Poll: Which Team Is A New Title Contender?

It's Thanksgiving Day, and based on the first month of action in the NBA, fans of some teams have more reason to be thankful than others. Supporters of the Grizzlies, Knicks, and Clippers, for instance, have to be pleased with the way the season has started.

Heading into the year, the general consensus suggested that the Heat, Celtics, Thunder, Lakers, and Spurs were the big five title contenders. However, a few weeks into the season, that group of legit contenders isn't quite so clear-cut.

The Grizzlies enjoyed an early eight-game winning streak that included victories over the Heat, Knicks, and Thunder. The Knicks knocked off the Heat as well, and beat the Spurs in San Antonio en route to an 8-2 start. And the Clippers' season has already featured two wins over the Spurs, along with victories against the Heat, Lakers, and the aforementioned Grizzlies.

All three clubs have looked better than expected so far, but are you ready to include them in that group of elite teams that have a chance at a championship? Weigh in below with your thoughts.

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One thought on “Poll: Which Team Is A New Title Contender?

  1. MaineSkin

    Clippers bc of Paul and especially if Crawford continues his 20+ pts a game


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