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Salary Cap Snapshot: Cleveland Cavaliers

With the free agent signing period winding down and teams looking ahead to the preseason, we at Hoops Rumors will be tracking the Salary Cap figures for each team around the league.  These posts will be maintained throughout the season once financial data is reported. They will be located on the sidebar throughout the year, once all the teams’ cap figures have been relayed. You can always check for up-to-date rosters for each franchise, with the Cavs’ team page accessible here.

Here’s a breakdown of where the Cavaliers currently stand financially:

Guaranteed Salary

Total Guaranteed Salary= $127,447,104

Non-Guaranteed Salary

Total Non-Guaranteed Salary= $1,865,332

Cash Sent Out Via Trade:  $2,000,000 ($200,000 sent to Bucks in Matthew Dellavedova trade; $1,800,000 sent to Sixers in Sasha Kaun trade) [Amount Remaining $1.5MM]

Cash Received Via Trade: $0 [Amount Remaining $3.5MM]

Payroll Exceptions Available

  • Trade Exception — $9,638,554 (Anderson Varejao trade) — Expires on 2/18/17
  • Trade Exception — $1,333,420 (Sasha Kaun trade) — Expires on 8/15/17
  • Trade Exception — $947,276 (Jared Cunningham trade) — Expires on 2/18/17
  • Trade Exception — $845,059 (Joe Harris trade) — Expires on 1/12/17
  • Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception — $433,529 (Used portions to sign Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder)

Total Projected Payroll: $129,312,436

Salary Cap: $94,143,000

Estimated Available Cap Space: $35,169,436

Luxury Tax Threshold: $113,287,000

Amount Above Luxury Tax: $16,025,436

Total Projected Payroll For Tax Purposes: $129,418,231

Projected Luxury Tax Bill: $32,426,504

Last Updated: 10/27/16

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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