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Stein’s Latest: Celtics, Suns, Hayward, Sixers

Earlier this morning, we passed along Marc Stein’s report on the Al Horford sweepstakes, which will feature the Magic, Pistons, and Lakers as suitors. With the draft around the corner and free agency to follow shortly thereafter, the scribe has several more tidbits of interest to pass along, so let’s round them up…

  • The Celtics are going after several established veterans in trade talks, offering up the No. 3 overall pick as part of their proposed packages. So far though, they have been rebuffed by the Bulls (Jimmy Butler), Jazz (Gordon Hayward), and Bucks (Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton), says Stein.
  • According to Stein, the Bulls have shown little interest in sending Butler to the Celtics, the Bucks regard Parker and Middleton as “untouchables,” and the Jazz are telling interested teams that Hayward isn’t available. The Suns have also made an effort to pry Hayward from Utah, Stein writes.
  • The 76ers have been “trying for some time” to make a deal for the Celtics‘ No. 3 pick, offering either Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel as part of that package, but Boston has resisted those pitches, according to Stein. The C’s likely wouldn’t have much interest in Philadelphia’s 24th and 26th overall picks as part of a package, since Boston already has more than enough draft picks this year.
  • Former Syracuse wing Michael Gbinije may be a late riser in Thursday night’s draft, per Stein, who tweets that Gbinije could come off the board early in the second round or even late in the first.
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21 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Celtics, Suns, Hayward, Sixers


    lol @ boston and Danny Ainge. So glad this guy hasn’t received a top pick yet. Make them suffer.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      He is a total moron. He’s been lowballing other GMs with offers for years with no success. He overvalues his team more than any other GM, and ridiculously thinks Boston has some kind of lure or appeal for free agents. How’s that working out Danny? lol

      • Kaboosh

        “With no success”
        That’s why the Nets are doing so well right?

        • that nets pick next year will be gold

      • Brendan

        I would think just fine being as they have 8 draft picks and were just a 5 seed last year.


        Its actually a premeditated scheme. He wants people to overvalue players. That’s how they received all these assets from Nets. As far as trades are concerned I think he is one of the Best Gms. However, his drafting skills is not so great.

        They will trade the 3rd pick. He is just playing field right now and seeing how much people value it. –who wants the pick the most.

        • their drafting, especially when they’ve had multiple 1s has been questionable at best

        • I agree, especially about the second part. A good GM doesn’t take the first offer that comes around. They also won’t take the first offer they like just to see what else they can get (whether that be from other teams or the first team offering more). For all we know, he might end up taking a package of Noel/Okafor and one of Philly’s late picks. But as of right now, he’s just posturing to see how much he can actually get.

      • He has made some great moves and won a championship. How he got Garnett there and Ray Allen was a masterpiece. I am not a Celtic fan but he has been very successful. How has New York been doing luring superstars and Lakers?

  2. aarongill

    Can’t keep trying to low ball teams.

  3. no sense making a trade with philly unless they give you oak and a guy like Covington

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Okafor to BOS for #3 and Avery Bradley is more than fair for BOS. There’s a strong argument to be made that Philly could demand even more for Okafor.

      • Okafor and covington for the number 3 pick, the 16th pick, hunter and smart

      • soxfan1

        That’s never going to happen Ravens.

        • doesn’t make any sense if you’re ainge….any of those….he might go something like okafor for 16, rozier, and young…there’s little chance 3 gets sent out with a starter with Okafor and Covington being the only return

      • That’s an absurd amount for Okafor. You overvalue the 76ers players way too much. Okafor for the #3 pick isn’t enough for the 76ers, I agree, but Avery Bradley is too much. Okafor for the #3 pick plus some sort of combination of Sully/Zeller/Young/Rozier/Hunter/Mickey with maybe another pick later in the draft. If the 76ers truly demanded one of Bradley/Smart, then I imagine Boston would ask for Covington plus more.

  4. soxfan1

    Danny Ainge has had a lot of success trading during his tenure. Can’t blame the guy for following the first rule of negotiating: start low.

  5. soxfan1

    Not worried

  6. UTEP Two Step

    Okafor’s best case in today’s NBA is to be Enes Kanter. He can’t guard anyone or rebound and he has a terrible body. The off the court stuff is minor but shows a bit about his mindset. He’s immature. Noel is a much more valuable piece than Okafor.

  7. Priggs89

    Lol. I never thought I would see someone call Khris Middleton “untouchable.” Now if someone called him “average,” that’d make a heck of a lot more sense. MAYBE slightly above average, but nowhere near untouchable status.

    • GoPackGo23

      Priggs89 for a wing scorer who averaged over 18pts, 4 assists, 4 rebounds to go along with solid defense and percentages seems pretty untouchable to me. Not to mention how team friendly his contract is in today’s NBA and that he’s only 24 and will improve. How’s that “slightly” above average?

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