Poll: What Should The Jazz Do?

Gordon Monson of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote an interesting column today regarding the current state of the Utah Jazz.  Despite having a roster filled with talented young pieces and valuable veterans, a variety of factors have the Jazz trapped in NBA mediocrity. 

Most important, they simply aren't good enough as currently constructed and will likely be a fringe playoff team.  Additionally, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson are both unrestricted free agents at the end of the year.  Utah has never been a traditional landing spot for big name free agents, nor has it had a great track record of keeping its best players (see Deron Williams).  So what should the Jazz do?

The easy answer is to move Millsap and Jefferson this season for draft picks and/or young assets, especially when you consider that the team's best young players – Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter – play similar positions to them and would receive valuable bumps in playing time.  That is essentially what they did with Williams.  But compiling a team of 20-to-24 year olds, while it looks good on paper, is a risk in itself.  For every Oklahoma City Thunder type result, there are teams that spend a decade in the lottery taking this approach.

Should Utah decide to make a run at a playoff spot, they could keep their big man duo and either attempt to re-sign one or both of them after the year or look to replace them with other free agents.  But again, the Jazz have had limited success luring any free agents to Utah, much less impactful ones. 

Every option comes with a certain level of uncertainty.  So what would you do if you were running the Jazz?  And please, feel free to expand on your selection in the comments section, especially if you selected "Other." 

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One thought on “Poll: What Should The Jazz Do?


    If the warriors lost their pick to the Jazz that would have meant Utah picking 6 most likely and probably drafting Lillard…they would not be in this position…now they have to trade Milsap…they need a Point Guard badly because Mo WIlliams isn’t the long term answer there…why did they trade Harris again?


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