Recapping 2012’s 10-Day Contracts

Before the 10-day contract signing period got underway in February, we outlined the details on how the contracts worked, and which teams and players you could expect to make use of them. With the regular season in the books, it's time to take a look back at the 10-day deals signed this year, with the help of our 10-day contract tracker.

By our count, 35 players signed at least one 10-day contract in this lockout-shortened season. Of those 35 players, 16 ended up being signed to rest-of-season contracts by the same team, while Donald Sloan signed for the remainder of the season with the Cavaliers after a pair of 10-day contracts from the Hornets.

15 teams, nearly half of whom qualified for the postseason, signed at least one player to a 10-day contract. Although most playoff squads signed just a single player or two for bench depth, a number of lottery teams took full advantage of the 10-day deals, auditioning a handful of players over the second half. The Cavs, Raptors, and Rockets each signed three players to at least one 10-day contract, while the Wizards, Nets, and Hornets inked four, five, and six players respectively. No team added more 10-day recipients to its permanent roster than Washington, who finished the year with Cartier Martin, James Singleton, and Morris Almond on rest-of-season deals.

I outlined a few of the year's top 10-day contracts a few weeks ago, but if we're naming a single best 10-day signing, the honor would have to go to the Nets for bringing Gerald Green to New Jersey. Green appeared in 31 games, averaging 12.9 points and shooting .481/.391/.754 in 25.2 minutes per contest. After not playing in the NBA since the 2008/09 season, the former first-rounder now seems like a good bet to land a decent-sized contract from the Nets or another club, as I noted when I examined his free agent stock.

Green's case is a perfect example of how the 10-day contract can benefit both a team and player. The Nets, at minimal risk, discovered an NBA contributor that could become a long-term fixture in Brooklyn. Green, meanwhile, got the chance to show he belongs in the league and took full advantage of it. Success stories like his are why plenty of teams will continue to use 10-day contracts in the hopes of landing the next Gerald Green.

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