Traded Draft Picks Who Turned Into All-Stars

Patience is an uncommon virtue around NBA front offices, where the pressure is on to win as soon as possible. That means the future, in the form of draft picks, is often mortgaged for the sake of the present. Of the 60 selections to be made at this June's draft, 19 of them have already changed hands, with another two picks subject to be moved pending the lottery, and one more contingent on a decision by the Lakers. That's not counting picks that could be traded on draft day or shortly thereafter, before draftees sign.

As a result, plenty of talent gets moved around, and that includes future All-Stars. Thirteen guys who played in an All-Star Game during the past three seasons were traded, either as future draft picks or recent draftees, before they ever suited up for the teams that originally held their rights. That list includes Rajon Rondo, whose rights the Celtics traded for, traded away, and eventually reacquired. A similar situation happened with Amare Stoudemire and the Suns. Below is the complete list of recent All-Stars whose draft rights were traded.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Pick traded by Knicks to Bulls; Drafted by Bulls, traded to Blazers
Ray Allen: Drafted by Timberwolves, traded to Bucks
Kobe Bryant: Drafted by Hornets, traded to Lakers
Luol Deng: Drafted by Suns, traded to Bulls
Roy Hibbert: Drafted by Raptors, traded to Pacers
Marc Gasol: Drafted by Lakers, traded to Grizzlies
Pau Gasol: Drafted by Hawks, traded to Grizzlies
David Lee: Pick traded by Suns to Spurs; Pick traded by Spurs to Knicks
Kevin Love:  Drafted by Grizzlies, traded to Timberwolves
Dirk Nowitzki: Drafted by Bucks, traded to Mavericks
Rajon Rondo: Pick traded by Lakers to Celtics; Pick traded by Celtics to Hawks; Pick traded by Hawks to Suns; Drafted by Suns, traded to Celtics
Amare Stoudemire: Pick traded by Suns to Magic; Pick traded by Magic to Suns
Deron Williams: Pick traded by Blazers to Jazz 

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  1. IndyNate

    Very cool look at this. Grizzlies should have kept Love.

  2. Alanmaimon

    I’d take a team consisting of those players against anybody.


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