Allen Iverson Unlikely To Land Deal In China

Allen Iverson, at age 37, hasn't given up on the idea of playing professional basketball, but it appears he's running out of options. He's reportedly been considering playing in China, but according to a report from the Chinese website NetEase (translation via HoopsHype), the former MVP is in poor shape and has virtually no chance of getting a contract from a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.

Iverson's has been asking for a deal worth $1MM, according to the report, but that figure appears to be out of his reach after his speed and explosiveness were missing as he took part in a recent exhibition game in Beijing. The Answer reportedly declined offers from teams in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela last year, and hasn't played in the NBA since the 2009/10 season.

According to the same NetEase report, Iverson at least stands a better shot at a deal in China than fellow former NBA All-Star Steve Francis, who has failed to earn a deal after attending multiple CBA tryouts the past few years and remains out of shape. Francis, 35, last appeared in the NBA in 2007/08.

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