2013/14 NBA Team And Player Options

Our list of 2013/14 free agents includes players that have options or non-guaranteed contracts for next season. However, mixed in with all the rest of the free agents, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which players may continue playing on their current contracts. So we'll use this space to round up all the players who have a player option, an early termination option, or a team option for 2013/14.

The decision to exercise a team option can only be made by the club, while a player option can only be exercised by the player. An early termination option is a type of player option that can only be included in contracts of five years or more. If an option is picked up, the player will remain under contract for at least the 2013/14 season, while turning down an option means the player is eligible to become a free agent next July.

Listed below are the player, early termination, and team options for the 2013/14 season, along with each player's team and the amount of the option.

Ray Allen (Heat) – $3.23MM: Exercised
Trevor Ariza (Wizards) – $7.73MM: Exercised
Jerryd Bayless (Grizzlies) – $3.14MM: Exercised
Kwame Brown (76ers) – $2.95MM: Exercised
Boris Diaw (Spurs) – $4.7MM: Exercised
Ben Gordon (Bobcats) – $13.2MM: Exercised
Aaron Gray (Raptors) – $2.69MM: Exercised
Richard Jefferson (Warriors) – $11.05MM: Exercised
James Jones (Heat) – $1.5MM: Exercised
Andrei Kirilenko (Timberwolves) – $10.22MM: Declined
Linas Kleiza (Raptors) – $4.6MM: Exercised
Carl Landry (Warriors) – $4MM: Declined
Rashard Lewis (Heat) – $1.4MM: Exercised
O.J. Mayo (Mavericks) – $4.2MM: Declined
Patrick Mills (Spurs) – $1.13MM: Exercised
Brandon Rush (Warriors) – $4MM: Exercised
J.R. Smith (Knicks) – $2.93MM: Declined
Marreese Speights (Cavaliers) – $4.52MM: Declined
Charlie Villanueva (Pistons) – $8.58MM: Exercised
C.J. Watson (Nets) – $1.11MM: Declined

Early Termination
Andris Biedrins (Warriors) – $9MM: Declined/Opted In
Monta Ellis (Bucks) – $11MM: Exercised/Opted Out
Andre Iguodala (Nuggets) – $16.15MM: Exercised/Opted Out
Shawn Marion (Mavericks) – $9.32MM: Declined/Opted In
Emeka Okafor (Wizards) – $14.49MM: Declined/Opted In
Marvin Williams (Jazz) – $7.5MM: Declined/Opted In
Metta World Peace (Lakers) – $7.73MM: Declined/Opted In

Mario Chalmers (Heat) – $4MM: Exercised
Dante Cunningham (Timberwolves) – $2.18MM: Exercised
Francisco Garcia (Kings) – $6.4MM: Declined
John Lucas III (Raptors) – $1.57MM: Declined
Jodie Meeks (Lakers) – $1.55MM: Exercised

Storytellers Contracts and ShamSports were used in the creation of this list.

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