Stephen Jackson Talks Potential Destinations

It's no secret that Stephen Jackson is a trade candidate, and that the Bucks wouldn't hesitate to move him if they got an offer they liked. But just in case there was any confusion, Jackson expressed his opinion to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

"No disrespect to the guys (on the Bucks)," said Jackson. "But I’m at the stage of my career where I want to be in a different situation."

Reports have suggested that Dwight Howard and Jackson would like to play together, perhaps for the Magic or Nets. While the possibility of the pair teaming up in Orlando is likely a long shot, Jackson seemed enthusiastic about the chance to play in Brooklyn next season with Howard and Deron Williams. Williams had positive things to say about Jackson as well, telling Bondy he tried to recruit the 6'8" forward when he played for the Jazz.

"I like his game," said Williams. "I know a lot of people that knows him. I’m good friends with Baron Davis, who says (Jackson) was a great teammate. So he was just one of the guys I always wanted to play with."

Jackson says he has no desire to play for the Mavericks, another potential offseason landing spot for Williams and Howard. However, as Bondy points out in a pair of tweets, neither the Nets or the Mavs would be able to take on Jackson's $10MM+ 2012/13 salary if they signed Williams and Howard to max or near-max deals. To have a chance to team up with both players, Jackson would probably need to be amnestied by the Bucks.

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