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Knicks Internally Discuss Derrick Rose Trade

With the Knicks eyeing backcourt upgrades this offseason, one potential trade target the team has talked about is Derrick Rose, league sources tell Ian Begley of According to Begley, it’s not clear how serious New York’s interest in Rose is, but the team has internally discussed the possibility of a trade.

Point guard is an area of need for the Knicks, whose incumbent starter at the position is 34-year-old Jose Calderon. The team figures to be involved in the free agent market as it attempts to address the position, but Rose could be a solid fallback option if New York’s top free agent targets sign elsewhere.

There’s no guarantee that the Bulls will trade Rose this summer, but at least one recent report suggested that people around the league think it’s a real possibility. That same report indicated that Chicago will be much more inclined to move Rose rather than Jimmy Butler this offseason. Rose is entering the final year of his contract and is set to earn a $21.323MM salary in 2016/17.

Of course, if Chicago does decide to move Rose, the team won’t give him up for nothing, and the Knicks aren’t exactly loaded with potential trade chips. With the salary cap expected to spike to $92MM+ this offseason, simply clearly Rose’s salary won’t be as advantageous for the Bulls as it might have been in the past, particularly since he only has one year left on his deal.

While Rose has been plagued by injuries since his MVP campaign in 2010/11, he managed to stay on the court for 66 games this past season, his highest mark in five years. In those games, he recorded averages of 16.4 points and 4.7 assists, shooting .427 from the floor.

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49 thoughts on “Knicks Internally Discuss Derrick Rose Trade

  1. aarongill

    What could they besides zinger Melo and future firsts?

    • aarongill

      Could they give*

      • Strauss

        Just give them Rose, but, they have to take Paxon, foreman, and Hoiburg also. That
        S how you clean house. Get
        Rid of all the crap.

    • Bear with me, this is a quick idea, not a legitimate trade proposal but I’d try Lopez, Calderon and maybe a pick. Especially if Dolan and Phil do actually try to enter the market for Dwight (Dolan does love exposure).

      • JoeGNYC

        A pick? We have seen the folly of trading picks, especially to Chicago. Unless it’s a 2nd round pick that was purchased not one of the Knicks, I could see it. And if you trade Lopez, then you could sign Noah, if you’re sure he’s healthy and only then. I am not a big Rose fan. A potential injury case every time he takes the floor; a selfish player who still thinks he’s one of the best players in the game but really just a limited high volume, low percentage shooter, who wants another big contract. He’s okay as a 1- year rental as long as you don’t give up anything for him.

        • Again, this was a quick idea A quick idea that does seem plausible though when you have a team led by Phil (the president) and Dolan.
          By the way, funny description of Rose up there seeing as NY has a guy like that on the roster already minus Rose’ salary in Tony Wroten.

          • NYC Fan

            Tony Wroten has been in the league for 3 years and suffered 1 injury, so stop comparing him to Rose.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Porzingis for Rose.LOL

      • Caleb1126

        you must be out of your mind… SMH

    • Calderon would be the obvious piece to get the salaries close. Maybe the option to swap picks in a couple of years (3 years or more I’d imagine). And probably throw in a young guy or two. Lance Thomas, Langston Galloway, Grant (if the Knicks are over him), etc.

  2. thatmansaballoon

    If they have the assets to do it they should. KP Melo and Rose at least puts them in contention for a playoff spot if all goes well. Plus Rose is a FA after the season. Almost makes too much sense. Which means they probably won’t do it.

  3. mlb_91


    • Caleb1126

      bulls must get rid of Foreman, Paxon and Hoiberg! Watch out for Minnie this year under Thibs!!! sorry Bulls, for being a lottery team next year!!!

  4. Boston2AZ

    This seems really dumb. Of course the Knicks would like to get Rose, but they have zero assets that the Bulls would be interested in.

    • Caleb1126

      either way, DROSE will walk out of the BULLPEN next year!!! trust me, they will trade DROSE this off season.

  5. Stromalama

    They’d have to get a third team in the mix but I’d be okay with the Bulls trading Rose and going after a PG in the draft or free agency.

  6. scoe63

    Do people really believe the Bulls front office is retarded?

    Trade Rose on the eve of his recovery to MVP form? Really?

    And to an Eastern Conference rival, so he can haunt the Bulls franchise the rest of his career? GTHOH!

    • Gogerty

      Both years of the rest of his career?

    • You would think he was playing at an All-NBA level with the whole “eve of his recovery to MVP form” line. Rose looked promising at times last year and showed flashes of his former self. But he wasn’t consistent enough to be a top 10 point guard. And let’s be honest, his MVP season was years ago and given his injury history, he’s probably not likely to repeat that type of performance throughout a whole season.

    • bsteady powers

      He’s got 1 yr left in CHI. No chance they want him back. Unless it was for 10 mil or less

    • Caleb1126

      Bulls FO is not that bad, however, they made a couple of illogical moves… like firing Thibs! They should trade Rose and Noah, or they will walk out by 2017!

  7. smittybanton

    As if there is a market for Rose. The Bulls can’t make any free agent moves with Rose and Dunleavy. Meanwhile, the only teams that “need” a $22M point guard with bad knees are the Nets, Sixers, Knicks and Kings. Problem there is Rondo, B. Jennings are alternatives. And if you’re going to trade for one, there’s Teague, B. Knight, and either Oladipo or Payton.

    Let’s say the Bulls keep Rose, then what? $22M to replace to Gasol and Noah?

    If the Knicks give the Bulls Jerian Grant, they better take it and be happy.

    • The Knicks and Nets would be the biggest market for Rose however. Of the trade targets you listed, he would be available for the cheapest haul which is beneficial to them since they have very few assets. If they don’t get one of the free agent point guards, I could imagine those two bidding on Rose.

      • Caleb1126

        CHI will be a lottery team for the next few years, min 2 years max 3 depends on when will they kick foreman and paxon out of the bull pen!!!

    • Caleb1126

      well said smitty!!! BULLS should at least get something in return, i think calderon and Gallo will dod, not Jerian pls.

  8. Rose is on a contract year and will play great. Then the Bulls will give him the max and he’ll be awful again.

    • Strauss

      Dump Mooshmouth! His court case isn’t over either.

  9. Thronson5

    I hear it’s potentially a 3 team trade. If it even gets more than just talking. Or rumors I should say. Then that would make sense. What if this trade was on the table…

    Lakers: Carmelo Anthony and the Bulls 2nd Round pick in this years draft.
    Knicks: Rose, 2nd Overall Pick in this years draft and Nick Young
    Bulls: Russell and the 32nd overall pick in this years draft.

    ? Far fetched I know Ana people are going to bash it but I think it works it for everyone involved. Knicks will get a small forward with the draft pick and Porzingas as power forward plus they get a good point guard and bench piece. Bulls get a potential super star point guard and Lakers get their super star to replace Kobe which fills a whole at Small Forward and it helps lure other free agents.

    • Why would the Lakers do a deal like that…and I’m a Knicks fan. The only way that would happen is if Phil slipped Jeanie a roofie.

    • That’s a bad trade for LA. Carmelo is not worth the #2 pick and Russell.

      • Thronson5

        I don’t think so. It gives the Lakers a proven veteran all star type player and lures other big name free agents to LA. Everyone is scared to be that first guy to go to the rebuilding club. Lakers would have a way better chance of signing Lebron if he decided to leave Cleveland with Carmelo on the Lakers and him wanting to play with Carmelo. And like I said. I know it’s far fetched but the Lakers gotta be desperate at this point and feel the heat to turn this around right now. I personally love what they are doing and think in two ears they will have a darn good team if they keep building it this way and when the free agent class is deep in two years they’ll be able to strike but I think they might make rash decisions this off season.

        • Melo can lure other people out to LA? I’m sure you’ve noticed how well that’s working out for him in NY.

          • Caleb1126

            True, avid NYK fan here, but we need to get rid of Melo, build NYK around KP

        • aarongill

          Rather keep Ingram who could be a Melo type player and Russell.

    • bsteady powers

      Knicks win that trade.

    • Swoosh_Stripes

      If that’s the case the Knicks would simply cut the Bulls out and take Russell and the #2 pick for themselves, this simply makes no sense for the Lakers.

    • Caleb1126

      theres no way Melo will waive his NTC, unless LBJ asked him to join Cavs! How about Love and Delly for Melo!!! nice huh

  10. Thronson5

    *and people

    *it works out for everyone involved

    Sorry for the typos

  11. Big hicks

    Can anybody say amare stoddamire, we’ve already had one guy with a large contract and bad knees. I cannot believe the Knicks are seriously considering this smh

  12. Drosenotgoingtony


  13. Dionis Beato

    Rose,Porzingis, Melo? Thats a top 3 Seed in The East. Bulls are dumb for moving Rose or Butler though, they barely played together And The team was injury rattled. Just re-sign Noah And Go with Mirotic at The 4 Néxt season, he will be phenomenal at The 4 permanently.

    • aarongill

      No way they get top 3. Playoffs maybe. Top 3, hell no.

  14. pleydet

    If I am the Bulls, I am pushing for one of the Sixers big men.
    Getting Noel or Okafor in a deal would be a great match w/ Butler

    • aarongill

      Sixers would laugh.

    • bsteady powers

      That’s the 3rd team I think. If the Knicks actually appeal to anyone

  15. SilvioDante

    I bet the Knicks also had “internal” discussions about getting Durant, LeBron and Steph Curry. Doesn’t mean they’re gonna get any of them. This is a non-story. The only player Chicago would want off NY’s roster is KP, and they’re not dealing him. So there’s nothing to talk about.

  16. Why are you people acting as though Rose has any trade value whatsoever. 20 M for one year. Its salary cap arbitrage. Calderon and Affalo thats it. Bulls gain 5+ in relief to go after a 2nd for Jimmy Butler.

  17. Grant+future protected pick+hernangomez for rose would make the most sense. I would never give up Lopez he Doesn’t get hurt. I think the upside out weighs the injury aspect. A lot of our guys don’t really get hurt melo was healthy until he stepped on a refs foot this year. If we can keep rose healthy even giving him rest days i think playoffs are a no brainer. Then we unleash drose in the postseason. Weirdly enough I would be ok with Sasha as my sg.

  18. hrttdt93

    Nobody really wants to trade for Carmelo. A ball hog, poor defender and a polarizing negative attitude. I would never let him near my bench. A trade for #2 or Russell is laughable. Anthony is a salary dump with no true trade value. He is content scoring 25 points and chucking up 25 shots and letting the opposing player score at least 25 points. A genuine waste of talent.

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