Raja Bell Not Expecting To Return To Jazz

Raja Bell is under contract with the Jazz for one more season, but he doesn't expect to return to Utah next season, according to Brian T. Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune (via Twitter). Bell says he hopes the Jazz "do the right thing" and trade him, tweets Smith.

Although Bell didn't formally request a trade this year, he was the subject of some deadline rumors and clashed with coach Tyrone Corbin. According to Bell, Corbin was "unprofessional" and made things personal toward the end of the season (Twitter link). The 35-year-old adds that, if the Jazz don't move him before the 2012/13 campaign, he'll "cross that bridge" when he comes to it (Twitter link).

Bell is entering the final year of a three-year contract, and will be owed $3.48MM in 2012/13. In 34 games this season, Bell played just 23.4 minutes per game, his lowest average since 2002/03.

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11 thoughts on “Raja Bell Not Expecting To Return To Jazz

  1. Youngsayain

    This guy has always overvalued his ‘talents’. Utah will not miss him. Wont be surprised to see him overseas soon.

  2. Worksalldone

    Raja Bell is another looser who blames everything on his coaches, fellow basketball players, management etc, but it is Bell who should be blacklisted from each and every team out there. He run down the Jazz management, coach and team back when he played under Jerry Sloan, and now he is doing it to the current management, coach and team. Who needs him.

    • Jacquebquique

      When all ‘ell broke loose between Jerry Sloan and D-Will, Bell as was Miles was part of the posse which gathered around D-Will in taking on Sloan.

  3. Jacquebquique

    No one may want him. He is a troublemaker and Corbin “done good” by glueing his behind to the bench. Who gave him the three year contract at 3.4 mill in the first place?

  4. Joseph

    Raja . . . I am ashamed of you. Some “professional you are. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  5. OrWin

    Leaves room on the team to keep Carroll who has turned into one heck of a player. The team will be improved with Carroll’s speed, combativeness, and preparation. I don’t think The Jazz will lose a thing with Bell leaving!

  6. Parrotdead

    Yep, gonna be tough to find anyone willting to take that salary in return for essentially nothing.

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