DeMarcus Cousins Talks Reputation, Kings, Future

When DeMarcus Cousins hired Dan Fegan as his new agent, the assumption, given Fegan's reputation, was that the big man wanted out of Sacramento. But so far, neither the player or the team has given any indication that such an option is being considered. Fegan met with Geoff Petrie yesterday, but reportedly didn't request a trade for his client. And according to Chris Mannix of, the Celtics, Bobcats, Hawks, Wizards, and Mavericks were all recently rebuffed when they inquired about Cousins' availability.

Mannix spoke to the 22-year-old about playing in Sacramento and the reputation he has developed, and Cousins had a number of interesting things to say. Here are a few of the highlights from the conversation:

On the public perception of Cousins:

"I'm not going to sit here and say I'm innocent, because I've done things. But to get the reputation that I've got, I don't think I've done enough. I don't have a criminal record. Some of the guys with the cleanest image in the league have a record. I don't think I was given a fair chance. I don't know what I did in college that was so bad to get that reputation. Okay, there is footage of me and Coach Cal going at each other. That happens in sports. Coming into the league, everyone said I was going to be fat, I was the next Oliver Miller. I had all these red flags. I just feel I was never given a fair chance coming in."

On the Kings' perception of Cousins when they drafted him in 2010:

"They wanted to get to know me but they were scared because of my reputation. I felt like it was bad on their part. I'm your player and you don't take the time to get to know me? You just go by what the rest of the world says?"

On whether the Kings always have his back now:

"I'm still not [given a chance]. It flip flops. When everything is good, [the organization] is good. When things go bad, there is nothing about that good person they remember. I just want that balance. You are either with me or you're not."

On the Kings' request that he seek counseling:

"I took it as an insult. That's another thing, our organization doesn't even know me. They were looking for an excuse. I don't believe that is the way to solve issues. I'm an emotional guy. It's as simple as that."

On trying to move on after his recent suspension:

"I can't sit here and say I'll never do anything again. This is a frustrating sport. There are a lot of emotions involved. It's easier said than done to just come in and be a professional. I can't sit here and say nothing will happen again because I would be lying. I really don't know. But at the same time I'm not going to go out of my way to cause an incident or a ruckus. I want to make things right."

On his desire to remain with the Kings and help turn things around:

"That's like a trophy to me. Taking a team no players really want to go to, a team considered the worst in the league, and through all the struggle and all the negativity, they found the way to win. I want to put Sacramento back on the map. I want to be an instrumental part of things changing here."

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