i would prefer we go after Rondo! Also, Avoid Cousins at all cost, he is not worth the mess and players actually don’t want to play with him due to his attitude issues.

    8) Nic Batum from charlotte is another great 2-way player that would make a great addition to the team, hopefully, we can acquire for less than 14mil/yr.

    9) If all else fails, let’s just develop our draft picks, tank tank tank, get into the top 3 protected pick again, then go after free agents KD/WB, for sure I have a feeling KD will only sign 1 yr deal next year so both WB and KD are going to be free agents at the same time and we can offer potentially 4 worthy lottery-caliber players (with increased trade potential), and a huge salary cap, and Luke Walton in his 2nd yr on the job. Of course LA lifestyle too!


    There is no possible way Larry Bird will let the Pacers superstar Paul George go. Forget about it!!! #GOPACERS

  23. BSPORT

    Don’t trade future away for one guy that will have nobody to play with. Draft another potential try to lure in some free agents and see what Walton can do with them. We have money to buy good help. Not Howard!

  24. Dean Gant

    First & foremost, Jim Buss should resign now. He is not operating from a position of strength and his thought process is clouded by his self imposed deadline, which he cannot possibly make. The Lakers are in for a long rebuild, but it can be done with some fortunate draws in the lottery. They have finally cleared the albatross that was hanging around their necks, (Kobe’s contract), and now need to clear thinking at the top (like the Spurs), and not any quick fix patches. And tell me again, why would Indy give up their lone superstar in Paul George?

  25. raistlin

    Pacers ain’t crap with George in the Leastern Eastern Conference. He brings little value to their crappy franchise. Don’t give up the farm for a guy like that. Have a good free agency period then maybe make a trade to build around that.

  26. peteralt

    Way too many Indy fans bPaul George is good but not as good as u think. If I were Laker I would not give up former #1 pick along with current pick. Look what happened to Cousins and Randolph bother former ones that were given away. Sorry it’s not going to happen again

    • And all the Laker fans seem to think Randle, Russell and their first rounder (which isn’t even a guarantee to be theirs) are all perennial all-star players. Granted they’re young but George is a proven perennial all-star and top 5 at his position. Russell and Randle are still projects. A proven all star who is still young is worth more than three guys who MIGHT be all stars in a couple of years.

  27. DAngelo Russell and Lakers 1 for Paul George and a 2.

  28. They could do Randle and their 1 and 2 for P George

  29. Knicks could trade 2018 #1 and Robin Lopez for P George, then Sign Jeremy Lin and LeBron or Durant. Then knicks would have starting Lineup of Porzingis,Melo, PGeorge, J Lin, Durant Or LBJ that’s a Title Team Immediately.

    • LeBron and/or Durant are not going to NY. NY doesn’t offer a chance at a title as well as other teams might (Cleveland for LeBron and GS, San Antonio, OKC, Wash, Boston for Durant). Also that’s terrible value for George. Lopez is a solid center but is nothing more than a good complimentary piece and a future first rounder that far away has little value in the present.

  30. Richard

    Wish Lakers put together a trade and keep 2 of the 4. preferably D. & J. (or C), going to need more players than PG

  31. Richard

    Wish Lakers could put trade deal together to keep 2 of the 4. Preferably D & R. (or C). Lakers going to need more players

  32. Absolutely the Lakers could trade for George. It would look like this
    Lakers GET George/hill
    Pacers get #1 pick this year, 2018 first rounder, randle, Russel.
    Have fun Lakers having not Kobe in his prime by himself but George in his prime by himself having your second best player being Jordan Clarkson that even if u can retain him for a price kupchack can live with for a 292nd rate starting pg. Lottery bound for the next 3 yrs with no pick

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