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Community Shootaround: Blazers’ Trade Possibilities

The Trail Blazers’ offseason spending spree has left the team “ripe for a trade,” Zach Lowe writes in his latest piece for It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard about Portland’s trade possibilities, and the speculation makes sense — having extended C.J. McCollum, the Blazers are poised to blow past the salary cap threshold in 2017/18, so they’ll probably want to move a contract or two at some point unless they’re prepared to pay a huge tax bill.

As Lowe observes, general manager Neil Olshey pursued Hassan Whiteside in free agency this summer, and “has a well-documented fondness” for traditional low-post scorers like Brook Lopez, Greg Monroe, and Nikola Vucevic. Jusuf Nurkic, Tyson Chandler, and Kosta Koufos are a few of the other centers identified by Lowe as players the Blazers may chase at some point in a trade. Lowe also names Nerlens Noel, though he admits that the league “doesn’t quite know what to make” of the Sixers’ big man.

Making a deal with a team like the 76ers, Nets, Nuggets, or Suns, who all have an excess of cap room, could make sense if the Blazers are trying to shed some salary. As Lowe points out, a swap involving Lopez and Allen Crabbe, whom the Nets tried to sign in July, could make some sense, but CBA rules don’t allow Brooklyn to acquire Crabbe until the 2017/18 league year after he signed the team’s offer sheet.

It’s unclear which assets the Blazers would be willing to give up for a second- or third-tier center who might not move the needle significantly for the club. As Lowe notes, Maurice Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu would have value as trade chips, but they’re probably more valuable to Portland as players. Crabbe and Evan Turner, meanwhile, are in the first year of huge, long-term deals, which limits their appeal. According to Lowe, Turner was “almost as stunned as you” by the four-year, $70MM offer he received from the Blazers in the offseason — Turner excitedly told close friend Andre Iguodala about the offer, and his former teammate told him to accept it immediately.

In Lowe’s view, it would be more daring for the Blazers to explore the trade market for McCollum, though the ESPN scribe doesn’t expect the team to do so. For now, the team remains in wait-and-see mode on all of their players, as they assess how their pieces fit together.

What do you think? What sort of trade might make sense for the Blazers as they try to make the leap from solid playoff team to legit title contender? Is there a deal that could be out there sooner rather than later, or should the club wait until the 2017 offseason to seriously shake things up? Jump into the comments section below to share your thoughts on Portland’s next step!

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18 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Blazers’ Trade Possibilities

  1. Chris

    For me I would want these guys in this order…. all but Dame is open depending on the value back.

    1. Cousins + more if we also end up giving cj
    2.myles turner
    3. Noel
    4. Brolo
    5. Monroe … on the cheap

    I would give up cj, picks and more for Davis. Rebuild around him and Dame.

  2. Buckner94

    Crabbe, Harkless, Aminu, Turner, Leonard, Vonleh, Plumlee, any of these in a combination for Paul George!! In other words get him no matter what with out sacrificing Dame or CJ

  3. NOPel

    Dear Chris,

    You would have to give us Dame, CJ, Picks, Olshey and 51% ownership of Blazers for Davis.



    • Chris

      Ima let you finish ….. but Dame is the goat….:)

      Davis didn’t even get a number on my list because I know it’s not happening. But I would also bet he doesn’t finish his contract out with NO either.

  4. Long lost 77s

    I am so tired of ridiculous trade proposals in comment sections. NOPel is likely right on what it would take to get Davis. The thought of getting Boogie + for CJ is laughable. Might have to trade the Rose Garden and the entire Timbers roster to get Myles Truner (Probably the Rose Festival parade floats too). People think we can get Monroe for a Voodoo doughnut, 2 hipsters and a 1/2 used Starbucks gift card. Really tired of this unrealistic crap. Do they think the GMs on these teams are that stupid?????

    • Long lost 77s

      OH and a bunch of crap for Paul George…….Really? Come on man. BTW. I have some beautiful beachfront property to sell you….In Nebraska. Silly people

  5. @CW_Crouse

    Nerlens Noel is a realistic target. He can grow his game with this team.

  6. DarkGhost

    All of these trade discussions involving Davis and George are ridiculous. First of all only once in a blue moon does a star actually get traded in the NBA . Second blazer fans need to be realistic about the trades they are proposing. There is a 0% chance of either George or Davis getting trade unless Cj is involved along with current players on the team an multiple first round picks likely unprotected or with very little protection on them. Assuming that Lillard is untouchable the Pelicans and Pacers aren’t going to give up superstar talents like George or Davis for mediocre players like Crabbe, Harkless, Turner, or any of the players that aren’t dame. Also let’s be honest CJ is a nice player, heck he is even a really good player but you aren’t getting Davis or George for him unless it’s him plus other assets like picks and players. Cj benefits extremely from having lillard with him.

    • This. There is no trade scenario for the Blazers where they acquire a star without at least giving up CJ. Assuming Lillard is off the table, a deal for a star starts with CJ, Crabbe, Leonard/Plumlee and first round picks for multiple years (considering how uninspiring the rest of the trade after CJ would be, I’d imagine at least three first round picks plus the right to swap in a future year).

  7. Buckner94

    The point most of you dingleberry’s are missing is the fact that eventually stars get tired of being in a losing situation, i.e. Kevin Love. How much longer do you really think a guy like PG13 is gonna handle being on a losing team? If he becomes discontent, he should immediately become a target for PDX, and it gives the Pacers much less leverage if he chooses to want out of Indiana. So, for those of you that think it’s “so far fetched” it’s actually a plausible scenario so get off your high horse. And on top of that, Portland has a fair amount of young, cheap talent, which is exactly what teams look for in these types of scenarios. Again another example being the Melo trade where Denver managed to grab good young talent to build around.

    • Buckner94

      On another note, there is no way PDX is getting Davis. I do see PG13 as a reasonable get for them if/when he gets tired of losing

    • DarkGhost

      The thing you obviously don’t understand is that the star has 0 leverage of getting out of his situation until he is about to become a free agent. George has 2 years after this one left on his contract, so him wanting out has 0 relevance in the matter. Until he is in his final year the pacers wont dream of trading him unless they are blown out of the water by an offer. Davis is even worse off having just signed a 6 year extension he is stuck in NO for at least the next 4-5 years regardless of what he wants. The expanses you listed in Love and Melo were a year outside of becoming free agents and the teams knew they weren’t coming back. So basically you compared apples to oranges as far as contract situations for said players.

    • Yeah but outside of Lillard and CJ, Portland doesn’t have young, cheap talent (that is also good). The difference between the Melo deal and a potential PG13 deal is that the Nuggets got good players back (i.e. Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari > any Blazers player not named Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum). Also, and what lowered the Nuggets leverage was that Melo stated he specifically wanted to go to New York, so they were limited in who they could ask for. Maybe you should stop playing NBA 2K with forced trades on and realize that a team isn’t going to trade their stars for overpriced bench rotation players.

      • DarkGhost

        Preach brotha

  8. NOPel

    Correct Buckner,

    Davis is an MVP this year. Everyone seems to forget the Peks have three players that were hurt during the beginning of the season. With Jrue Holiday back, the winning has already started. 4 in a row! We are still waiting to get two players back .

    So Blazer fans, try for Noel, Oakafour, Aldridge,( no pun intended ) Dirk, Blake, A. Gordon & Favors

  9. Bropez for Leonard and future first

  10. Kingdelarock


    I think you mean OKAFOR…
    Also, where is the pun in that last sentence? Do you even know what a pun is? Shut up. You make about as much sense as some of these trade scenarios. Stick with your crap franchise and only oft-injured star player. Davis is going to force a trade just like CP3 did. LOL

    • Lighten up francis

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