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Celtics Rumors: Griffin, Westbrook, Budinger

A Wednesday report from Howard Beck of Bleacher Report suggested that rival general managers around the NBA viewed the Celtics as the biggest threat to acquire Russell Westbrook. Those GMs also believed that Thunder GM Sam Presti would be inclined to move Westbrook sooner rather than later if Presti feels that the star point guard is likely to leave in free agency next summer.

As I pointed out when I passed along that report, however, there has been no indication yet that the Thunder are actively exploring a Westbrook deal. Sean Deveney of The Sporting News writes today that Westbrook’s representatives haven’t received word of any trade talks, and they’d almost certainly be involved in that process — after all, any team acquiring the Thunder star would want to talk to his reps about whether he’d be willing to sign up for a long-term stay with that new team.

As Deveney notes, that doesn’t necessarily rule out an eventual Westbrook trade to Boston, but it probably means that the Celtics haven’t gotten serious about targeting him to this point.

Here’s more from Deveney on the Celtics:

  • The consensus among front-office executives at the Summer League in Las Vegas is that the Celtics will attempt to make a major deal soon, says Deveney.
  • Boston’s top trade target at this point appears to be Blake Griffin. According to Deveney, a three-way scenario has emerged that would involve the Celtics giving up picks in a deal to acquire Griffin, with the Kings getting involved and sending Rudy Gay to the Clippers. However, opposing front-office execs say the C’s are reluctant to give up their 2018 Nets first-round pick or their swap rights to Brooklyn’s 2017 pick.
  • If the Clippers do move Griffin in a deal with the Celtics or another team, they’d want to land draft picks and a “frontline star” to keep them in contention, per Deveney. I’m not sure Gay would qualify as that sort of “star,” but perhaps Doc Rivers feels differently.
  • According to Deveney, several front-office members around the NBA continue to bring up Kevin Love as a Celtics target, even though none of those execs believe that the Cavaliers will be inclined to move Love.
  • Deveney adds (via Twitter) that the Celtics continue to look for shooting help, and have reached out to veteran free agent Chase Budinger.
  • Meanwhile, Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald hears from sources that, while the Celtics have expressed interest in Westbrook and Griffin in the past, there have been no recent trade discussions involving either player. However, he acknowledges that Boston remains “very much open” to a major deal, and says situations remain fluid.
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30 thoughts on “Celtics Rumors: Griffin, Westbrook, Budinger

  1. Blake Griffin is too accident prone and past his prime!

    • Connorsoxfan

      Past his prime? Yeah hmm no.

    • BeanTownSports

      “Past his prime” ? He’s 27

    • lVl MIKE lVl

      LAC fan?

    • halos101

      he’s had one accident big deal. past his prime? that’s a stupid thing to say

      • Matthew23Baltimore

        He’s not past his prime

        • halos101

          that’s what I meant if your thinking I was saying he was past it. cause he’s not past his prime

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Give up one nets pick for Westbrook and one nets pick for Griffin. Maybe include Smart for Westbrook and send SAC to of your non-Brooklyn first rounders. LAC gets Rudy Gay and the nets pick. C’s get Griffin and Westbrook. SAC gets two first rounders and Terry Rozier/ Jordan Mickey etc.

    • No way LAC or OKC do that trade. They’re not giving up two superstars for first round picks and role players.

      • Marcos

        westbrook will leave OKC next year, better trade him now for future picks..

        • Connorsoxfan

          They are both star players, but also rentals with no guarantee they resign. A top 5 pick for each, Rudy Gay to one, and Smart who hasn’t reached his potential yet, along with lesser picks and prospects seems more than fair.

          • Seems more than fair because your team (the Celtics) would be getting a steal. And there’s no guarantee its a top 5 pick. Even then, if the draft is considered weak, a top 5 pick doesn’t look nearly as enticing as top 5 pick in a good draft.

    • Lol how does Rudy Gay plus one of the Nets picks come even close in value to Blake Griffin? The Nets picks are valuable, but not superstar player valuable. No way the Celtics get Westbrook/Griffin without giving up one of the Nets picks and some combination of Thomas/Smart/Crowder/future first round pick (but not necessarily the other Nets pick). Thomas would only probably be included in the Westbrook deal (as the Clippers would probably prefer one or two of Bradley/Smart/Crowder).

    • reg grn

      Please stop it with the,”we’ll give them Smart”.he has shot like 360 since coming into the league,he don’t have the value you think he does.youre definitely not getting Westbrook for Smart and a pick.the guy is a top 3 pg who averages almost a triple would probably take Thomas and both picks to get him,and that still might not work.Okc isn’t exactly motivated to trade him.

    • Matthew23Baltimore

      Yeah right. Just stop.

  3. Wally-the-green-monster

    This price for Westbrook is obviously higher if he agrees to an extension with the team that trades for him.

    • GoPackGo23

      Westbrook won’t sign an extension this year with any team. With the cap going up again he will want the most money possible in FA

    • Ryan Brubaker

      It will have to be a risky trade for whoever trades for him. They need the right blend of current culture + bright future to make the player want to stay. Perfect example: Gerald Henderson + Noah Vonleh for Nic Batum.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Right Smart and a Nets pick in a 1 year scenario seemed about right. Otherwise I’d rather have Jimmy Butler even though he’s not as good. Frankly? I’d have taken the Noel and Covington deal.

  4. halos101

    doc has already said he doesn’t want to be on the side of a blockbuster that gets role players. stop the dumb rumors already, Blake is not going anywhere

  5. BostonloyalT

    Ainge isn’t that stupid!
    To give away potentially the next two years 1st pick. Next years draft has some bonifide superstars entering the league. I’m talking change the landscape of teams organizations. It’s not happening. I’d hate to see Blake Griffin here n Boston and why give away a pick for Westbrook when he’s basically free next year? Also he wants to play at home n L.A. And I’m talking about the clippers NOT Lakers. Nothing’s happening just gotta sit back and wait it out til next year. Which I’m totally fine with. Rebuilding is a long slow process but with our picks it won’t be!! B Patience Boston!!!

    • victor

      seems to me thomas and bradley and a nets number 1 would probably be the best haul OKC could get for westbrook.

  6. Marcos

    Celtics starting five:
    1. Blake
    2. Horford
    3. Westbrook
    4. Bradley
    5. Crowder or jaylen brown

  7. reg grn

    Boston really needs to stop hugging the nets picks.those + Thomas and Crowder are their best trade chips.theyre not getting Griffin or Westbrook w/o those picks being involved.theyre both proven all star caliber players.theyre exactly what you’re hoping to get with those picks.

  8. Why don’t the Celtics reach out to Ray Allen

    • Connorsoxfan

      That would actually be a good idea. I hadn’t thought about that! I’m not sure he left on the best terms with Ainge though…

    • BeanTownSports

      For what reason?

      • Connorsoxfan

        They need shooting. Did you even read the article? They reached out to Budinger. Why not Allen?

        • Bhdaskywalker

          Ray Allen could go hang off GSW balls we dont want that disloyal sob

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