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Over a week into training camp, Rasheed Wallace still has yet to practice with his Knicks teammates, as Al Iannazzone of Newsday writes. Wallace participated in some full-court drills, but isn't sure when he'll actually practice and play, leaving that decision in the hands of coach Mike Woodson.

"He'll give me an idea of when he wants me out there," Wallace said. "If it's mid-November, then it's mid-November. Or if it's December, then it's December. It's on him, not me."

Here are a few more updates on the newest Knick:

  • Brian Lewis of the New York Post has the quotes from Woodson on Wallace's timetable: "He’s still in the conditioning mode. We’re still holding him out until we feel like he’s ready to go. It’s a day-to-day thing, and we’ll see where he is, evaluate him day by day."
  • 'Sheed believes that the Knicks are already in the same class as Eastern Conference favorites like the Heat and Celtics. "We’re already there," Wallace said, according to Lewis. "The only thing that held this team back last year was injuries. If you look at all the injuries they had throughout the season, I don’t think at any point you have the whole team healthy except probably in the beginning."
  • Wallace told the media, including Lewis, that he's attempting to make an NBA comeback because of a passion for the game, rather than a pay check. According to Wallace, during his retirement he watched more college ball than NBA games, since he felt college players were generally hungrier than many NBA players who may have become complacent after a big payday.
  • Iannazzone notes (via Sulia) that Woodson can't be blamed for bringing Wallace along slowly, since the coach could be scrutinized for pushing the veteran big man too hard if were to practice and pull a hamstring. The Newsday scribe adds that the Knicks will eventually need Wallace to contribute to bolster the team's frontcourt.
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7 thoughts on “Latest On Rasheed Wallace

  1. Perhaps you should verify something is accurate before posting it in the firstplace…then you don’t have to add a second post about how your first post was inaccurate.

    • HoopsRumors

      We only pass along scoops from trustworthy writers to avoid that sort of scenario, since we don’t have the resources to independently confirm every report from the hundreds of NBA writers out there. Blakely’s a good reporter and there was no reason to believe he was wrong in this case, but unfortunately it looks like he was.

      • Just saying when you are a newer website you have to gain your credibility. Saying that he has signed with the Lakers, instead of saying he is rumored TO sign is a big difference.

        • HoopsRumors

          Agreed. And we certainly never said he’d already signed or that anything was official.

          • Here is a post you made on your site. Notice the WILL come out of retirement and sign with the Lakers.

            Over a year and a half since he last played in an NBA game, Rasheed Wallace will come out of retirement and sign with the Lakers, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of

            • HoopsRumors

              Well, we’re just debating semantics now, but I think the word “will” clearly indicates that nothing has been finalized yet. We didn’t write that he’d officially signed or even agreed to terms.

              We’ll definitely try to avoid that sort of misstep as best we can going forward though.

    • PushDown

      The Wallace news was reported on many different sites and newspaper, like the Chicago Tribute and New York Times. Seems more like Wallace backed out than bad reporting.

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