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Mavs Want To Ink Harrison Barnes To Max Deal

The Mavericks intend to sign Warriors restricted free agent Harrison Barnes to a four-year max offer sheet on July 7th, Marc Stein of reports. The Warriors can match an offer to Barnes, of course, and Stein adds that the Mavs understand Barnes will likely only be available to them if the Warriors land Kevin Durant.

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The Warriors would have three days to match any offer sheet Barnes signs. Barnes, 24, has been with the Warriors since the team drafted him in 2012. Barnes turned down a reported extension totaling $64MM before the 2015/16 season, as Stein points out in a full story. He then had his best campaign as a pro, averaging 11.7 points and 4.9 rebounds per game in 66 games.

While Barnes can be inconsistent, he is one of the league’s best three-point shooters and has been a key part of the Warriors’ success the past two seasons. His versatility, age and athleticism makes him too intriguing for the Mavs to pass up, Stein writes.

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9 thoughts on “Mavs Want To Ink Harrison Barnes To Max Deal

  1. CursedRangers

    Wow! Another insane contract.

    • DVail79

      insane AND a second team (Golden State) will probably match it … now which is more insane?

      • The one that match it

        • Who else would they sign though? Iguodala could start but the Warriors would have a hard time finding a versatile foward who can play their “switch everything” type of defense.

  2. Folks this is what happens when you get not one single person on board. You look at what is left and hope you can offer the most. Wow. Just rebuild already. No one is going to come to Dallas and I have a feeling the big German won’t either after this mess.

    • Md2t23

      Barnes helps the rebuild. Whether we want to admit it or not. He is young and as much a premiere shooter as is available. He plays good D. You add him to Powell and Anderson and the Mavs start to look younger. Salary is jumping and we don’t have anyone signed. At least he would be control-able and is an effort kind of player. Might fit into Carlisle’s system.

  3. Jason m

    If no one comes that coach will still get them to the playoffs

  4. danieldash428

    Classic example of a desperate Mark Cuban trying to make a splash… The other prime example was the 2014 Rajon Rondo deal. Barnes’ numbers are nowhere near max-worthy and rebuilding pieces shouldn’t get this type of money.

  5. teddyt93

    Barnes is a bad contract! He will be guarded by the other teams defensive stopper along with Dirk, if he stays. He will shoot more and score more points but that does not make him a star player. Just a slightly above average player trying to justify his max contract. I feel bad for Maverick fans.

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