Hoops Rumors Mock Draft 1.0

As you've probably noticed, Hoops Rumors has been providing detailed and increasingly more frequent draft updates over the past few weeks, which can all be seen here. With June 28th just a week and a half away, we wanted to throw our hat into the draft ring by producing our own mock. 

Below is the first version of that mock draft, which has been constructed using a combination of what we're hearing and what we consider to be a given team's needs. Each name is linked to that player's Prospect Profile entry. Obviously additional workouts and the potential for trades make this an evolving projection, so be sure to check back the week of the draft for an updated version. For now, each pick is based on the assumption that the team will not trade their selection and will draft accordingly.

  1. New Orleans HornetsAnthony Davis. No surprise here — Davis is a no-brainer for the Hornets, who have reportedly declined significant offers from teams looking to move up. Assuming the team can lock up Eric Gordon, New Orleans should be a playoff fixture in the very near future.
  2. Charlotte Bobcats – Thomas Robinson. There is a lot of talk that the Bobcats could trade this pick. Apparently they're not sold on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's offense or Robinson's ceiling. While maybe not a superstar, Robinson should develop into an All-Star caliber power forward relatively soon.
  3. Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal. The Wizards have a tough choice between Beal and Kidd-Gilchrist here. With the sharp-shooting Beal, they get an ideal compliment to John Wall from a skill set perspective and the potential for a stellar backcourt for years to come.
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Harrison Barnes. If you believe the rumors, the Cavaliers have fallen in love with Barnes. They're desperate for skilled wing players and Barnes has a polished game that should make him a contributor right away. They have picks 24, 32 and 33 to find some future help for Tristan Thompson down low.
  5. Sacramento Kings – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The Kings would get great value here with MKG, who would effectively end their search for a small forward. Along with Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, Kidd-Gilchrist would give the Kings a trio of high-profile John Calipari students and supply a much-needed winning attitude.
  6. Portland Trail Blazers – Damian Lillard. Lillard was the star of Chicago's Draft Combine and has since been frequently slotted in the first of Portland's two lottery picks. With Raymond Felton likely gone, Lillard would fit in nicely as a scoring point with a good supporting cast should he develop his distribution skills.
  7. Golden State Warriors – Moe Harkless. This is a tough spot for the Warriors, as they need a small forward but with MKG and Barnes gone, the drop off is steep. This scenario would likely induce a trade, but there are whispers of Harkless and his rising stock being a dark horse here.
  8. Toronto Raptors – Andre Drummond. The Raptors need a whole lot of everything so it's difficult to peg their draft focus. With Drummond, the potential payoff is just too high to pass up here. Toronto could use some athleticism and shot-blocking on its front line, which is something Drummond could provide in spades.
  9. Detroit Pistons – John Henson. All signs point toward the Pistons looking for size with the number nine pick. They didn't have a single player average a block per game this season, so Henson makes some sense here. If he can add some bulk, he would form an impressive and sizable duo with Greg Monroe.
  10. New Orleans Hornets – Austin Rivers. If the Hornets are offered a starting point guard, they likely will trade this pick. That said, Rivers may have the ability to play the point and also offers New Orleans insurance on the injury-prone and possibly departing Eric Gordon.
  11. Portland Trail Blazers – Dion Waiters. Like Lillard, Waiters has been consistently climbing draft boards. He halted his pre-draft workouts after reportedly getting an assurance from a team drafting in the lottery. The consensus is that it was Phoenix, but his driving and scoring ability would fit nicely with Lillard's shooting in a new Portland backcourt.
  12. Milwaukee Bucks – Meyers Leonard. With their backcourt set, the Bucks will look to replace the size they lost in the Bogut deal with this selection and Leonard fits the bill. Meyers has the potential to eventually be an impact player and is one of a handful of bigs Milwaukee is reportedly eyeing.
  13. Phoenix Suns – Jeremy Lamb. Even if the Suns gave Waiters a first-round guarantee, it doesn't mean he'll fall to them. The Suns will look for a player with upside, and with Lamb, they get a guy who a year ago was being discussed as a top-five pick. If they think Nash will walk, they could go point guard here too.
  14. Houston Rockets – Tyler Zeller. The Rockets are desperate for a superstar, making Zeller a seemingly strange selection. But they have a need at center and also have another first-round pick. The Rockets could also package the picks to try to move up or trade for veteran help.
  15. Philadelphia 76ers – Jared Sullinger. Philadelphia is in desperate need of size and scoring, both of which Sullinger can provide. With Elton Brand an amnesty candidate, the Sixers will need to find a replacement. As currently constructed, Philly is the type of energetic team that can withstand Sully's perceived lack of athleticism.
  16. Houston Rockets – Perry Jones III. After taking the mega-safe Zeller at fourteen, the Rockets can afford to roll the dice a little with this pick. They have been pretty public about their need for a superstar and Jones has that type of extraordinary upside. His position uncertainty and inconsistency carry risk, but he's probably worth the gamble at 16.
  17. Dallas Mavericks – Kendall Marshall. The Mavericks were reportedly interested in Sullinger with this pick, but the Buckeye power forward dropping this far is a stretch. With Jason Kidd and Jason Terry hitting free agency and Dallas looking to get younger, Marshall is an excellent fit.
  18. Minnesota Timberwolves – Terrence Ross. Minnesota has a strong foundation in Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love. While Rubio shot the ball better than many thought he could in year one, pairing him with a sniper like Ross makes a lot of sense.
  19. Orlando Magic – Terrence Jones. The Magic are still without a general manager, so projecting this selection is difficult. Jones has loads of potential, but even if he reaches it would still probably be best as a second or third option. If Orlando is able to somehow keep Dwight Howard, Jones could be just that.
  20. Denver Nuggets – Arnett Moultrie. Moultrie is a perfect fit in Denver's high-octane offense. Despite getting JaVale McGee back in the Nene deal, the team's biggest need is still in the middle. If Moultrie gets past Houston and Philadelphia, expect the Nuggets to pounce.
  21. Boston Celtics – Royce White. It's no secret that the Celtics are an older team. They need young players to build around and White can be just that. He has plenty of warts, most serious of which is an anxiety disorder, but Boston's veteran locker room could be a good landing spot for him.
  22. Boston Celtics – Andrew Nicholson. Boston reportedly wants to add size with one or both of their first-rounders. Nicholson is an intriguing player who has impressed scouts in workouts and at the combine. He can already help the Celtics rock-solid defense, but if the jumper he has flashed is legitimate he could be a real find here.
  23. Atlanta Hawks – Tony Wroten. The Hawks have needed a point guard seemingly forever. They have tried to address it in the draft before with Acie Law in 2007 and Jeff Teague in 2009, with limited luck. Maybe the third time will be a charm with Wroten, who has the tools to be a stud.
  24. Cleveland Cavaliers – Fab Melo With Kyrie Irving in place and Barnes on board with the fourth pick, Cleveland will look for a young piece to go with Tristan Thompson. If Melo is to turn into a legitimate NBA center it will probably take a few years, which is something the young Cavs can wait on.
  25. Memphis Grizzlies – Jeff Taylor. Rudy Gay could be on the outs in Memphis, so the Grizzlies may need to look for a replacement at some point. Taylor is ready to help right away, especially on defense. He's not the scorer Gay is, but the Grizz could look to upgrade at either guard position to compensate.
  26. Indiana Pacers – John Jenkins. Jenkins would be a fitting addition for any contending team. He has been continuously linked to Chicago, but the Pacers like him too. The Vanderbilt guard is an absolute sniper and there isn't much more that a team can ask for this late in the first round.
  27. Miami Heat – Draymond Green. Green's NBA projection is difficult, largely because he was such a super college player. His below-the-rim game and tweener size make him a bench player at best, but his intangibles make him ideal for a team that needs them like Miami. Jenkins would fit here too.
  28. Oklahoma City Thunder – Evan Fournier. The Thunder are so loaded with talent that they can probably just take the best player on the board here. They are said to have interest in Fournier, who they could afford to develop or even stash in Europe if needed.
  29. Chicago Bulls – Doron Lamb. The Bulls are looking to nab a shooter at 29 and with Jenkins off the board, Lamb will do just fine. The Bulls are great defensively and need offense. While Lamb's size isn't ideal for a shooting guard, he can fill it up with a great mid-range game and a solid jumper.
  30. Golden State Warriors – Quincy Miller. Even though we have the Warriors taking Harkless at seven, Miller has too much talent to pass up here. While he doesn't make sense for a contender, Miller has the skills and upside to be an impact player should his athleticism return. While the wing-desperate Warriors missed out on Barnes and MKG, adding Harkless and Miller isn't bad consolation.


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