December’s Expired Trade Exceptions

As we outline in our Hoops Rumors Glossary entry, traded player exceptions created in deals must be used within a year of being obtained. If they aren't used within that year, they simply expire. And that was the case for a few trade exceptions obtained last December, after the NBA lockout ended.

Listed below are the four trade exceptions that expired this month and are no longer in play. Only the Thunder's small TPE acquired in the Byron Mullens trade went completely unusued — the Clippers, Magic, and Jazz all acquired players with parts of their exceptions, including Utah absorbing Mo Williams' $8.5MM salary within the massive TPE the team acquired by sending Mehmet Okur to the Nets.

You can check out our complete list of the remaining trade exceptions around the league right here. Here are the TPEs that expired this month:

Orlando Magic
Obtained by trading: Brandon Bass (to Celtics)
Initial amount: $4,250,000
Used: $1,500,000 (Gustavo Ayon), $1,731,960 (Maurice Harkless)
Amount left: $1,018,040
Expired: 12/12/2012

Los Angeles Clippers
Obtained by trading: Al-Farouq Aminu (to Hornets)
Initial amount: $2,755,560
Used: $1,375,000 (Willie Green)
Amount left: $1,380,560
Expired: 12/14/2012

Oklahoma City Thunder
Obtained by trading: Byron Mullens (to Bobcats)
Amount: $1,288,200
Expired: 12/19/2012

Utah Jazz
Obtained by trading: Mehmet Okur (to Nets)

Initial amount: $10,890,000

Used: $8,500,000 (Mo Williams)
Amount left: $2,390,000

Expired: 12/22/2012

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