Odds & Ends: Odom, Novak, Lottery, Sessions

Bob Young from AZCentral.com thinks the Suns should take a long, hard look at signing Lamar Odom this offseason. The reigning Sixth Man of the Year has a ton to prove coming off a terrible experiment with the Mavericks

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One thought on “Odds & Ends: Odom, Novak, Lottery, Sessions

  1. jwsox

    if the bulls could find a taker for Boozer I’m sure they would work out a deal to get Amre, maybe boozer for Amre works straight up seeing as boozer doesnt want the ball as much as Amare and Amare and rose(eventually) would play nicely together but maybe a multi team deal, with boozer going somewhere, Amare for Deng(allows mello to play the 4) and the bulls find a taker for Boozer(or amnesty him) and bring in Nikoli Marotic who is a hybrid 3/4

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