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Poll: 2016 Community Mock Draft (Pick No. 2)

The 2016 NBA Draft lottery was held on Tuesday night and the Sixers finally landed the elusive No. 1 overall pick after missing out the past two seasons. Now that the exact draft order is locked in, teams can begin targeting specific players who are likely to still be on the board when it is their time to choose. Drafting players is far from an exact science, and many a GM has been second-guessed for his draft night decisions. I’m willing to bet that every team executive has at least one pick that he would like a mulligan for. We at Hoops Rumors thought it would be fun to give our readers the chance to predict the results of this June’s draft, which is what we intend to do with a series of polls.

We’ll continue with the Lakers, who have a number of roster needs, especially in the frontcourt. Readers, you are now on the clock! Cast your vote for Los Angeles’ pick and check back Friday for the results, as well as to cast your vote for who the Celtics will select with the No. 3 overall pick. But don’t limit yourself to a simple button click. Take to the comments section below and share your thoughts on the No. 2 overall pick and why you voted the way that you did.

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  1. Sixers — Ben Simmons (LSU)
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24 thoughts on “Poll: 2016 Community Mock Draft (Pick No. 2)

  1. jacobsigel1025


  2. Anon123

    Hey, It´s Lakers, not Celtics

    • Eddie Scarito

      It’s been fixed. But for some reason edits in polls take a few minutes to show up. Thanks for the catch!

  3. great poll!!! so many players to choose from

  4. Ingram

  5. Thronson5

    Trade the pick and Nick Young for Okafor or however it’s spelled. Would love to have Ingram but we need a young solid Center like him. Sign Barnes to play Small Forward.

    • Ayy-Aron

      Best comment! Hopeful it plays out like this, doubtful it will though.

      • Thronson5

        I really hope they could make that happen. I think it’s possible. Who knows I guess but to me it seems very do able

        • aarongill

          Okafor won’t fit Waltons system, and would be very bad defensively with Randle.

          • Thronson5

            That may be true but I do believe they could make it work. We need a Center pretty badly. I feel they will over pay for someone like Whiteside who may end up being another Bynum with his injury history. If they can’t land Okafor Id say keep the pick, bring back Gasol and still sign Barnes.

          • The interior defense would just be absolutely terrible though. And I don’t see Gasol going back to LA. If Kobe was still there I could see him maybe being enticed to play with him again, but at this point Gasol wants to win championships not help a young team develop…thats something the Lakers can’t offer this year and most likely next year without a major overhaul.

          • Thronson5

            I think Gasol would like to play for Walton. A lot of players would like to play for Walton and this team isn’t as horrible as everyone makes them out to be especially after this draft pick if they keep it. They had a horrible coach last year in my opinion. Not horrible I guess but wrong coach for that team and it was just all about the Kobe fair well tour. I do think they will be drastically better next season. Through draft, trade and or free agency there is no way this team absolutely sucks again this next season

          • The team should be better this year than last, and I’m sure Gasol might not mind playing under Walton, but it still stands that Gasol is probably looking for rings at this point in his career. The Lakers are probably another season away from being a serious, year-to-year playoff contender again. I don’t imagine Gasol signing with them this offseason to help develop young guys. If he really wants to play in LA, he’ll sign a one or two year contract with a contender (Spurs, Warriors, Cavs) to try and win another ring and then circle around back to LA.

          • Z.....

            Must be nice to live in the delusional world of being a lakers fan. Barnes is a restricted free agent. You aren’t getting him from GS

      • How would you feel about 2nd pick and dlo for okafor and your pick back next year?

        • Thronson5

          I feel that would be a decent trade.

    • That’s a terrible trade. They’re not going to take Nick Young for the Lakers’ sake. The value doesn’t match up well (it would essentially be the #2 pick for Okafor, and who would they take there) and I don’t imagine the Lakers wanting Okafor since he wouldn’t fit well next to Randle. Neither one of them (Okafor and Randle) can space the floor or be a rim protector which also means no room to operate for Russell, Clarkson, etc.

      • Thronson5

        Seems like you’re on here talking smack to every post. Kick rocks if that’s the case.

        For one, they are flooded with front court players so yes they would trade him for a player like Ingram. I’d put money on that!

        • I’m not talking smack, I’m just being realistic in that the #2 pick plus Nick Young is terrible value for Okafor. Despite their surplus of front court players, they’re not going to give up one of those guys just for the sake of it. The Sixers would probably want someone else who is young and could contribute to them long term. Clarkson or Russell would probably be a dream scenario for the Sixers but that would be a huge overpay for the Lakers. I could see one of Nance/Lou Williams/Huertas being a reasonable asking price as they all carry more value than Young.

          Also I don’t know if they would take Ingram #2 after taking Simmons #1 in this hypothetical trade scenario. That would just add to their frontcourt log jam. They could just take Dunn/Murray but that would be a slight reach on both and then they would have to live with passing over Ingram twice and letting him fall to the Celtics.

    • lakersfan27

      I rather have Noel over Okafor.

  6. Thronson5

    I’m not sure if my app is messed up but for some reason For all your polls I don’t see anything. Is the poll by comment or is there something I can click on to vote?

  7. basicmo


  8. Jayphils

    Ingram, no brainer

  9. SoCalBaseballDude


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