Modest Proposal: Nash To Lakers

The Lakers must acquire a high-energy player to help complement Kobe Bryant and strengthen the middling point guard position in order to make a run in the playoffs this season. With Steve Blake's health still an uncertainty and Derek Fisher managing a paltry 5.3 PPG, the Lakers have put out feelers across the league in hopes of finding the right piece to help bolster their 14-10 squad. Earlier this evening, ESPN NBA Insider Chris Palmer suggested a trade (via Twitter) that would send Suns point guard Steve Nash in exchange for Fisher and Metta World Peace.

Let's take a look at what ESPN's Trade Machine has to say about this prospective deal:

In trading Fisher, 37, and World Peace, 32, to the Suns, the Lakers would project to improve by 10 wins, a hefty boost that would seemingly vault them to the top of the Western Conference. While the Trade Machine's prediction for a Steve Nash-led Lakers team sounds a bit optimistic, one must look to the success Nash, 38 on Tuesday, is currently enjoying in his 16th NBA season. Nash's minutes are slightly down (31.1 MPG) while his FG% would mark a career-high (.545), which along with his 14.5 PPG and 9.9 APG point to an overall strong season for the former first-round pick out of Santa Clara.

Among the many differences between Nash and Fisher running the point would be Nash's ability to distribute the ball while also being able to knock down a shot at a high frequency especially when a play does not materialize. Kobe's chase toward matching Michael Jordan's six championship rings would become more of a realistic goal this season upon the arrival of Nash as Bryant could decrease his minutes (38 MPG) to a more manageable level. Needless to say, Nash's overall impact may be felt most in the continued development of rising star Andrew Bynum, who was recently named an All-Star starter thanks to his 17 PPG and 12 RPG.

So far the trade looks great, but let's be honest, we've yet to consider how the Suns would fare in giving up a former two-time league MVP in Nash. The Suns front office has conceded that they are willing to deal Nash to a contender if he approached them with such a request. At 9-14, the Suns are clearly heading toward a rebuilding phase in the post-Nash era, which would become muddled with the addition of the aging Fisher and World Peace (4.9 PPG). While Fisher may serve as a strong locker room presence, World Peace's role would be a bit unclear given the roster's current glut of small forwards. 

With the Trade Machine's prediction of the Suns losing an additional seven games upon trading Nash for Fisher and World Peace, Chris Palmer's trade may only come to fruition if driven solely out of respect for the future Hall of Famer Nash.

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20 thoughts on “Modest Proposal: Nash To Lakers

  1. Marvin Marshall

    What would be the value in this trade for the Suns? They get back a pg who can’t play & will retire after the season, plus another SF with 2 player option years @ $7+ MIL. The Suns would be better off just letting Nash leave via FA after the season then to take Ron Ron’s contract on for 2 more years.

  2. Why in the world would the Suns want MWP and Fisher, who are both old, overpayed and under multi-year deals??? Come on… I’d rather just lose Nash and use the $11 mil from his contract.

  3. jwsox

    first off con grats to Tim and the rest of the hoopsrumors crew for getting this site launched in sucha small time. I remember reading the post about a potential site on MLBTR a few months ago…

    This trade makes sense in my opinion for both teams. It gives the Lakers a legit option at PG and Nash a chance at a championship. It also gives the suns fishers expiring contract and they could reach a buy out with Meta World Peace due to his years being player contract thus clearing even more cap space or they could turn and flip peace to another contending team maybe that the lakers are not willing to deal with

    • Joe Lapinski

      So essentially, the Suns are playing their best player in the history of the franchise to the Lakers for a bunch of garbage that they don’t want? That sounds smart……NOT!

    • K-Hopp

      The value of receiving an expiring contract doesn’t make sense when you’re trading away an expiring contract (Nash).

    • Marvin Marshall

      Do you really believe that instead of just letting Nash go via FA after the season, the Suns should take an expiring contract & another contract they would buy out, just so they can send Nash to the Lakers a few months earlier? This makes ZERO sense.

      Option A
      -Keep Nash and let him leave as a FA after this season. Costing the Suns nothing.

      Option B
      -Send Nash to the Lakers for another expiring contract & MWP’s contract which you will need to buy-out.

      Kinda obvious that option B is nothing more than paying for the privilege to send Nash to the Lakers.

  4. BrandonDbacks

    WHAT A JOKE… Suns fans are embarrased by this AWFUL trade idea. Makes no sense for them at all. Wow…

  5. BrandonDbacks

    Chris Palmer may be the biggest moron of all time for even bringing up that trade, what a homer Laker fan.

  6. John McFadin

    I don’t think either team would agree with this trade. Suns wouldn’t get enough back for Nash. Only really makes sense for the Lakers to do.

  7. Deze331

    Sarver needs to dump Nash though…I mean he doesn’t have many years left an has been a professional the whole time, hook em up. But, mwp an fish won’t cut it

    • Marvin Marshall

      Or Nash could sign a 2 year extension & finish his career in Phoenix.

  8. audiodope

    I hope this isn’t serious. I thought this website would be as good and comprehensive as MLBTR but this post leads me to believe otherwise.

  9. Robertburgos7

    The lakers could potentially give the suns the trade acception that they received from Dallas (od
    om) deal. This is really more wishful thinking on the writers side.

  10. Mike Cantonwine

    Seriously… I am already teeter-tottering on my fandom for the SUNS and if they ever trade Nash for no one, I will be furious and have to choose a new favorite team. Their last three to five drafts have been bad and the team has been mismanaged for awhile now. If you trade Nash, you better get something! I love Nash but he is getting older and he can be used for better trade bait than Fisher and MWP. Please do not let that happen!!!

  11. Metta Worst Peace

    Maybe if the Lakers give up both their first round picks in the trade. Even with the 2 presumably late rounders, there are probably better trades out there for the suns.

  12. Bernaldo

    This makes no sense. The Suns have no incentive to make the Lakers better just because L.A. thinks they should. If they want Nash, they will have to come up with a useful player or two and/or draft picks. Peace and Fisher have little value to anyone outside of the Lakers right now and it seems pretty evident that even the Lakers don’t value them that highly.

  13. monkeydung

    i can’t see the Lakers trading Fisher, and I can’t see any other team wanting him.

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