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Welcome to Hoops Rumors! Created by Tim Dierkes and following the model of MLB Trade Rumors, Hoops Rumors will track the latest updates on all 30 NBA teams, focusing on trades and free agent signings.

I'll be the full-time writer for the site, and will be joined by a hoops-savvy writing team that includes MLBTR's Zach Links. We'll be providing new content and analysis 365 days a year, sharing basketball rumors from legitimate and established journalists.

From the 161-day lockout to the Chris Paul saga to Dwight Howard's wishlist, the NBA rumor mill has been exceptionally busy over the last few months. We're expecting more of the same as we head toward the March 15th trade deadline and beyond, and we hope you'll check in often for the same caliber of coverage that earned MLBTR readership from MLB players and general managers.

You can follow our content in a number of ways. All of our posts will be linked at our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds. If you'd prefer to only receive updates on your favorite team, you can also find individual team feeds via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome To Hoops Rumors

  1. Great job on the new site guys !! Tim, MLBTR’s is the best site on the web and I’ve been an avid reader since the old white type/ black background days. I love the fact that I have a place to go now to follow NBA rumors as well. Thanks and when is the iphone app coming out?

  2. goggles

    Awesome- daily reader of the MBL one and was super excited once i heard a hoops one was coming. great stuff!

  3. KnicksYankees

    I was waiting for a site like this. Love MLBTR and finally am able to join the Hoopsrumors site


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