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Atlantic Notes: Ainge, Rose, Rondo

Celtics executive Danny Ainge feels bad that principal owner Wyc Grousbeck took the initial heat from fans who were disappointed the team didn’t pull of a blockbuster trade on draft night, Mike Petraglia of WEEI 93.7 FM relays. “The only thing I felt bad about that is that Wyc went out there,” Ainge said. “If I would have known that or if I wasn’t in the middle of something, I should have been the one that went out there and I would have been happy to and I would have enjoyed it. It’s what I love about Boston. When you’re throwing a no-hitter they appreciate it. And when you get rocked in the second inning, they boo you. The only thing about that is I love the passion of Boston fans, I love that they feel and they care. I truly believe that. I never take that stuff personal because there’s so many differing views. I think that that’s what makes Boston fun. The only thing that I don’t like about that is that it’s a reflection of Jaylen [Brown].

I think everyone wants a deal,” Ainge continued. “I think everyone expects a deal. We’ve been working really hard on trying to get a deal and do something significant. But we just haven’t been able to do it yet. And it’s not because we’re not trying, it’s not because we’re turning down or we overvalue our players or any of that stuff. It’s because you need a partner. I’ve said this many times before: I tried three years to get KG [Kevin Garnett] before we got him. It just takes the right time and the right place and have a partner that wants to do a deal.

Here’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Ainge noted that some of the trade offers the team received would have greatly hindered its cap flexibility moving forward, which played a large factor in why no deals came to fruition on draft night, Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe relays (on Twitter).
  • Newly acquired Derrick Rose is hopeful things work out for him with the Knicks and that he can re-sign with them after this season, writes Ian Begley of “I hope so. With all of the attention and all of the congratulations I got, I hope I’ll be able to play the rest of my career here,” Rose said. “But like I said, this is a business. I’ll guess we’ll have to see how this one year goes. But I’m putting my all into this. I’m working my butt off as far as my work ethic, and we’ll have to see.”
  • Unrestricted free agent point guard Rajon Rondo, while open to re-signing with the Kings, has expressed interest in playing for the Knicks and Nets, Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated tweets. It doesn’t appear likely that either New York team will be a destination for Rondo, with the addition of Rose eliminating the Knicks and the trade of Thaddeus Young signaling Brooklyn intends a full rebuild of the team, though that is merely my speculation.
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23 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Ainge, Rose, Rondo

  1. at this stage isnt Rondo better than Rose? They could have kept Lopez and been fine with Rondo Lopez Melo.

    • Michael Saunders

      Maybe, but Rose is a one-year experiment, Rondo (headcase) would have required a longer commitment.

      • They could have given Rondo a good chunk of change for 1 year and hed take it hes greedy just look at how he goes after assist stats lol

        • Bbone34

          He just did the 1 year deal so I could see him not wanting to do that again

    • baseball guy

      Yea but I think they would rather have rose and better big man like Howard or Whiteside than rondo and Lopez

      • dlevin11

        Break the bank for Whiteside on a long term contract

    • Dionis

      Dude Rondo Is not even better then Rose now just stop.

      • Except Rose is never available… And he’s the only player that shoots worse than Rondo

    • Rodney

      I think it depends on Rose’s health. A healthy Rose is unquestionably better than Rondo imo.

  2. Rondo’s options are getting rather slim. With NY getting Rose and Brooklyn in rebuild looking at better options, only teams aside from Sacramento who are without a starting PG are Chicago and Memphis. Chicago gave up Rose and they need a new starting PG, though I don’t see the Bulls and Rondo as a fit. Memphis is another option unless they either bring back Conley or they let Conley walk and decide Baldwin is their starter from Day 1. More than likely, Rondo re-signs with the Kings.

    • Dionis

      Yup he might as wel re-sign with The Kings, he does not fit in anywhere else.

    • hill
      daren hill

      Do the Kings want him?

      • Eddie Scarito

        Unless Conley is going to reunite with Joerger, the Kings will need a point guard. Plus, Rondo and Cousins seemed to get along well. That will factor in.

  3. natesp4

    I love Danny Ainge, he really seems to get the importance of timing and resisting the urge to “speed up” what is meant to be a slow process. Will it work? Who knows. But I don’t think people will be able to complain much if it doesn’t. Just need to cross some fingers and hope the Smarts and Browns continue to develop and the Nets continue to suck.

    • Dionis

      So Lets say Smart And Brown develop what will happen with Thomas? Basically the Celtics are rebuilding And have an amazing coach.

  4. Dionis

    I guess Ainge Is basically not thinking win now mode by drafting Jaylen. Might as well trade Thomas Danny The Celtics will just be another 6th-7th seed Néxt season And Get romped by The Pacers,Cavs, or Pistons(another Year together).

    • Sawxfan

      Dude, do you watch basketball? Rose hasn’t been better than Rondo since his MVP season. Secondly, the C’s finished 1 game out of 3rd place last year, and w/o an injury to Avery Bradley, would have beaten the Hawks! You must be a deluded Knicks fan. We all appreciate opinions, but some are better, left unspoken.

      • Rodney

        Why he gotta be a Knicks fan? Because he’s telling the truth?

        • The Celtics are not beating the Warriors or Spurs in a 7 game series. They might not even beat the Cavs in a 7 game series. Why push all your chips in the middle to get one year where they might make it to the conference finals. Unless they’re getting KD, which I’m not saying they will, there is a very small chance they come out of the East because Thomas plus Butler or Cousins isn’t getting them out of the East.

  5. bsteady powers

    What’s wrong with 2 good PG’s? ? Rose needs to limit his mins and they could play together some. Rose could play the 2(he is a scorer) while Rondo distributes to the others. Better sign some defense tho

    • Nothing, but I doubt Rondo is going to want to sign there if he won’t be starting. And a Rondo/Rose backcourt would be terrible, little spacing and no defense.

  6. bsteady powers

    COMPLETELY off subject. But does anyone else fee that Harrison Barnesnis a good fit for Cle?!?

    • Connorsoxfan


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