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Community Shootaround: Knicks Predictions

Knicks team president Phil Jackson‘s previous two offseasons at the helm of the franchise were underwhelming to say the least. Jackson failed to land another star in free agency to play alongside Carmelo Anthony, and if not for snagging Kristaps Porzingis in the 2015 Draft Lottery, the executive would have failed to add a true impact player during his first two years on the job.

Well, this offseason has certainly been a different story in New York thus far. Jackson has already acquired oft-injured point guard Derrick Rose from Chicago, come to an agreement on a deal with center Joakim Noah, added Brandon Jennings to spell Rose and reached a contract agreement with versatile two-way guard Courtney Lee. The team has also made a number of other low-key additions, agreeing to deals with Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Willy Hernangomez and re-signing combo forward Lance Thomas.

There’s little doubt that New York is an improved club over last year’s version, but the team and its fans should be nervous about how many games the new additions will actually be in uniform for given their respective injury histories. If Rose, Noah and Jennings can remain healthy — which is a BIG if given their track records — the Knicks could be a fun team to watch. Whether or not these moves will translate into a playoff berth is an entirely different question. One that I am posing to you this evening:

How will the Knicks’ new-look roster fare in 2016/17?

Here’s New York’s current projected depth chart, courtesy of

Starters: Rose (PG), Lee (SG), Anthony (SF), Porzingis (PF), Noah (C)

Reserves: Jennings, Thomas, Justin Holiday, Kuzminskas, Hernangomez, Kyle O’Quinn.

Are the Knicks a playoff team in 2016/17? If so, give us your win total and postseason seeding predictions. Or, if you think New York will be a bust next season, tell us why and provide us with your loss totals for the squad. We look forward to what you have to say.

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48 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Knicks Predictions

  1. danieldash428

    They’ll be the 5 seed in the east going into the playoffs but won’t win a playoff series

  2. thedude

    The Knicks will be decent. I think at least 7-8 seed, but it’s still too far away from the start of the season to really properly predict. If Wade leaves Miami the Knicks have a better shot, if Philly gets a shooter or trades Noel/Okafor for some help they will have a better shot at the playoffs, if the Nets…NVM…Hornets will probably drop out this year as well as the Hawks too, so there is a good chance the Knicks make it.

  3. nyjets21

    What happened to Galloway? Should be a key bench player.

  4. Michael Gelb

    If they stay healthy they can potentially be a top 4 seed in the east. This team is better than the 2014 bulls who won 50 games.

  5. Bryce Strawn

    5th or 6th seed. Cle,Tor,Ind, and Bos will be better. Them and Det will fight for 5th seed

    • Jordan Marshall

      Completely agree with Bryce Strawn, but I have it Cleveland, Indiana, Toronto, Boston and then New York, Detroit, Washington, Atlanta fighting for spots 5-8.

  6. Austin Williams

    The Knicks are going to the Playoffs. The East hasn’t really gotten better. Indiana has done a lot during free agency but I don’t believe their talent can match The Knicks.
    Derrick Rose is going to be a All Star this season. He’s in a contract year. He knows he’s got to play the best basketball he can play or he may not have a starting job next season. What ever bit of basketball he has it’s going to be on the court next season.

  7. GregJay

    No reason to assume Rose and Noah stay healthy for most of the season. So you’re left with Melo and KP shouldering the load, with role players. In a weak east, maybe good for 8th-seed. So incremental improvement, but no closer to title and no lottery pick to hope for. So no reason for optimism.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Haha man how could you look at what they did compared to the team they ran out the past 2 and say no reason for optimism? Its entirely possible Rose and Noah stay healthy this year and even if they dont for the whole season saying this is only an incremental improvement from the last 2 years is a joke. I see a couple of options here, you have no idea what you are talking about, dont watch the knicks and probably are a dubs fan meaning youve watched basketball for a total of 2 years, or you are just a NY hater. Its probably some combination of everything listed above.

  8. Do remeber the injuries that the team had last year and still finished within reach of the 8th seed, and the starting 5 was a varsity compared to this 5, so before we predict injuries, lets be happy to be relevent.

  9. Z.....

    They still need to add another 2 guard off the bench that can shoot it, and give you some defense (can still go over cap to keep Galloway), and it would be nice if they either had a wing or production from Early….I would also bring Noah off the bench….

    But if this team can stay healthy, they should be pretty competitive. Its hard to say anything about the playoffs right now, b/c there is still so much offseason left, and other teams are going to be right there as well. There will probably be a lot of close games in the regular season, and that might ultimately decide who gets in at what seed…I cant believe I’m saying it, but I think you have to give Phil Jackson some props this time. He did a pretty good job. He got a good coach in Hornacek,and built a much better roster. You have to assume, with this roster, that they finally are going away from thinking it makes sense to run the triangle as the primary offense. Obviously, every team still uses sets from the triangle. You just cant use it as the primary option for the whole game.

  10. Jared from Subway

    If healthy, 2nd seed in the East. I mean honestly look at it, beyond Cleveland, who’s exactly a world-beater? Toronto did nothing this offseason, Atlanta added that bum of a cancer Howard, Heat look exactly the same but older, Pacers added a few pieces but also lost a few. I fully expect the Knicks to compete for a top 3 spot in the East.

    • Grant Weddle

      The Pacers added Young, Teague, and Jefferson at the price of Mahinmi and the Hill Trio. I think they definitely improved and should contend. The Raptors, Hawks, and Heat (with Wade) did enough to stay competitive amd the Hornets Bucks Pistons and Celtics are all improving. Not to mention if the Magic and Wizards are anle to figure out their rosters and bounce back. Sorry the Knicks are lucky to make it withtheir roster and have slim chance of a top 3 seed. Celtics Raptors and Cavs have those on lock

  11. Alexander Shube

    I’m liking this new look roster. The starting lineup is strong and they all complement each other. Rose is going to play hard and try to improve to get that major contract next year. Not to mention his link with Noah. Lee is the perfect SG for this team. He’s a low usage 3 and D type of guy who doesn’t need to take touches away from Melo and Rose to contribute. Melo is Melo and will league be a strong scoring force. Porzingod will continue his rise in the NBA but don’t get your expectations to high. Noah is the rebounder and defensive force we have needed since Chandler was traded. With the starting lineup looking good the bench certainly is looking better than say 24 hours ago. Jennings was a good value pickup with high risk and high upside. Thomas was great off the bench when healthy. Holiday looks to make the leap to key bench piece this year. Hernanagomez is a young player who has the pieces to be a force down low. There was some Lithuian guy that had some potential that they just signed. We all know what we get in O’Quinn. He’s a big who in a bench role will get the job done. I’d predict a 5-7th seed for the Knicks depending on health. The Cavs, Raptors, Pacers, Heat (Unless Wade leaves) are just more talented currently. The Wizards, Pistons, Bucks, Hawks and Hornets are in the same boat as the Knicks. Hopefully slightly worse. I don’t believe the Hawks are going to be a playoff team. Horford was the glue that held that team together. Hornets and Bucks are big question marks. The Bucks might bounce back from a dismal last season but anything can happen. The hornets only got worse from a roster that already had question marks. Who knows what’ll happen next season but I’ll bet with the Knicks as a playoff team

  12. hill

    Are my clear top 5

    6- IND vastly improved
    7- DET strong starting 5, great coach
    8- CHA won 48. Probably still in line to win 43-44. NYK could challenge if Rose and Noah both play 70 games.

    By default I put the Knicks 8-10th.
    With perfect health, 6-7th.

    • hill

      And I wouldn’t be surprised if WAS won 45.

      And I wouldn’t be surprised if MKE or ORL have Cinderella seasons and won 45.

      NYK will be competitive but the conference is getting deeper.

    • ryan1017

      But who does Miami have besides whiteside at this point? No one knows if Bosh will ever play meaningful minutes again with the blood clots, and wade isn’t a lock to come back either. So who do they have that makes you think they’re a top 5 team in the east? Indiana is a much better team and its not even comparable. Atlanta just got Howard but they lost al horford. Nothing Howard has done in the past 3 years has been better than horford, and they traded Teague TO Indiana. So how are they in the top 5? Have you been paying attention at all to free agency?

      Anyway, I’m a Knicks fan and I can see them challenging for the 6 or 7 seed. As everyone knows, this team could be really good IF everyone stays healthy. However, I highly doubt rose will play over 70 games. It’s really a crap shoot with this team, not the dumpster fire it’s been the past 3 years but still not exceptionally good.

  13. nicksciulli22

    east is lookin like
    1. cavs
    2. boston
    3. toronto
    4. indiana
    5. knicks
    6. charlotte
    7. atlanta
    8. detroit

  14. Chris815

    The Knicks . If rose and Noah can stay health and that big if . I believe they will be better. The only thing that could cost them . If Anthony and roar don’t drive each other craze on who is getting most shot. They will finish 8 at best. And will turn around get sweep right out play offs. But problem is. This same stuff they all ways do go try to trade for super star. Instead of keep on the rebuild. Develop Porzingus ,and build around him . Make him there center piece of a future super team. That in 2 to 3 years could lead to a NBA title . Like Spurs did, like golden st did. They keep trying trade for it or sign free agents. I feel sad for Porzingus and knick fans . Because they going set his progress ack and bye 2019 when rose and Noah are even older and gone and Anthony is past his prime . Porzingus will not be where he need to be. And there won’t be team around him that he can grow with. Bye 19 teams like Minnesota , Wizards will be challah r for titles and New York will be still look for title . Heck as bad as it is with lakers are. They have brighter future then the Knicks do. Knicks are sexy team right now. But come 19 where will they be. They not winning NBA title next year or the year after that. . I’m sorry bust all knick bubble . But that’s the truth

    • Manish

      Rose is not even signed beyond season. If he’s here in 2019 then that means he was close to his mvp level. You act like they will do nothing for the next two offseasons. Lakers have a brighter future? They still owe first round picks to the magic and the sixers. Russell pick is looking bad compared to other picked after him and Ingram is still an unknown and the lakers play in a stacked west. That’s a better situation then the Knicks right now?

  15. aarongill

    Pacers Cavs Raptors Hawks Heat Celtics are all better. Hornets, Pistons, Knicks, Wizards will be fighting for 6-8

    • aarongill

      7-8 my bad.

  16. If healthy, they should contend for a 7 or 8 seed. Let’s not forget they only won 32 games last year, missing the playoffs by 12 games. They will somewhere in the low 40’s.

    • That’s with Jose, and Jerian…..We now have a proven League MVP, and a proven Defensive player of year….if healthy, we win 50+….top 3 seed…Hopefully….

  17. Provided they get min 70 games from all parties. 47 wins

  18. Ricardo

    7th to 8th seeding. Detroit falls out. Maybe the Hornets as well, although they’ve replaced, decently, the departed guys. NYK this upcoming season have the goods to “sneak” in, but as always, health is a major factor. As with any team…Cap Obvious here…

    • KrisTape

      Detroit falls out? Interesting, I can see them moving up in the east.

  19. Rodney

    I have to say I’m honestly shocked at the amount of people on here who consider the Hawks and Heat a lock for a top 5 seed. The Hawks lost 2 of their best players in Horford and Teague. The Heat could very well be playing with out Wade next season. Also they lost Joe Johnson and possibly Tyler, Amar’e, Green, and Bosh might have retire. Those 2 teams are definitely not locks to finish top 5 next season.

    • KrisTape

      I don’t have the Hawks/Heat a lock for top 5 but I don’t see either of them missing the playoffs.

      East predictions:
      1. Cavs
      2. Raptors
      3. Indiania
      4. Boston
      5. Detroit
      6. Miami
      7. NY/ATL
      8. NY/ATL

      • This is how I see it as well. I liked what Detroit has done and see both Miami, Charlotte, and Atlanta taking a step back. New York has to stay healthy to make the playoffs and that is a big if. I like what Orlando did and think they could make a jump into an 8 seed if they gel. You also have to think Washington has a good chance for a bounce back year as well.

      • TWolvesFan

        Wizards is 8 seed
        Heat is 7 seed
        Hawks is 6
        Detroit is 5
        Hornets is 4
        New York is 3
        Raptors are 2
        Cavs are 1

  20. KrisTape

    Even if they remain healthy, you have to imagine Rose/Noah are going to get plenty of nights off to rest. If they can play 65-70 games healthy, the Knicks should be able to win atleast 43-45 games and get the 7/8 seed.

    Cavs, Raptors, Indiana, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta – were all playoff teams last year and either got better or remained status quo.

    Knicks will fight with either Miami or Atlanta for the 7/8 seed.

  21. 1clv
    Most likely could challenge for #2 if stay healthy

  22. Willie D.

    I really feel like this team could be in line for 50 wins next year. After this off-season, Phil Jackson is really starting to put his touch on this team. I think they have a pretty complete starting lineup barring they stay healthy. Being a Bulls fan, I wish you the best of luck regarding that.

  23. BygSerch

    I ain’t a knicks hater, I’m actually a huge fan. But I’m also not delusional in EITHER direction—the sky isn’t always falling with them, but I also don’t trick myself into thinking they’re gonna make a finals… so that said:
    Like everyone else, if they can stay healthy they could certainly trick people into thinking they can win the east… but the cold reality is hoping thay THREE key players will not only be and stay healthy, but will have bounce back seasons and play to their regular career norms is just….jusy ludicrous… and I got news for ya, ROSE NEEDS THE BALL…MELO NEEDS THE BALL… STAPS NEEDS THE BALL.. this will prove once and for all that no one wants to come to this team because of Melo, and they will have no choice but to beg him to waive his no trade clause, move him after this season and pray they don’t mess up this year’s coming lottery pick, and whatever picks they get for Melo… the cap space next year will be wasted, or sprinkled around as PHIL YET AGAIN doesn’t be the closer we dreamt he’d be and fails to lure a superstar here, and we look to build around Porzingis, lottery pick 2017 and lottery pick 2018… whatever space we have in 2 years will go to re-signing Kristaps, and we will hope to FINALLY be a team that sheds it’s “black cloud” aura and home grows it’s own “big 3″…then and only then will u see a superstar say “they have the pieces, let me come to NY, be the FINAL MISSING PIECE, and win just ONE chip here and be worshipped like a God for 5p years, like Joe Namath…”
    Mark it down

    • BygSerch

      50 years*

      • Well said. I def. Agree with everything you said and let’s say we miss the playoff Rose, Noah and Melo gets injured we still have our 2017 pick and cap space for next year as Rose in on a 1 year deal.

  24. Lol. If rose continues to improve and capitalizes on his performances after the all star break. With Noah Defense n tenacity and if these guys remain relatively healthy atleast 72 games .Knicks win 50plus games easily. We went 32-50 last season. With the improvements we made we def will win atleast 18 games more than last season. Chicago won’t be as good. Charlotte won’t be as good losing Jefferson and Lin. Hawks won’t be as good Teague and horford replaced with Dwight. The only comp is cle,tor,ind,bos,Mia.. We are in the mix for that top 5 definitely !.

  25. As a Knicks fan, I’d love to see them go all the way in the east, but reality is they’ll make the playoffs and possibly go a couple of rounds deep, if that. I have to factor injuries if history had told us anything based on the trade and signing.

    I am, however disappointed by the signings, with the exception of Jennings – which is relatively cheap and only one year. As a fan I’d have been fine holding out another year for the cast of many to be had next year. With Rose’s contract coming off the books, two max players would’ve been available to pair with Melo and KP. Courtney Lee at 4/50 is just too steep for what he brings and ties up money for future signings.

    I give Phil a B for trying, but a C- for execution. I honestly think he signed Noah because it was a guaranteed win and Rose was the back page splash he needed.

  26. Smalldapro

    People tend to forget that the Knicks had three starter worthy players Melo, KP6 and Rolo and we have improved to five starters and the bench is looking good and compliments the starting 5 , unlike the D-league bench we had last year, and u can put up a strong case for B.J ,Lance and Langston as average league starters. Injuries are just that injuries something u can’t predict and that can happen to anyone regardless of their injury history, but talent is talent and that’s what the Knicks have for the upcoming season I envision Melo surpassing his 2013-14 season 22+pts-8rb-5ast 48%fg as he will be with better talent and potent shooters around him at all times, D Rose season ending (after all star break) stats will will improve aswell 47%fg too around 50%fg and 17pts-4rb-5ast to 20+pts-4rb-7ast a game, KP6 lost his legs as the season went on because of conditioning with better conditioning he will definetly get around 18pts+-10+rb- 3ast-2+blks and around 47-51%fg, Noah will also contribute with a double double 10+pts,11+rb 4+ast fg55% while Lee will have around 10pts-4rbs-3ast 45%fg and the bench will be among the leagues best Willy and Mindaugas are very athletic and skilled two way players and across the board the roster consist of capable players at both ends of the floor and more then half is above average the passing game is crazy with shooters at every spot except for our centers who are elite passers the sky is the limit for this roster…

  27. Burkey

    Top 5 seed, And will get to 2nd round at least. With Noah anchoring defense, Knicks will be vastly better there and on boards. He will rub off on the unicorn, and even Carmelo will play with more pace on that side. And with that, the team will realize they can be winners, and everyone will hustle. Rose will be a plus player again, BJ and Lee are upgrades as well. The east is weak, so the Knicks have a ton of upside/

  28. Mike C.

    My prediction 47-35 overall record #4 seed in the east behind Cleveland, Toronto, and Boston…I think Derrick rose will have a very good year and play more than 70 games and the team will really start to gel during the 2nd half of the season and will be the biggest legitimate threat to Cleveland in the playoffs

  29. Job Salutan

    knicks 2016 = knicks 1999.. too many injured players in the season but, once they get in the playoff, they will compete in the finals.

  30. I’m wondering if folks realize the heat lost major pieces in Deng n Joe Johnson, not to mention Tyler Johnson with the nets now. Hornets lost three major pieces, hawks lost pieces. Think the Knicks could be 3-5 seed.

  31. J-boogie

    Top 3 in the East! Rose is playing for his life, y’all, so expect to see him limping out of the tunnel a few times this year. Noah and Jennings both are having a homecoming year so expect them to show out an have good years. By far the most talented Knicks team since the 90’s. This is a hungry Knicks team. Indy and Boston? Really? Knicks won the offseason in the East (obviously GSW won it league-wise).

  32. knicker dude

    number 2 seed..altanta worse, Toronto no better, pacer no better, wizards awful…only team that has improved are the Celtics. Zen master work your magic

  33. najent69

    This is the best-looking starting 5 the Knicks have assembled since the 2012-13 team that recorded 54 wins. Hopefully, they can avoid any major injuries and can solidify a couple of rotational spots. Jennings is a good risk as back-up PG and should be able to allow DRose enough rest to keep him going for the full season. CLee is a terrific get at SG, a true low-key solid pro on both ends.

    I’m optimistic for the first time in 4 yrs.

    52 wins and a 5-seed in the playoffs and maybe get into the second-round, fingers-crossed on maintaining good health.

  34. Kahnman

    The Knicks will absolutely not be a playoff team next year. D Rose has shown he can’t stay on the court, and on the rare occasion he has been the last four season, he hasn’t been good. Melo is still Melo, not a great team player or defensive player. Noah can’t score. Porzingis is by far the team’s most promising player and the one they should build around; yet his shots will now be limited with having two players, Melo and Rose, that always need the ball in their hands. Rambis is proven to be nothing special. 35-47 record.

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