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Community Shootaround: Chicago Bulls

Following a season in which they missed the playoffs, the Bulls figured to be busy this summer. That’s certainly been the case, though they have made a number of surprising moves and decisions.

They traded former franchise player Derrick Rose, which appeared to signal they were in a rebuild mode. Rumors were rampant that their best player, Jimmy Butler, would also be dealt on draft night. Unsatisfied with the packages offered by the Timberwolves and Celtics, among others, Chicago decided to hold onto Butler.

Free agency provided its own series of twists and turns. Veteran big men Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah found new homes, as expected. But rather than build around younger players, the Bulls chose to replace Rose with free agent Rajon Rondo. Then came the big shocker, as Dwyane Wade bolted the Heat and signed with his hometown team.

Second-year coach Fred Hoiberg must now blend the talents of Rondo, Wade and Butler on the court and massage their egos off it. None are adept at 3-point shooting, leaving forwards Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic as their main long-distance threats. They also don’t have a lot of inside punch with Robin Lopez, Taj Gibson and Bobby Portis in the rotation.

The addition of Wade still makes the Bulls an intriguing team to watch. Unfortunately, they’re in an increasingly tough division. Not only are the Cavaliers poised to defend their title, the Pacers and Pistons upgraded their rosters after making the playoffs last season. The Bucks have some serious young talent of their own and should also be on the upswing.

That leads us to our question of the day: Did the Bulls’ moves this offseason make them a playoff team or did they take another step back?

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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15 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Chicago Bulls

  1. Z Diddy

    The Bulls took a step forward for a year but it’s not the route they should have gone. In the long term they’ve taken a step backward. I was fully expecting after trading Derrick Rose for a 7’0 starting center who can’t grab 10 boards a game that we were going to trade Butler to the Lakers, Celtics, or Twolves and start a quick rebuilding process. The draft is loaded next year and we could have got picks and nice pieces from any of those teams. Instead we decided to put a more competitive team out there for one year but not one that will even finish in the top half of the east let alone compete for a championship. What’s the point? The Bulls are destined for mediocrity for the foreseeable future. I would rather suck for a year, go after Westbrook, have picks, have young pieces that fit Hoibergs system. Instead we have the worst 3 point shooting starting 5 in the NBA. In a league where 3 point shooting is so important I can’t really comprehend what the hell the Bulls are thinking. We won’t win now, we won’t win in the future. I’ve hated this offseason.

    • Ya it doesn’t look good. They have hardly any depth in the front court as well. It’s okay, but it’s not anything to call home about. With a subpar front court and a backcourt that doesn’t fit hoibergs system it’s not a bright future. And I agree they need some type of three point shooters but have none, and will get destroyed because of it.

  2. Deck Thompdon, Jr

    I believe the Bulls will be a playoff team. I do not think the organization took a step back. Rondo and Wade are veteran players and the younger guys can learn from them. It will take time for them to gel, but as long as they stay healthy I believe the Bulls will be fine

    • What is your definition of “fine” a first round exit? That’s the best possible scenario here. Next off-season they’re gonna find themselves in the same position they were in this off season. Rebuild or go for it? Seems to me they kicked the can down the road one more year instead of making the responsible decision to rebuild. Not trading Butler is understandable if they weren’t overwhelmed by any offers, but decisions like not trading Pau Gasol or refusing to shift into an asset accumulating mode is hurting this teams future immensely.

  3. Corey Solomon

    The chicago bulls is going to surprise a lot of people i have a real problem with all the people that think the bulls is not even gone make the playoffs with the big three they have wade rondo and jimmy butler everyone got to remember about this time last year alot people had the bulls to be the 2 best team in the east but look what happen so just like we surprise alot people this past year not even making the playoffs this year not only are we making the playoffs but we are going to do it as the second best team in the east copy this comment so everyone can see come april 2017 told you so

    • Ok

  4. The Bulls took a step back. You can not win with that line up. Best case senario (will not happen though) is if they have Wade be the 6th man. Still not enough shooting and 3 player that NEED the ball in their hands to be effective. Not a good look. They won’t make the playoffs


    What about a starting lineup of Rondo, Wade, Butler, McDermott, and Mirotic

    • Clever

      LOG OFF forever!!!

  6. Just based on the talent they do have, they’ll look good some nights. They’ll put up W’s that make you think they could stick. Then, they’ll look like 5 guys in a destruction Derby, banging into each other because the word “spacing” might as well be in mandarin. The front office missed a chance to blow this team up and start again – instead, they sold out for a first round exit. Not sure where any talent is coming from in the future – and they don’t have enough now.

  7. Christotpher

    I just know that if the Bulls do NOT make the playoffs, it’s a coaching problem and not a talent problem! This roster can make the playoffs in this weak division.

  8. I think the most positive aspect of this off season was getting Wade to come to Chicago if for no other reason then it giving the Bulls organization some shred of credibility with other players…maybe. I also think this team will be more competitive then most people are predicting. When you have guys with the talent of Rondo, Wade and Butler on the floor you are going to score points one way or another because of their respective abilities. This is basketball, and whether your playing in a gym with 40 year olds or its the NBA…Talent wins. Perimeter shooting is important component of winning basketball, but look what happened to Golden State when their perimeter shots weren’t falling. Furthermore we are acting as if there are only 2 guys who can shoot 3 pointers, McDermott and Mirotic…I am pretty sure Valentine shot the 3 pretty well last year, as did Rondo, as did Dinwiddie in summer league, as did Wade in the playoffs last year and I would put money on the Bulls trading Taj for a perimeter shooter before the season starts. Furthermore both Portis and Felicio (good inside scorers) can take and make 3’s occasionally, so no, the Bulls don’t have Curry and Thompson, most teams don’t, but Curry and Thompson didn’t win an NBA Championship this year either. I recognize this is a glass-half-full take on the Bulls, but Rondo, Wade, and Butler are those 3 guys in the gym who you want to pick you to be on their squad because you know you are going to run for a few games in a row.

    • Steve in Chicago

      Dude Rondo is a terrible shooter from outside of 10 feet. Wade shot the fewest 3s at his position last season. So, you are dreaming.

  9. smittybanton

    Bulls did the best they could given the fact that they were going to lose Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah and had very little cap space in this market to replace them. Last year, the thought was they were going to have to pay someone to take DRose’s contract, so getting Robin Lopez was a good move. Clearing more cap space and getting Rondo and Wade on basically one year deals was the best they could hope for, from a basketball and marketing standpoint. They kept their draft picks for next year and will have a lot of cap space. I would move Jimmy Butler for a dope package like D’Angelo Russell and Brandon Ingram from the Lakers. But I would rather rockout with Butler than take a bunch of baked beans from Boston.

    I also think spacing the floor is becoming a bit overrated, while defense is always wildly underrated. Rondo, Wade and Butler are willing to shoot threes, and neither is so bad that the defense can ignore it. That’s spacing. Not as much as Golden State, obviously. But the idea that teams will just pack the paint is a little overdone.

    Moreover, Rondo, Wade and Butler can all penetrate, finish and rebound. It doesn’t matter if you pack the paint with a bunch of three point shooters who can’t defend and rebound. And1’s are three pointers too, and they have the added benefit of putting the other team’s players in foul trouble, and the team in the penalty.

    Bulls did extremely well, considering the circumstances.

    They still need another backup point guard and shooting guard. How fun will it be when they add Ty Lawson and Lance Stephenson???

    • Steve in Chicago

      Willing, heh heh yeah that is one way to put it. Josh Smith was willing too.

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