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Atlantic Notes: Celtics, Fernandez, Raps, Knicks

Although they weren’t able to make a trade on draft night, the Celtics are still open to dealing if teams are willing to meet their asking price, writes Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. According to Bulpett, there are indications that the C’s may still be able to do business with teams like the Sixers and Bulls, for trade candidates like Jahlil Okafor and Jimmy Butler. But it will be much trickier for Boston to make a deal now than it was on draft night, since Philadelphia and Chicago likely would’ve wanted to get the No. 3 overall selection to nab Kris Dunn, rather than Jaylen Brown.

Here’s more from around the Atlantic division:

  • There were whispers this week linking the Sixers to Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez, but the former NBA veteran isn’t going anywhere at this point. As detailed by Emiliano Carchia of Sportando, Fernandez says he’s always open to offers, but for now he plans to stick with Real Madrid for the remaining two years of his contract, rather than returning to the NBA.
  • Outside of their big, new contract agreement with DeMar DeRozan, the Raptors have been fairly quiet so far in July. However, as Doug Smith of The Toronto Star observes, GM Masai Ujiri and the Raptors did a big chunk of their 2016 spending in 2015, when they secured Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross to extensions. If the team had waited to lock up Valanciunas and Ross, they’d be restricted free agents, and would likely be in line for much bigger deals than the ones they signed last fall.
  • Frank Isola of The New York Daily News wonders if the Knicks will get back into the conversation for a top-tier free agent – such as Russell Westbrook – in 2017 if Phil Jackson‘s moves this summer pay off and result in a strong 2016/17 season. We asked you yesterday to make predictions for the Knicks’ forthcoming season.
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13 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Celtics, Fernandez, Raps, Knicks

  1. reg grn

    I’d be dissapointed if the 6ers traded Okafor to Boston at this point.theres really nothing in their roster I’d rather have on the 6ers,even with our logjam at center.maybe if Brooklyns 2018 first was packaged with something else,but player wise they don’t have a 6er fan,I really respect what Ainge has done there over the years,but he screwed this offseason up.

    • jak9dmb

      with Horror in house, I doubt C’s have much interest in Okafor. As a Boston fan living near Philly (therefore following the Sixers), they should jump at trying to get Bradley or Crowder for Okafor (bit NO way Ainge does that).

  2. Dionis

    Horford is the perfect player for Brad Stevens and he will more then likely elevate Boston’s ceiling to a Conference Final mathup with the Cavs but this Boston team as is can not beat the Cavs

    • reg grn

      I agree about Horford.when I say Ainge screwed this offseason up,it’s more about the draft.i just can’t believe he couldn’t find a way to package some of those picks with players for somebody who could contribute immediately,it’s stead of using 16 & 23 for stash players.3,16 & 23 has more value then Brown and 2 stash players.but who knows,maybe there really wasn’t anything out there.

      • TargetPractice

        It is a tough call. I am fairly high on Brown, and they may find a decent rotation player out of their 2nd round picks. But getting stuck trading the two 2nd rounders for a pick 3 years from now and using the 2 first rounders for stash players is pretty bad. They may have thought the “value” in their trade opportunities wasn’t right, but you had to give up too much to not get stuck with the picks.

  3. Trade Brooklyn picks with smart for butler. There’s no guarantees with picks and butler is proven. Also will have cap space to go out and sign a max guy next offseason like a Hayward. The future would look bright for the celtics.

    • Michael

      no1 wants smart lol…trash

      • Doesn’t have to smart could be Bradley or someone else. 2 lottery picks and s player is good for the rebuilding Bulls

        • jak9dmb

          I agree, Bradley plus Nets picks for Butler. Bulls get top 5 Def 2 guard to start in Butler’s place, and assets to rebuild post Rose, Noah, and Gasol. win, win

  4. okydoke

    Jahlil Okafor should not step on an NBA court again in he first place! TMZ new footage was all I needed to see from this sad gangbanger lowlife son of a …

  5. UTEP Two Step

    The Celtics should stand pat and build slowly if they can’t get Butler for a reasonable price. Okafor sucks. There’s no mandate to win the East in 2017. Be patient and the right deal will be there.

  6. UTEP Two Step

    You want to talk screwed up, the Sixers have 3 centers in a league that doesn’t value them. And all three of them have warts. Noel can’t play offense. Okafor can’t guard anyone. Embiid hasn’t played a minute in 2 years. “The Process” may have netted Ben Simmons but it hasn’t positioned the Sixers for success as the game has changed.

    • reg grn

      Did you not actually read my comment? Ainge screwed up this draft!!! You’re bringing up the last 4 drafts over my comment on 1 draft.and considering the Okafor rumors started from Boston writers,I think he has more value then you think.same with Noel.centers have no value in this “new nba”,yet Golden St blew there lead after Bogut got hurt.Howard got scooped up pretty quick.Celtics jumped on Horford.Embiids value is hurt by the injury that took 2 surgeries to heal,but I think Okafor and Noel not being dealt had a little more to do with who was available as free agents then their fine with them still being on the need for us to rush to trade anyone.Boston on the other hand has like 21 players.cant take them all into the season.

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