2012/13 NBA Unrestricted Free Agents

Hoops Rumors' up-to-date list of 2012/13 unrestricted free agents is below. These are players who are eligible for unrestricted free agency after the 2011/12 season. The player's 2012 age is in parentheses. Players who have signed overseas or are playing in the D-League are not listed here.

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Updated 4-22-13

With the 2012/13 regular season over, this summer's free agents can now be found on our 2013/14 list.

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12 thoughts on “2012/13 NBA Unrestricted Free Agents

  1. Robert Joseph Cerasuolo

    I would love the Hawks to sign Hamed Haddadi Thabeet and resign Radmanovic then trade Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia to the Cavs for Daniel Gibson and a draft pick.

  2. guest

    robert that would be awesome for cavs shitty for hawks tht would never happen

  3. S810leo

    Cavs fan here, with all that cap room we have, there is no max player here so we can sign a nice bunch of guys here…. I woud like Us to get C-thabeet SF-green SF-deshawn Stevenson SF-Novak, C-Greg oden… & call the kings to see if evans is up for trade… Maybe we can do alonzo gee for Evans…& draft Drummond from uconn.. Then we could have our form of twin towers up front with thabeet & Drummond….

  4. MChaney317

    I’m also a Cavs fan, and I would really like to take advantage of the huge amount of cap space they have heading into free agency. The perfect scenario for me would be signing Jonny Flynn as the backup PG to Kyrie (or Lester Hudson, even though they list him as a 2). It would be nice if they try to make a run at OJ Mayo, because I still like what he can bring to the table. There really aren’t a lot of SF’s available, so their best bet would be to bring back Gee and/or make a run at Batum (even though he’s a RFA). Also, I think the Cavs should at least consider the possibility of signing Greg Oden. He probably wouldn’t be too expensive, and if he can stay healthy, he’s a good player.

  5. Find out where Joe Alexander is and give both he and Kevin Jones a shot. You could probably get both for less than a third of what they are paying some of the stiffs they are now using.

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