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Community Shootaround: Derrick Rose On The Knicks?

The Knicks are reportedly having internal discussions about adding Derrick Rose to the team. Point guard is clearly a need for New York, as trotting Jose Calderon out on the floor as the starting point guard when he’ll be 35-years-old next season clearly isn’t a favorable option. If the franchise wants to add a talented point guard this offseason, it could do worse than Rose.

The 2010/11 MVP has one year and $21.3MM left on his deal and although that’s a bit of an overpay based on Rose’s health and level of play these past few seasons, the contract isn’t a hindrance to acquire him. If Rose can stay healthy, New York is easily challenging for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. If it doesn’t work out, New York still hasn’t clogged up its cap sheet long-term and can enter the 2017 offseason searching for another option with money to spend.

So here’s tonight’s topic: If the Knicks are going to make an attempt to trade for Rose, what kind of package should they offer the Bulls?

Jerian Grant would probably need to head to Chicago and New York would likely want to offload some salary in the deal. Robin Lopez is a nice player, but Kristaps Porzingis‘ future should be at the five spot, so the Knicks may be open to trading its starting center. The Bulls presumable would want a future first, but if I was New York, I’d only offer a heavily protected pick, possibly one that’s top-20 protected.

Those are my parameters for a Rose-to-New York deal, tell us yours as well as your thoughts and opinions on Rose’s fit in the Big Apple in the comment section below. We look forward to what you have to say!

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66 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Derrick Rose On The Knicks?

  1. aarongill

    As long as you don’t trade Lopez, Melo, Zinger and future firsts, go for it.

    • Vernon

      Lopez can go we have zinger for the 5

    • All Ball

      So I’m going to assume that’s a no then…

  2. Giving a lot of assets for an injury prone, one year rental player is exactly what we shouldn’t do. Let’s take a page out of bostons book, rebuild correctly. Draft, FA, so on.

    • You do know Boston traded for Isaiah Thomas though. Ijs

  3. Jon benton

    Rose need a good conditioning coach . He’s worth a fly if they play him as they did Jason Kidd SG/pg. Yet who the package up become. Mystery. Lopez should be a no no. Most the bench has able rebounders . Under Rambis they saw no light so how do teams know their value. Ex Quinn. Tough package plus adraft pick gonna be added in any deal

  4. coolie

    I think we should only if the package we send is right O’Quinn Jose,grant and a first rounder in 2019…

    • Swoosh_Stripes

      No trading a future 1st for Rose is the last thing the Knicks need to do, why would the Knicks repeat the Bargnani debacle?

      • Brandon

        Rose isn’t Bargs. He’s a former MVP. If we get half of that player we win.

        • Assuming his glass ass knees allow him to be active for enough games

  5. The Knicks HAVE to (and probably will) make an upgrade at the PG position over the summer, but I don’t know if Derek Rose is the answer. A trade would require assets that the Knicks do not have such as draft picks and young, promising players and his 21 million dollar salary is quite a lot for a player with an injury history and someone who is on the decline. I think free agency better suits the team.

    • They have plenty draft picks but they need to stop giving them away

  6. Way no

    Absolutely not ,rose too injury prone and would have to give up to much

  7. Throw Melo in and secure Portis and Noah as well. KP / Portis / Rose / Lopez and Grant/Wroten with 25 Million to secure a FA. Now go talk to Durant. Remember Rose is a 1 year ticket if he doesn’t work out we will have 25 again next year.

    • Melo ain’t gonna approve that trade. Lol

    • It’s a salary dump! No assets of real value will be exchanged

    • chris Bradley

      Noah is a free agant

  8. Only if the Bulls will take Calderon…do not I’ve them any kicks for this overpaid, injury prone, expiring deal.

  9. Matt B

    I don’t think they trade RoLo. He was they’re only bright spot outside of Melo & Porzingis. They need consistency like Robin. I think a pick is included in the package instead

  10. Piccolo

    The Knicks don’t need Rose. You can collect assets and trade them the following year.

    • As a Bulls fan, I say no way. You can keep those garbage players. Rose will be an all star next year in a contract year.

  11. Thronson5

    They should trade for him. Include Lopez in the deal and sign Gasol to play Center. If he tanks oh well, next year free agency has some great Point Guards available.

  12. I say lets do it for grant oQuinn and our next first. At this point the best move would be don’t waste Melos good years since they committed. Pick up bazemore along with. Rose, bazemore, melo, kp, Lopez with Whitehead(assuming we buy a second), Galloway, early, Williams, and Noah for our second unit, defense is above average for both units with quick units to play at hornaceks disposal

  13. If NY can somehow manage to make that trade without giving up a 1st I’d do it in a heartbeat. KP future at center anyways, so you can throw rolo in there and clear some more cap space. You take a flier and hope a change of scenery and contract year will motivate rose. Yea he’s injury prone, but last year he managed to stay mostly healthy. Expect for the poke in the eye which is a freak accident. And if it doesn’t work out you let him go and have a ton of space next summer when Russ is a free agent and a slew of other PG’s are free agents. Plus you’d have rolo contract off the books anyways.

  14. If we are giving them something but taking over one year of contract then we should be fine but if we have to give up our young talent for an aging and fragile Rose, not thank you!!!!!

  15. Don’t you think No. 1 has being the Jinxed number for the last dozen or so years. If Rose is coming, for the love of God give him 001, Rose, Derrick Rose!!!!!!

  16. Ravens_Last_Place

    Then the Knicks can have two “superstars” that are “still in their primes!” – according to Melo and Rose.

  17. Kristaps

    Agreed, it is a salary dump situation. That means the Knicks take him only if they sweeten the pot. They can dump Calderon and o’quinn and call it even. The Knicks do not give up Grant or Lopez without getting something else big in return. (#14 pick/Portis) And, this is all assuming the Knicks do not get any decent free agents first. The Knicks do not need Rose. They 3&D Players. No reason we can’t roll with Grant and wroten with a decent FA haul. Rose to the Knicks is what Isaiah/Dolan would do.

    • Anttwon

      Finally someone knows what they’re talking about

  18. Just wait a year when Rose becomes a FA. No need for the Knicks to give up the few assets they have for a one year rental. Better off finding another stopgap for one more year that will also be an upgrade over Calderon.

    • Steve in Chicago


  19. You wouldn’t sign Rose for 21million so why trade for him?

  20. Give him his season. He wants to stick around. He can take a pay cut for sure. He’s going to have a big season. The Bulls will regret this decision if it falls. On top of that, where can you get a PG with that much force even coming from a 3 year injury stag. So please find a PG that can do what he does statistically and that much force regardless of his history. Last point, he plays team ball. Not iso. He finds his team mates. So please give me a response on how the Bulls can find someone better then Rose.

    • Steve in Chicago

      Uh, at least 1 better point guard in FA right now, Conley, and for pairing with Jimmy, Rondo. Teague would also be a better fit with Butler. Now as a fit for Hoi ball, they should dump both and start with draftees.

      I hate Hoi ball, but whatever, this is probably my last season ticket year anyway.

    • ArmoredGoat

      Stop saying he’s going to have a big season. The ghost of Derrick Rose is not coming back. He hasn’t been good in several years now and insert excuse here. At an age when players jumpers get better derricks has gotten worse. To say he’ll be anything more than a backup pg by the numbers is an over estimate and makes you seem like your basketball IQ is extremely low and or a complete homer. One more year and the Bulls can move on from Derrick Rose. Rose will be playing for a team in California following next season. He has some delusion that he’s a max player still and I literally stop watching the Bulls if they offer him anything even close. Derrick Rose, his words, actions off the court and lack of production on the court crippled this franchise. Time to move on

  21. Lechonkawali

    Why robin lopez if its just salary. Maybe bulls would like calderon and afflalo. Then afflalo opts out hence your salary dump.

  22. NY Fans – Please be advised that you can’t be picky. You guys don’t have many assets with the exception of Porzingis. Even with Porzingis, he is not Anthony Davis. Melo does’t have much value. Why would Chicago want to trade Rose for Calderon and not involving a draft pick and/or Lopez. You guys are struggling with getting FAs. You really don’ have many options.

    • At the same time, the Knicks would be doing Chicago a favor by removing 21M off the books, allowing Chicago to better spend that money elsewhere. Rose isn’t what he used to be, and more importantly isn’t worth 21M. As a Knicks fan, I’d pass on Rose.

  23. Dionis

    Knicks are a top 3 seed in the East with Rose, Melo, and Porzingis in NY. He’s like the perfect guard to play with Melo and KP since he has a high basks fall IQ and can make both Melo, and KP better as well as take pressure off both offensively.

    • They are not a top 3 seed. The Cavs will definetly be better if they keep LeBron and Kyrie. The Heat, if healthy, will be better (they were the 4 seed even though Chris Bosh missed half the year). The Raptors, if they resign DeRozan, will be a top 3 seed. The Hawks, Wizards, and Celtics will also all be better than the Knicks with that “big three”. If the Knicks acquired Rose, they should be contending for a playoff spot, but they are most certainly not a top 3 seed. Rose is no longer the MVP he once was, Anthony is no longer the dominant force he was, and Porzingas is still developing. The team also does not have a bench, so unless those three guys are going to play 48 minutes a game, then the Knicks are still going to struggle.

  24. Austin

    Grant & Lopez should Doit. The Bulls will need a center because Noah is def leaving. They get a young up and coming guard for a back up if they choose not to resign Moore & can finally move Jimmy butler to the 3. I’m not sure why Knicks fans aren’t jumping at the opportunity it’s Rose contract year it’ll be the best basketball he’s played since his injury. & if it’s not it’ll still be better than anyone else they can find.
    He averaged 19-20 points since the allstar break after his eye was healed & he can still rack up assist his team just aren’t great scorers or shooters Jimmy b for example.

  25. hill
    daren hill

    these teams don’t match up well for a sizeable trade unless…god, does Chicago want Robin Lopez? Yuck. Fact is the Knicks don’t match up well with anyone unless they start dumping future 1sts.

    NYK – you better build through the draft and FA.
    CHI – i have no idea what direction you’re heading. Is Butler the core? Who else is untouchable? Is Hoiberg the right coach? I have no idea.

  26. rafael

    Yeah they should. It’s an expiring contract so no long term damage whether he stays healthy or not. Bulls lost Gasol and Noah so they might be interested in R.Lopez. We can then sign Gasol or Noah who fit Hornacek’s system better. Lopez, Grant, O’Quinn for DRose and Portis

    • rafael

      don’t have to be gasol or noah there better bigs in free agency but they should come in at a discount. Noah was hurt and lost his starting job and Gasol as this point was to win a ship again.

  27. Derek Rose, Pau Gasol and Mike Dunleavy for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant, Aaron Afflalo and a protected pick. Afflalo would have to be convinced to opt in.

  28. Build the right way and stop the quick fix

  29. Spencer

    Few years ago of course but Rose is a shell of himself. Why take a player who going to spend half his time in rehab???
    Knicks have taken too many chances on players like Rose… McDyess, Amare Mcgrady. Phil Jackson, DONT MAKE THIS MOVE!!!

  30. Rubberducky

    DRose is like Grant Hill, Larry Johnson.. once great but injuries got to them. Adjusting his game would lengthen his career but at a much less efficiency. Hence, this trade would satisfy fans of neither side. Everyone would cry overpay and undersell.

  31. BXborn21

    I would definitely do it if Phil knows he can’t get Conley or trade for Cp or Lillard or even somehow Kris Dunn in the draft then Rose is the man.. Rose isn’t injury PRONE he had 2 knee injuries and a broken orbital bone people forget he played over 60gms past season I would make the move Rose still has it he’s only 27 he just could be the bridge to DURANT calling MSG home.

    • Okay calm down, the Knicks aren’t trading for CP3 or Lillard. Their only asset that would be attractive would be Porzingas, but they’re not trading him. Outside of Porzingas, the only thing that they could offer which would entice other teams would be a boatload of future firsts.

  32. Anttwon

    NO! Keep the PGs we have and go get a 2 way SG like Baze or Turner. Why would you give up a BIG defensive minded center that can shoot free throws and played all 83 games last season?

    • Anttwon


  33. Anttwon

    As a Knicks fan we should all know we probably won’t get rose, all of the “Knicks are interested” headlines are empty because the Knicks are interested in EVERY PG/SG. That’s what’s happens when your backcourt is hot garbage

  34. Rickedson Alexandre

    Derrick Rose played 66 games last year, so the deal would be great as long as they don’t trade Melo or Porzingas. Another alternative is to go after Mike Conley or Jeremy Lin in free agency or trade for Jeff Teague.

  35. Vernon

    I love how that sounds it’s a total win win

  36. Paul B

    No, trading for Rose would be another wasted year. NYK’S need a facilitator not another iso-player. D Rose fails both the analytical and the eye ball test as a fit at the PG position for the NYK’s.

  37. Chucknyce

    I think the Knicks should give them what they want except Melo or Krisp, anybody else is expendable.

  38. Chucknyce

    If we can get D-Rose we are definitely a playoff team

  39. Anttwon

    So is the goal to just go to the playoffs and get stomped out in the first round? We need to keep ROLO Thomas MELO and KP. That’s a solid core and you can build defensive depth around that.

    • Anttwon


  40. Hbizzle

    They have nothing too give the bulls wasn’t shid with out Derrick rose the Knicks dnt have nothing too trade for a miriotic let Aline a rose NY keep wising rose will retire a bull the best bulls years was with a Derrick rise as the face not a jimmy Butler

  41. Hbizzle

    Butler will be the one traded not derrick rose rose at the 1 dunn at the 2 u seen it here 1st

  42. All Ball

    This is an interesting option if for no other reason than Rose’s 1yr left on his deal. The value would be his $21m in cap room going into 2017 FA. I’d wait to see what Conley thinks of playing in NY & at what price but if they don’t get him I’d try to make this deal instead. They’d almost have to make the deal quickly during FA so not to lose any leverage. The obvious guys would be Lopez & Grant though. Both could potentially fill a couple of major holes on their roster since it seems like they’re going to lose both Noah & Gasol in FA. Any draft pick would have to be protected, I’d go no lower than top 15 but I shoot for top 20 protected. His erratic shooting aside, Rose would instantly give them one of the best dribble penetrators at the position even after all the knee injuries. The funny thing is the Knicks would have to sign a vet big to start at the 5 (KP isn’t ready yet to assume the starting 5 spot folks) & how ironic it would be if it was either Noah or Gasol brought in to replace Lopez.

  43. Chucknyce

    If we don’t get Rose, I think the next best thing is Conely or Teague

  44. No first rounders

  45. Justin

    Don’t trade future assets for a chance to get knocked out in the first round. You do realize the Cavs, Heat, Boston, and the Raptors are geared up to actually contend in the east. Just focus on accumulating young stop gap talent in free agency and survive another year with a bad team for a chance to draft a decent young player and actually make a run with decent free agent signings. As a Knicks fan I’m fine with being patient instead of resetting the damn clock every 2-3 years after a ill-advised trade. Follow the mold of the T-Wolves and Boston.

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