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Spurs Open To Moving LaMarcus Aldridge

The whispers on LaMarcus Aldridge‘s potential availability in San Antonio are getting a little louder, with Jabari Young of The San Antonio Express-News reporting that the Spurs are open to moving Aldridge in a trade, should the right deal surface.

While most teams are “open” to moving most players if the offer is enticing enough, this isn’t the first time there have been rumblings about Aldridge’s name possibly being on the trade block. Last week, ESPN’s Zach Lowe predicted that Aldridge’s name would surface in trade talks, particularly if the Spurs don’t outperform expectations, though he framed that as one of 30 “crazy predictions,” cautioning that the odds were against a deal.

However, ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan has heard some trade rumors of her own on Aldridge, revealing during an appearance on CSNNE’s Early Edition that sources have told her the big man may not finish the season in San Antonio. According to MacMullan, the marriage between Aldridge and the Spurs hasn’t worked out quite as well so far as either side has hoped.

Young echoes that sentiment, writing in his piece that sources close to the situation believe Aldridge may not be happy at the moment. According to Young, the Spurs are believed to have pitched him on a role as their primary offensive weapon when they signed him, and that hasn’t exactly occurred, with Kawhi Leonard assuming that role instead.

Whether or not there’s a little friction behind the scenes in San Antonio, the Spurs aren’t likely to make a major move in the immediate future. Aldridge could become a more viable trade candidate closer to the deadline, but the team figures to open the season with the former Blazer playing a major role.

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11 thoughts on “Spurs Open To Moving LaMarcus Aldridge

  1. Danthemilwfan

    That’s crazy. Why trade their star? They were great last year.

    • jacobsigel1025

      First of all Kawhi is their star. Second of all, with Duncan retired and Ginobili soon to be, it might not be a bad idea trading Aldridge for 2-4 young guys to make up for those 2

  2. JPuzz96

    Would it make sense for the Celtics to go after him?

    • jacobsigel1025

      Honestly he should go back to Portland because that’s his best fit

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      How can the Celtics afford him? I don’t see it. Ainge is notoriously ridiculous with trade offers…offering way too little for players and incredibly overvaluing his own players.

  3. Soxman81

    Please, please, please trade Aldridge to the Kings for Cousins. As a native Sacramentan, we will simply never compete with Cousins as “the man.”
    I know Cousins is an immense talent, but I don’t think he’s the leader they need him to be.

    • GeauxRangers

      Pop would never take on that headache

      • GuruGray

        Yeah not a chance Pop would replace a great team player in Aldridge for a cancer like Cousins. Talent has nothing to do with it

  4. I think that’s not what the Spurs would usually do. They just got him and already beat their regular season franchise record, which got unnoticed because golden states record. While the regular season wasn’t as great it was the first run with him. And with Duncan retired, he is gonna have a bigger role. I feel like after this season, and they don’t do as well as lat season, I’d get them wanting to be younger and build around Kawhi. But I wouldn’t give up on him yet.

  5. rbm915

    LaMarcus Aldridge and Patty Mills to Phoenix for Brandon Knight, Tyson Chandler, Dragan Bender, and Miami first rounder

    • DarkGhost

      Doubt the Suns are interested in mills. Drop the Miami pick and go with Aldridge for Knight, Bender, and Chandler and that’s something I could see happening.

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