Rockets Rumors: D12, Martin, D-Will, Smith, Gay

When the Rockets and Timberwolves agreed to swap Chase Budinger for a first-round draft pick this morning, the T-Wolves' motives were clear, as Budinger gives the team a perimeter shooting threat it has lacked in recent years. For the Rockets though, the deal looked like the first in a series of bigger moves. We've heard that Houston is targeting Dwight Howard, or perhaps Josh Smith, but what exactly is the next step for GM Daryl Morey and the Rockets? Here's the latest from Sam Amick of and from Bill Ingram and Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld….

  • Even if the Rockets were to acquire Howard and win a championship, the star center would still want to become a free agent next summer, says Amick.
  • The Magic's front office changes could be inspiring Morey's newfound aggressiveness, since he knows new GM Rob Hennigan recognizes that Howard probably needs to be moved, according to Amick.
  • Kevin Martin isn't looking to re-sign in Houston when his contract expires next summer, so he's a strong candidate to be used as a trade chip.
  • While Amick hears that the rumored deal involving Kyle Lowry and Tyreke Evans wasn't actually proposed, he says the Rockets may have offered Nos. 14 and 16 for the Kings' No. 5 pick. Personally, I like that deal better for Sacramento when the two players are included, though I'm still not sure it'd be worthwhile.
  • Plan A for the Rockets is finding a way to acquire Howard and sign Deron Williams, according to Ingram and Kennedy. Kennedy tweets that while Williams had reportedly narrowed his choices to the Nets and Mavericks, "everything changes" if Howard is dealt to Houston.
  • If that plan doesn't pan out, the Rockets have a few other ideas for acquiring a star to pair with Howard. According to the HoopsWorld report, Josh Smith and Rudy Gay would be the team's top trade targets, as the Rockets believe Howard could be more amenable to a long-term extension with a perimeter star like Smith or Gay on board.


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11 thoughts on “Rockets Rumors: D12, Martin, D-Will, Smith, Gay

  1. Mr Popo

    Like i said, Mavs and Bk will both get screwed this offseason

  2. BrickTops

    Something will happen, not sure what, but something. All I can say is that a DWill/DHow combo will be leathal. Instant Contender. Throw a Josh Smith or Rudy gay in that Mix, then wow.

    • AlexTheGreat

      Houston Rockets fans think they will be contenders by landing Stars. When is the last time a star wanted to come to Houston? Yao Ming and Hakeem where drafted, so they were forced to be with the team early in their careers. Please Stop with all this non sense about getting Howard and Willams, It’s pretty pathetic. It’s like saying the Bobcats will land CP3 even though that’s his hometown. Houston will probably send Lowry,15, 18 for Josh Smith or Pau Gasol. Do us all a favor and be the third best team in Texas.

      • BrickTops

        McGrady came to Houston when he was the back to back scoring champ. At that time he was in the same conversation with the best in the league. You can never predict how a player will perform. Besides, San Antonio and Dallas are rapidly fading away. If I had to guess you are a Lakers or Dallas fan.

        Besides, if you actually read what I wrote instead of acting like a fool then you realize what I was saying “A DWill/DHow combo will be leathal. Instant Contender. Throw a Josh Smith or Rudy gay in that Mix, then wow.” I never said on the Rockets.

        Smith wants out of Atlanta, so it is not far fetched to assume that all 3 end up in a Nets uni next off season. Next time think about what you say before you open your mouth

      • Table

        Alex you come across as a troll hater. Comparing Houston to Charrlotte?

        The Rockets are not acting arrogant as if all the free agent stars want to come there. They are actively trying to trade for stars. BIG DIFFERENCE.

        The only star they are talking about maybe signing is Deron Williams, and that would only be if they first land Howard. It does not mean anything that Dwill said he’s only considering Dallas and Brooklyn, everything indeed changes if Howard is in Houston.

      • Dda007

        Did you even make it past the 6th grade? “AlexTheDunce”.

      • JacksonHart

        First of all, comparing Houston to Charlotte is completely ignorant and almost childish. “Houston Rockets fans think they will be contenders by landing Stars.” That’s funny, because usually if you land 1 star you’re a serious threat, and 2 you’re a contender. So yes, Rockets fans have every right and SHOULD think they would be contenders if they land stars. That’s how the NBA works. I’m sure you understand that since you’re a Mavs or Spurs fan I guess (Duncan, Robinson, Parker, or Nowitzki)

        Second of all, cool way to live your life. Come on a website and rant towards some dude that didn’t say ANYTHING negative about you or your teams. You sound like a serious douche and it’s hard to tell if it’s funny or just pathetic…maybe both.

        Third, AlexTheGreat? Seriously, that’s your name? What are you, 9?


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