Offseason Outlook: Philadelphia 76ers

Guaranteed Contracts


Non-Guaranteed Contracts

Free Agents (Cap Holds)

Draft Picks

  • 1st Round (15th overall)
  • 2nd Round (45th overall)
  • 2nd Round (54th overall)

Cap Outlook

  • Guaranteed Salary (including options): $55,956,647
  • Non-Guaranteed Salary, Cap Holds: $28,442,508
  • Total (not including draft picks): $84,399,155

A team plagued by injuries in the early part of the season, the 76ers found themselves benefiting from injury woes when the postseason got underway. After upsetting a depleted Bulls team in round one, Philadelphia nearly knocked off a banged-up Celtics squad to reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Ultimately though, the Sixers couldn't pull off another upset and now find themselves in familiar territory: Wondering what changes to make this offseason to get the team to the next level.

The roster figures to undergo more upheaval than usual this summer, as a number of the 76ers' key contributors are facing potential free agency. Philadelphia probably wouldn't mind if Elton Brand opted out of the final year of his contract, worth $18MM+. But players like Spencer Hawes and Lou Williams were affordable contributors that could hit the unrestricted market in a matter of weeks.

Fortunately for the Sixers, the amnesty clause is still at their disposal, and it figures to be used on Brand once he opts into the final year of his deal. Assuming Williams waives his early termination option to either explore the open market or negotiate a new long-term contract with the Sixers, the club's 2012/13 salary committments will be reduced to about $32MM, giving team president Rod Thorn and his staff plenty of flexibility to make improvements.

While that potential cap space will be crucial to the team's roster moves this summer, long-time small forward Andre Iguodala may prove even more central to the Sixers' plans. With two years remaining on his contract, Iguodala will be a coveted trade candidate for teams in need of a productive forward and an elite wing defender.

Finding a trade partner for Iguodala may be easier said than done, however, considering the Sixers will likely seek an All-Star in return. If Brand is gone, a trade for a power forward would make sense, and Pau Gasol and Al Jefferson could be targets, but I doubt a one-for-one deal would work in either instance. As the Sixers have found in recent years, Iguodala probably will never be the best player on a title contender, so it's hard to imagine him drawing that sort of player in a trade.

Still, even if the Sixers don't find a power forward they like in a trade involving Iguodala, there will be opportunities to upgrade the roster. Amnestying Brand and re-signing Williams to a modest raise should leave Philadelphia with over $15MM in cap space. That would give the team plenty of room to pursue a free agent power forward, such as Kris Humphries, Ersan Ilyasova, Carl Landry, or Antawn Jamison. Kevin Garnett will also be available, though perhaps he and the so-called "fairweather" fans in Philadelphia wouldn't be a fit.

Armed with the amnesty clause, trade chips, and a mid-first-round draft pick, the Sixers will have plenty of options this summer. In addition to the possibilities I've already mentioned, exploring trades for Evan Turner could be something the team considers. Whatever the Sixers decide, I expect we'll see plenty of differences between this year's team and next year's. And if Philadelphia amnesties Brand and can take advantage of its cap space and trade assets, the Sixers we see in the fall could be far better equipped to make a run in the Eastern playoffs a year from now, whether or not they're aided by opposing injuries.

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