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Atlantic Notes: Hornacek, Kilpatrick, Dunn

Power forward Kristaps Porzingis was surprised when the Knicks hired Jeff Hornacek, but believes the new head coach can maximize the talent that is on the team’s roster, Ian Begley of relays. “I think he’s a very smart coach. He knows how to use his players and that’s exactly what we need,” Porzingis said of Horncek. “And we’ll see if we can get some more players this offseason. But I think we have enough talent and having [Carmelo Anthony] makes everybody better. So if we know how to go from there, using Melo, myself and involving everybody, using everybody’s strengths and putting it all together, then we’ll be a different team. We’ll be able to succeed.”

I think Hornacek can be that coach for us,” Porzingis continued. “Of course, you need a long-term coach to be able to win. He needs to know the players, the personalities, [players’] strengths on the court, off the court, everything. We need some time to build something and I think he can be the guy.

Here’s more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Sean Kilpatrick is grateful to the Nets for seeing something in him that other NBA teams did not, vowing to reward the franchise for its faith in his potential, NetsDaily relays. “I remember going through the Star-Spangled Banner and when I was going through it I was just thinking, wondering ‘What did [GM] Sean Marks see in me that everyone else didn’t see and remember a tear dropping,” said Kilpatrick. “I mean after all this hard work, you had finally found a home. You found somewhere where someone actually believe in you and someone actually wants to help you get better to be the best you can possibly be.  So I’m going to continue to make sure that everyone in this building know who I am and why I play this game.”
  • Former Providence point guard Kris Dunn disputes the reports that he doesn’t want to play for the Celtics or any other team with a point guard already entrenched, Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe writes. “I mean, it would be unbelievable to be selected by the Celtics,” Dunn said earlier today. “My dream is just to get drafted, and that I have a chance to be a top-five player, it’s a blessing. “I think that’s just a rumor going around. That never came out of my mouth, that I didn’t want to play for any team.”
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19 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Hornacek, Kilpatrick, Dunn

  1. aarongill

    Knicks should really trade Melo. Coach killer, ball hog, no defense. His play and value will only keep declining. Build around Zinger.

    • How is he a coach killer? And this past season showed he isn’t a ball hog (and his defense wasn’t terrible either). But who else is he going to pass the ball to? You don’t want to force Porzingas to take 15-20 shots a night, and he would be the only other viable option. Lopez isn’t a guy you dump the ball to and let him work his game and Affalo should never be a second option on a good team, he’s best as a fourth option/outside shooter.

      • aarongill

        Fisher gone, Antoni gone (yes the D isn’t there for a reason) Karl. He has a reputation as a ball hog. He shouldn’t be taking 20 shots a game. Spread the ball around. Only take open shots. Ball movement.

        • Antoni is a terrible coach, Fisher was set up to fail, Karl didn’t even get canned until AFTER Melo left. Your star should be taking 15-20 shots a game to give your team a chance to win. Seriously, who else is going to take shots? It’s easy to say “only take open shots” but when no one else on the team is able to hit the clutch shots, somebody has to shoot. Also, stars are paid to take the tough shots…anyone can hit the open shots. Also, aren’t you a Lakers fan? Because if so, you should be one to talk considering the Lakers had one of the biggest ball hogs in his prime in Kobe Bryant.

          • Also, Melo averaged a career high 4.2 assists this past season…so again…how is that being a ball hog? Klay Thompson only averaged 2.1 assists on a team that stresses ball movement. Kawhi Leonard averaged only 2.6 assists on another team that stresses ball movement. Those guys have other good players on their team who can score at a reliable and consistent rate yet I don’t see you criticizing them.

          • aarongill

            Hahaha, getting all worked up there I see. Prime Kobe was still averaging 4 assists like your saying but did you see the talent on that team? Way worse than the Knicks team. Smush Parker? Kwame Brown? Chris Mimh? Had he not carried them, they wouldn’t sniff the playoffs, something Melo can’t do and single handley carry his team. Also Leonard and Thompson don’t have the ball as much as Melo does.

          • You’re right that the Lakers teams had just a slightly worse team than the Knicks, but Kobe was also younger and didn’t have the injury history as Melo does so he should be able to carry a heavier load than Melo could. I’m not a Knicks fan so I’m not trying to delusionally defend them, but Melo gets way to much criticism at this point in his career. Was he a ball hog who didn’t defend with the Nuggets? Yeah. Even when he first came over, he was still a ball hog. But to criticize him these past two-three years is unfair. The guy has barely had a team around him when he’s been healthy. Again, who else was he going to pass to? JR Smith? Probably an even bigger ball hog. Porzingas? Maybe, but you don’t want him taking 15-20 shots a game and forcing him to do too much. Kobe at least had Lamar Odom who was an established vet and wasn’t going to be a ball hog.

          • lakersfan27

            Kobe had a few seasons where he was averaging over six assists. His career ave is over 5.

  2. Wildboyz

    He has a no trade clause and has said he will not approve a trade. However, that might change this off-season (I’m praying)
    if he wants to play with LeBron. Knicks can swing a 3-way with CLE and BOS.

    NY Gets #3 pick, Evan Turner (sign and trade) and Timofey Mozgov
    BOS Gets Kevin Love , Iman Shumpert
    CLE Gets Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon

    • Bbone34

      NY wouldn’t do that. The #3 pick has almost no value with the lack of sure talent at that spot.

      • Last time I checked dragan bender Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram are all sure talent

        • International talents are not a sure thing (Barngani, Milicic, countless other international stars). And his statement presumes that Simmons and Ingram are taken 1 and 2. If anything, Hield might be the closest to sure thing (after Simmons/Ingram) because he seems like at worst he can carve out a role as a 6th man/bench scorer.

      • Wildboyz

        I think Phil Jackson would love to mold Buddy into his next star. The guy steadily improved every year in college and broke out for POY in the NCAA the last two years. He elevated his entire team offensively and at times carried them on his back. Remind you of anyone, Phil ?
        Instill the “zen” into Buddy! Ha!
        I’m half joking.
        Maybe it’s Murray. IDK

        I wouldn’t mind this starting 5
        PG. Mike Conley
        SG. Buddy Hield
        SF. Evan Turner
        PF. Kris Porzingis
        C. Robin Lopez

        Etc. etc.

    • Considering the Cavs have no need for Calderon, I don’t see them taking him even if nets them Anthony. Calderon is essentially a negative value so the Knicks would have to give up more than just Anthony.

      • Wildboyz

        OK maybe it’s a player from BOS, I was just trying to make salaries work.

    • jvjc1233

      As a Celtics fan I’m 1000% for this

      • jrwhite21

        ……why would you want a soft forward who crumbles under pressure and plays mediocre defense at best in Boston? I understand he instantly becomes your best player but Jesus why?

        • lakersfan27

          That’s not fair to love. He is not as bad as he looks on the Cav’s. He just doesn’t fit in the Cav’s system. LeBron is a better 4 than 3 at this point in his career, so it makes sense moving love and playing lebron there. On the right team that gives love a chance to play to his strengths he could be a valuable player. I don’t think he’s a top ten talent or anything but he could be a go to scoring option for a team like the Celtics, and they need that.

    • Knicks can just waive Calderon and gain cap…which is what they’ll most likely do.

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