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Chinese Team Interested In Josh Smith

Josh Smith may be nearing a deal to play in China, tweets international basketball writer David Pick. The Sichuan Whales are interested in the 30-year-old forward, who spent 12 years in the NBA.

Smith divided last year between the Clippers and Rockets, playing 55 total games and averaging 6.0 points and 3.5 rebounds per night. He also spent nine years in Atlanta and a season and a half with Detroit.

Smith, who wasn’t invited to any training camp, gave an interview in September where he said he understood that he needed to change his mindset to continue his NBA career. He also claimed the perception of him around the league changed when he was released by the Pistons after signing a four-year, $58MM deal. Smith agreed to a buyout with Detroit, so he will earn $5,331,729 annually through the 2019/20 season.

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9 thoughts on “Chinese Team Interested In Josh Smith

  1. woodstock005

    He got to start learning mandarin

    • Knicks 2013

      We all do if Trump get’s in office ha ha

  2. FormerlyZ

    Honestly, the Heat have a massive hole at the 4, even GS is in desperate need for a big. I’m pretty surprised he didn’t get even an invite to camp. There are multiple teams that could use his defense and versatility at the 4/5 spots. The only thing is obviously he doesn’t stretch the floor well, but I think the right team could definitely allow him to be useful

  3. Strauss

    Oh ya, China will love his act.

  4. NY_Jimbo

    He’s a victim. Nothing is his fault, it’s all some one else’s fault. Detroit changed the perception of him, he didn’t do that himself. What a joke and honesty, a sad story. The kid is dumb as a rock.

    • Anthony

      Detroit is the one who was dumb for giving him that contract when they already had 2 other players just like him. Josh has always been the same and teams knew that. How can you blame him? You may think he’s dumb as a rock but he’s actually pretty smart. He’s still getting paid and not having to do anything for it!! Are you?

    • FormerlyZ

      Did you not understand the context? Josh Smith can’t shoot, and has had a tendency to take long shots in poor sotuations. That doesn’t make him garbage. Being released, the perception is that he isn’t a good teammate, that he was the issue, that he can’t pla, etc…none of that was true. As this other dude said, Detroit was a poor fit for him, and both sides benefited from parting ways, as Josh Smith was very good in Houston that year. Going to the Clippers was a big mistake. They’ve been terrible at using their bench for a couple of years, and lack of playing time really hurt him. I still think he is an NBA player. That being said, if he can go to China, and improve his decision making a little, or if he can improve his jumpshot, he can still be a valuable NBA player

      • Anthony

        You are right! He can’t shoot 3’s. Lol. If he had played to his strengths, he’d still be in the league I think.

  5. The Gut can play but his attitude Sucks, and like the one guy posted a really bad teammate…

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