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Mavs To Re-Sign Dwight Powell?

The Mavs and restricted free agent Dwight Powell are headed toward an agreement on a deal, Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News reports. A deal would have to wait until Wednesday, as Sefko points out.

It’s unknown what the terms of a new deal would be, but given the marketplace, Powell could be in line for a deal starting in the $5MM range, Sefko writes. Powell, going into his third NBA season, averaged 5.8 points and 4.0 rebound in 14.4 minutes last year, playing 14.4 minutes per game.

An agreement would come as no surprise, considering Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson told Sefko of Powell and swingman Justin Anderson last month, “They are two young cornerstone-type pieces. Big hearts. Great work ethic. Those two guys are a piece of the fabric. Our hope is that we can keep that young core going.”

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8 thoughts on “Mavs To Re-Sign Dwight Powell?

  1. Md2t23

    I like Powell… a good bit, but what about maybe shipping him to Cleveland for Tristan Thompson as Salary relief. Might need to do a S&T with Dirk to make that actually happen and I’d rather see him finish it out as a Mav. Also, Dirk would have to agree to it, but Thompson would add some good young talent to start a rebuild. Add in that we are going after Barnes allegedly now. That would be Barnes, Thompson, and Anderson with Wes Matthews and some hope that AJ Hammons develops. That’s decent talent to start a rebuild with.

    • frg214

      Sorry but sounds like a starting 5 of role players with the exception of maybe Mathews. Start a rebuild with a good lotto pick. Let’s be honest this team is done for this upcoming season but that’s not bad. The next draft class has way more talent then this past class. It’s time for a rebuild there’s no sense in being a lower tier playoff team.. It’s time to let the German leave and get another ring he deserves it. My only suggestion but only delays the rebuilding process and is a long shot but sign wade gasol and resign dirk and D Williams. Haha I know it’s a patchwork of older guys but all 3 have plenty of playoff experience. Obviously a long shot but Mavs need atleast some team put together to go through a season. But I think the metroplex is okay with a few bad seasons in order to rebuild..

      • Md2t23

        You are right… It is role players, because superstars are typically found in the early first round which we haven’t drafted in that range in a long time. But it could be a good foundation to get the ball rolling. Not saying it gets us to the playoffs but it gets us younger without doing a full 76s type decade of lottery. But I think that line up gets us down there without being completely non-competitive. Remember Cuban has said no to a total tank job.

      • CursedRangers

        Totally agree, it’s time to tank. Let Dirk plan out his last year or two with a chance for another ring. Free agents have been avoiding Dallas like the plague. Our only chance is to get a young future superstar via the draft to build around.

    • Cleveland isn’t trading Thompson for salary relief…Powell isn’t that good. I doubt they also want Dirk. At that point, they might as well just keep Thompson.

      • Md2t23

        They absolutely might. But he is an athletic big. If we go full rebuild, we are going to have to start working with less proven non-star status players.

        • See the problem is that it takes two to tango. I assume by “we” you mean Dallas so Cleveland isn’t going to trade their best big for an athletic big (who is not nearly as good as Thompson). There is literally no incentive for the Cavs to do that outside of salary relief, but since they are a championship team, they aren’t going to take a guy who is a backup rotational back. They aren’t going to say “Oh, Dallas is rebuilding and needs some big names to help them? Let’s trade Thompson just to help them out”. If they’re going to trade a big this offseason/at all, it’s going to be Love.

          • Md2t23

            And that’s why I said Dirk would probably have to S&T to them if they want them. Basically, not saying Thompson or nothing, but find a 4/5 by exploring S&T with Dirk so he can go play somewhere and win and it helps expedite the rebuild.

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