Cuban On CBA, Free Agency, Chandler

Yesterday, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had a few interesting things to say during a live taping of Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report at the 6th annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Here were a few of the main points:

  •  When asked about his team’s financial strategy of clearing cap space to make a speculative run at Dwight Howard and/or Deron Williams, Cuban said that since there’s a lot of other teams who have cap space, “the market gets inflated, which means it’s a bad time to buy.” Cuban went on to say he’d be happy heading into next season with the exact same team if that were possible, and that signing multiple super stars who will clog the cap might not be the best team building strategy moving forward. 
  • The issue of whether or not Dallas should have re-signed Tyson Chandler after winning the championship was broached, with Cuban explaining that because of the new CBA and its noticeable luxury tax hike, the monetary value for most players will probably go down in the next few years. Instead of overpaying, in their minds, for Chandler, Dallas instead chose to improve their perimeter defense. Cuban cites the signings of guys like Delonte West, and the great play of Shawn Marion as key reasons why Chandler’s presence hasn’t been missed on the defensive end.
  • Cuban said that before the new CBA, whenever Dallas had a problem he would just spend more money. Now, with the increased luxury tax, it won’t be that easy, and the distribution of dollars will need to be done in a smarter way. 


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