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    • Note: Pro Hockey Rumors is currently available only on iOS. It will be coming to Android in October.
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9 thoughts on “Download The Trade Rumors App Today

  1. when do you think we’re going to start getting news about the exercising of rookie options for 2nd and 3rd year players? I feel like this time last year we were getting news almost daily about options being exercised

    • Eddie Scarito

      The deadline to do so is October 31st. For the most part, these decisions will generally be made closer to that deadline. Teams aren’t in a rush at the start of training camp to worry about options, so I’d say it will be a few weeks before these start getting exercised.

      For what it’s worth, I just checked back in our archives from last season and option announcements didn’t start rolling in until mid-October.

  2. rugrat907

    Any more word on when Hockey Rumors will be available in the app?

    • Luke Adams

      It actually should be available in the app now (I’ve updated the post to reflect this). If you download/update to the latest version and aren’t seeing it, check the settings — it should be available as a feed you can add.

      • sleddy989

        when will the nhl app be available all I get are the 3 sports thanks

  3. sleddy989

    I only get the 3 sports on my app . When will nhl be up thanks

    • Luke Adams

      NHL rumors are in the iOS app now. For Android, we’re expecting them to be available sometime in October.

  4. rugrat907

    I should have asked when it would be available for Android…

    • Luke Adams

      Ah, right. Should be sometime in October.

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