Magic Eyeing Monta Ellis

8:52 p.m.: The Warriors are not interested in giving up Ellis if they don't get Dwight Howard in return, reports Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group. Thompson believes there's little chance the Magic could find a player from another team to satisfy the Warriors' demands.

8:39 p.m.: The Magic are in talks with the Warriors about Monta Ellis, reports Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM. Chris Broussard of ESPN adds that the Magic, who don't possess the assets the Warriors are looking for, are trying to get other teams involved in what would be a multiteam swap.

Both the Magic and the Warriors have been linked to the Nets and Brook Lopez of late, and the Warriors have been pursuing Dwight Howard. There's no indication at this point that Howard would be a part of an Ellis deal, though Broussard notes the Warriors were willing to send Ellis to Orlando for Howard earlier this year.

The 26-year-old Ellis is the league's seventh leading scorer at 22.2 PPG, though that figure is off from last year's 24.1 PPG and a career-high 25.5 in 2009/10. He's due $11MM each year through 2013/14, though he could elect an early-termination option after next season.

Broussard says that Ellis is on Howard's list of players he'd like to team with someday.

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5 thoughts on “Magic Eyeing Monta Ellis

  1. cseehausen

    Yeah and with what assets? Magic have nothing good enough to obtain a player like Ellis except for Howard. Desperate team is desperate.

  2. Lorenzo Conte Jr

    Boston seriously wants to move Rondo- Start a 3 way trade

    Boston gets (gives them a PG to replace rondo, and much needed cap space very soon)
    Jameer Nelson from ORL
    Q.Richardson from ORL
    R.Anderson from ORL
    ORL 2nd RD

    GS gets (PG to replace Monta and allows Curry to move over to natural 2 guard)
    Rajon Rondo from BOS

    Orlando gets (keeps Dwight happy)
    Monta Ellis

    • dc21892

      Why would the Celtics be interested? More bad contracts? Theyre clearing trying to build for the future right now… That means you don’t take on bad multiyear deals lmao

    • acves

      First of all, Rondo is WAYYYYYY better then Nelson. And Q richardson really, that ruined any credibility you had

    • Lorenzo Conte Jr

      Nelson has 2 years left. Obviously rondo is better than Nelson but he is still very serviceable…. However the trade works with each teams need. Richardson contract can be voided after the year clearing even more cap space like they are trying to do. Anderson is a pretty solid piece with 1 year left after this year on his contract. Obviously the trade isnt perfect, it works in for CBA. Boston can get other picks as well if needed.

      I think these three teams could easily link up to do something. Personally i could care less either way since im not a fan of any of these teams. The trade works for each teams needs. now or very soon.

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