Dumars: Pistons “Talking To Everybody”

In an interview with David Mayo of MLive, Pistons GM Joe Dumars talked extensively about the trade deadline and its impact on his team. Dumars didn't share many specific details about trade discussions, but the interview produced a number of interesting tidbits, so let's round up the highlights….

  • Rival GMs "always ask for the home run," says Dumars. For teams talking to the Pistons, that means asking about Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight. While Dumars wouldn't go so far as to call those players untouchable, he acknowledged that there are some guys he's "much less likely to move."
  • The Pistons are "talking to everybody," though Dumars wouldn't put odds on the likelihood of a deal — he said that depends at least as much on what other teams are willing to do as on what Detroit is willing to do.
  • Dumars on what he tells teams up front: "We're not going to do anything to jeopardize our future, we're not going to do anything to tie our hands going forward."
  • Dumars conceded that he may spend an inordinate amount of time talking trades, but said it's important to do your homework and keep tabs on the needs of the other 29 clubs.
  • The Pistons haven't completed a trade in recent years, but that doesn't mean Dumars is itching to make a move: "Only if it's a good deal. The objective is not just to make a deal. The objective is to do what's right for the organization."
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2 thoughts on “Dumars: Pistons “Talking To Everybody”

  1. Kevin

    Greg Monroe should certainly be untouchable. Been arguably the 2nd best Center in the year this league if you look at PER. Add onto that the fact that he’s in his early 20s and you have an untouchable player.

  2. Maybe he could get Darko again. About what he does. This new owner needs to trade Dumars in.


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